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Giarritano final animoto presentation

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  • 1. for Before I Die by Jenny Downham
  • 2. http://help.animoto.com/entries/415073-how-do-i-get-started1. Let’s all watch the Animoto Getting Started video together2.Next, watch my steps as I walk you through the process of creating my own video book trailer…
  • 3. You have many options to choose from. Thestyle affects the look and feel of your video.When you are working in Animoto individuallyyou can click on any of the styles to see apreview of what a video would look like in thatstyle. Keep in mind the plot and setting of thebook when you choose an option.
  • 4. Next, you need to select images and music foryour book trailer video. Animoto allows you toupload photos or select from their own imagelibrary. Another option is to import them fromsites like Facebook, Smugmug, Flickr, Picasaand Photobucket. Once selected, your photoscan be reordered by clicking and draggingthem to the desired location or allowingAnimoto to randomly order them.
  • 5. On the same screen you can also add text toyour pictures, duplicate them, rotate, deleteand spotlight images. Spotlighting an imagegives it more prominence in your finished slideshow.
  • 6. Choose your slide show music. Think of what may bemost appropriate for the book trailer you are creating.You can select music from your own collection, orchoose from a variety of tunes in the Animoto library.You can browse through Animotos collection of musicby genre. Here you will find everything from indie rockto classical melodies. A useful feature is the ability tochoose where you want the start point of yoursoundtrack to be. If you have a short video, you mayjust want to begin with that catchy chorus half waythrough the song.
  • 7. You can also include video clips that capture themood of the book. Explore the AdvancedSettings in the top-right corner to add extrafeatures that make your video pop.
  • 8. Finalize your video. Here you can choose what speed you wantthe video to play at - half, normal or double speed. You can alsoselect what thumbnail you would like to have as your video coverscreen. Finally, give your video a title and write a shortdescription of what it is about. After you do this, Animoto willprocess and render your video. This may take a little time,depending on how long your slide show is. Once it is ready,Animoto will email you a link to your finished slide show. On thispage you will also see a blue toolbox with links to email it,embed it in your classroom website, remix or export your video.