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  1. 1. A/S Media Studies - Write up Guide Part Five - How does your media product represent particular social groups? (500 words/ G321 - Evaluation of Opening Sequence You Tube/ Video Commentary) Here you should comment on your use or subversion of; stereotypes/ archetypes/ Propps character types/ ideologyPart 1 - Brief (200 words) (Blog Entry) You might wish to deal with how you constructed representation through some of the following: camera, angle, shot movement and position • What brief were you are working to? editing • Explain the title and what happens in your opening sequence making reference to sound the treatment? (dont be too descriptive) mise-en-scene • Explain the sub genre expressionism (lighting; colour) typography iconographyPart 2 - Who would be the audience for your product? anchorage • Who are the target audience - habits/lifestyle/media consumption (not just/age/gender/skin colour) • What pre- production research did you conduct with them? Part Six - How did you attract/ address your audience? (Video/ Blog Entry) • How did you use it? Refer back to your planning and your audience feedback here to fully address the questionPart 3 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? • Do you think you have reached your target audience? • What did you include when planning your production that you thought would appeal to your audience? • Use real examples of companies • Using quotes from the audience feedback address how these did appeal and why? • Use examples of films with the same genre/ same audience and films they have • Overall what else has been successful in your production according to audience feedback? distributed (technical/ organisational/ audience) • What was less successful? (audience feedback) • How could the work be improved?Part 4 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and Part Seven - What have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconventions of real media products? constructing this product? (300 words)(500 words or equivalent /Annotate on You Tube/ Directors commentary) This section should concentrate on the key decisions and revisions made in pre-This is a textual analysis section demonstrating how you have used the codes and production/ production/post production in light of technology and skillsconventions for your genre and those for an opening title sequence. • What key decisions did you make about technology during pre-production/You need to link this to real texts you watched as part of your planning and research production/ post production? • Why were these decisions made?Here you highlight the main features/signs/conventions of your text to demonstrate to the • What technology did you use at each stage? (you need correct names and toexaminer that you have understood the role of an opening sequence and to show that you identify how/ where/why used)understand genre codes and conventions. • What were successful uses of new technology in your production process? • What were less successful?You might wish to deal with some of the following: • What have you learnt?• Narrative (how have you established a plot?) Part Eight - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the• Genre (where does it look like your chosen genre?) progression from it to the full product? (200 words)• camera, angle, shot movement and position• continuity & editing (verisimilitude?) • Overall what was successful about your preliminary task? (digital technology/• sound creativity/post production/ research and planning)• mise-en-scene/ expressionism (lighting; colour) • What was less successful? (digital technology/ creativity/post production/ research• typography and planning)• iconography • How did you improve upon each of these areas when making your title sequence?• anchorage• indexical/ iconic/ arbitrary signs