20th century Music Unit

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20th Century Music Unit powerpoint with video clips …

20th Century Music Unit powerpoint with video clips

Art Music
Jazz Music
Broadway Musicals
Rock and Roll overview

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  • 1. 20th Century (1900-Present)
  • 2. ART
  • 3. Architecture
  • 4. 4 Main Categories of Music •Art •Jazz •Musicals/Broadway •Rock & Roll
  • 5. John Phillip Sousa(1854-1932)• Born in Washington D.C.• Conductor of U.S. Marine Band• “The March King”• Wrote 136 Marches• “Stars and Stripes Forever” http://youtu.be/gr46x7bTa-Y
  • 6. Gustav Holst(1874-1934)• British Composer• Most Famous for his orchestral work: “The Planets”• “Mars: Bringer of War”• “Jupiter: Bringer of http://youtu.be/L0bcRCCg01I Jollity” http://youtu.be/Nz0b4STz1lo
  • 7. Igor Stravinsky(1882-1971)• Russian Composer, Pianist, a nd Conductor• Famous for 3 Ballets: • The Firebird • Petrushka • The Rite of Spring • (caused a riot at the premiere!) http://youtu.be/dBgasG_gm1Q
  • 8. Aaron Copland(1900-1990)• Born in Brooklyn, NY• Known for “American” themed pieces• Best known works: • Appalachian Spring • Rodeo- Ballet http://youtu.be/ZqbxVjF1jwM http://youtu.be/Ft1qAOW4znM
  • 9. JAZZ• Birthplace: New Orleans• Traits: blue notes & improvisation• Typical Instruments: Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, G uitar, Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Drum set
  • 10. Types of Jazz Music • Ragtime • Blues • Big Band • Swing • BeBop • “Cool” Jazz • Smooth Jazz
  • 11. Scott Joplin(1867-1917)• American born• Ragtime Composer & Pianist• Wrote 44 Rags• Started the “jazz” movement • “Maple Leaf Rag” http://youtu.be/mZzOOOCJnLU
  • 12. George Gershwin(1898-1937)• Brooklyn, NY• Composer & Pianist• “Link” between art music and jazz music • Porgy & Bess • I Got Rhythm • American in Paris • Rhapsody in Blue http://youtu.be/I9nG2KyEp2A http://youtu.be/-WWtGpEqpV4
  • 13. Duke Ellington(1899-1974)• Band Leader, Composer, and Pianist• “Big Band” King• Created “BeBop” jazz• Made Jazz •“Don’t Mean a Thing if Mainstream it Ain’t got that Swing” http://youtu.be/qDQpZT3GhDg
  • 14. Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996)• “The First Lady of Song”• Known for Scat Singing• 14 Grammy Award winner• “Mack the Knife” http://youtu.be/hRyDB4RWJdw
  • 15. Louis Armstrong(1901-1971)• Born in New Orleans, Louisiana• Nicknames: “Satchmo” or “Pops”• Trumpet Player, Singer, and jazz composer • Scat singing and low grumbly voice http://youtu.be/aXwEBp3cKfM
  • 16. Broadway Musicals• Found in the Theatre District in Downtown NYC.• Came from Opera• Singing, Acting, & Dancing
  • 17. Rogers & Hammerstein• American Song writing duo• Broadway musicals in the 1940’s and 50’s • Oklahoma! • South Pacific • Carousel • The King and I • The Sound of Music http://youtu.be/_C6J9gij5SQ http://youtu.be/QWaMJ331oYM
  • 18. Leonard Bernstein(1918-1990)• Composer, Pianist, Cond uctor, Author• Music Director for New York Philharmonic• First American Conductor to be known world wide
  • 19. West Side Story• “Romeo & Juliet” Story Line• Modern Themes http://youtu.be/JfwkMK2EyvA http://youtu.be/L7BQRGXFLJs
  • 20. Andrew Lloyd Webber (1948-)• English Composer• Famous for “Cats”, “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Phantom of the Opera” http://youtu.be/Pm5w7gHEtJI
  • 21. • Broadway’s Longest Running Show ever• Seen by over 100 million people worldwide• The total worldwide gross is now in excess of $5 billion http://youtu.be/XjM1Lrsb7I8
  • 22. Wicked-2003 • Music & lyrics by Stephen Schwartz • Based on Novel Gregory Maguire novel, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995) http://youtu.be/ejGLmx7ZH0c The Lion King-• Based on the 1994 Disney Movie• Music by Elton John & lyrics by Tim Rice• Premiered on Broadway in 1997 http://youtu.be/-c318C5pd7U
  • 23. • Progressive rock • Punk rock • Alternative rockhttp://youtu.be/u6Dho5y9vjw http://youtu.be/dblDzWGNEFs