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  • A modern fairytale – cohesiveI used the subtitle ‘ a modern fairytale’; as it is at the top of the poster it is the first thing the audience will read, it is a cohesive link to the film, revealing an aspect of the plot. I think the reader would realise from the text that the film is romantic genre
  • Links to the opening of the filmThe text ‘once upon a time’ appears to be coming out of the book, i wanted to give the audience a clue of what happens in the opening of the film.I think this is effective as, in my opinion, it is aesthetically pleasing, and gives depth and meaning to the image.
  • EnigmaAs in the film we created an enigma in the protagonist, I felt it was essential to play on Barthes her men new tic code The Hermeneutic CodeIn my poster. I made an air of mystery around the character, the audience is only able to see half of her face which is intriguing
  • Feminine – audience relatedThe typeface I used Is feminine, I chose this because of the audience I was targeting, we found in our audience research that more females are interested in films of a romantic genre.As the rest of the poster is simple I wanted to add something that was appealing to the eye
  • Film festival awards – add prestige, interest people At a lecture with Roy Stafford we discussed the importance of films showcasing awards, I decided to add film festival awards to add prestige to the film and interest people.
  • Overall aesthetic I am happy with the overall look of the poster, I think that it is attractive, and modern looking.By using generic conventions i have made a poster that looks realistic, I hope that the poster would be successful in capturing the attention of our target audience.
  • Create a brand identityI attempted to create a brand identity of ‘prior film group’ imagining that we were an established production group within the specialist film industry
  • Use of filigree style links to the typeface used in the poster
  • Use of dropcap to link back to the idea of a modern fairytale, I think it looks good, add something extra to the simple style I used.I used a drop cap to link back to the idea of a modern fairytale which I played on in the poster. I think it looks good, complimenting the simplistic style
  • I used Neat clear text which is readable, I thinkif things are too messy and chaotic they can be off puttingThe text is all relevant, I focused on the notion of having an established production team that would attract media attentionBecause the film is about a lesbian protagonist I thought about the context, the double page spread I created could be put into generic film magazines like total film, empire or dazed and confused, or we could specifically target lesbian interest audiences by placing it in magazines like Diva, as we know they have a huge gay/bisexual/lesbian readership by doing this we are guaranteed to reach an audience who are likely to have an interest in the niche.
  • The Images used link to the poster, further enforcing the enigma codes. The top image is the same as what I used in the poster, by using it in my double page spread I hoped to create a brand, that an audience could recognize, repetition is an easy effective way to make yourself memorable through advertising. On reflection I think I should have used more filters and effects on the photographs to create a similar aesthetic to the poster.When placing the piece into a magazine I would consider using card rather than paper, or possibly acetate, I think that a simple touch like that can be hugely beneficial in creating interest around the film, it would also help the audience to understand that the film is specialized, it is different to mainstream counterparts, and it will not be to everyone's tastes, but it is unusual and distinctive
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    1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?<br />
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    13. 13. I feel that my combination of main product ancillary texts is effective. By using similar styles and conventions associated with genre I think I have been able to create a fluent collection.<br />The intent of producing a double page spread and poster is to sell the product, which in this case is Love Notes. Both pieces are features of advertising and have to appeal to the target audience.<br />By relying on a similar style for the ancillary tasks I feel I have created a brand for the product, which would be effective for marketing the film.<br />