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A2 media music Evaluation
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A2 media music Evaluation


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. EvaluationBy Leah Baber
  • 2. A typical punk video consists of the band usually eithermessing around through a story, or playing their songs at agig. It’s usually a fast pace and is quite jumpy. Punk is a genrewhich is known not to take themselves to seriously and agenre known for enjoying their music. We have kept within the similar characteristics of the genre, by the actor performing rude gesture, and with the video having quite a ‘strange’ story line. We have kept a strong relationship between the visuals and the song as that’s a typical convention used throughout all music videos in all genres. We used the mise en scene of the park as it’s one of the places in which you associate with stalkers. In conclusion I believe my video does follow the typical conventions of a punk music video as it moves at a fast pace, and presents the bands fun personality clearly, and uses lots of jumpy shots.
  • 3. I would say that my video has an elementof comedy in it, even though it’s quite adark comedy. But I believe that making a In different parts of myjoke out of something slightly more video the character mimesserious is likely to stay in your the words in time with thehead, which I’m hoping this video does. music, which is a commonBut with the element of comedy being aspect used in the majorityquite dark means that it shortens the of punk rock videos.wideness of my audience. I wanted tohave that individual aspect in my videothat made it stand out from the rest (theclown mask). My video keeps within the forms and conventions of a typical punk rock video.
  • 4. The reason why I’ve decided to usetext in my task is because it highlightsthe important words that I want tohave stuck in my audience’s head. E.g.the bands name and the song. Iintended for the opening theme tolook like the start of a film as myvideo is kind of like a creepy story.
  • 5. All of our shots werecarefully planned out tocreate suspense andgive of the stalker vibe.The use of differentangles portray thesense that a stalker canwatch you fromanywhere they like.
  • 6. A lot of thought wentinto the final shot, as itwould be the lastmemory of the videostuck in the audienceshead. The final shot ofthe central characterchasing the camera ismeant to send themessage to theaudience that the clownis chasing you as thevideo finally finisheswith the face filling thescreen.
  • 7. Main/ancillary taskTo promote my music video I decided to createan advertisement and a cd cover. Afterresearching into a variety of other differentmusic advertisements, meant that I couldinclude all of the typical aspects in mine of thatof an existing one. I decided that I wanted tokeep my theme similar throughout my ancillarytasks, that being the clown. I decided to usethis throughout as it reflects what our song forour music video is about which is a stalker. This is my final design, I decided to create the back cover of the album as well so you could get a better understanding of my theme. I have gone for a cartoon like effect as it resembles the bands fun like persona. I have used the clown character throughout all of my work as it links all three tasks together, by having that running theme. I wanted the text on show to look like newspaper rip outs as again it links in with the whole stalker theme.
  • 8. I felt I had to have a strong linkbetween both my ancillary tasks, aswith the research I have doneprofessional bands have the sameimage on their poster and album, sothat the album is easily recognisablewhen they would go to buy itwithout the struggle of finding it. As you would see if you looked through my blog, I experimented with different images on Photoshop to find the best style to present my work, and I’m happy with the outcome that I ended up with.
  • 9. I kept the text the same throughout both myancillary tasks as I believed it to work well. Theimage is kept similar to the digipak as you can tellthat they’re both linked. I wanted to keep the posterquite simple, because when I did my research Inoticed that professional posters did the same. Imade the same point earlier for my digipak, but thereason why I’ve blended the writing in with theimage is simply because stalkers blend into thebackground. But I believe it stands out, because ofthe colour used, and because of the creepiness ofthe image as it’s an image which sticks in your head.Red is also a typical punk colour, as well as it being atypical clown colour so I thought that that would bea good way to attract the right audience. I didn’twant to ruin the image by overcrowding theposter, and I also think that it leaves some sort ofcuriosity to find out what the song and the band areabout. I think that my video and both my ancillary tasks worked well together as the poster promotes the album clearly, and clearly states the song and the bands name so that it’s easy for it’s audience to access.
  • 10. From the feedback which I’ve hadthey’ve said that the clown character iseye catching and engaging which wasthe outcome in which I was hoping for.They said when the clowns face turnsaround it’s quite shocking anunexpected, again which was the aim inwhich I was trying to gain. I also had acomment to say that the font on myancillary tasks fits into the typicalconventions of a stalker. I have learnedthat the audience enjoyed the fast paceof the video, and the choice of the handheld camera as it gives you theimpression that your being stalked.
  • 11. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  • 12. I used Google to carry out the majority of myresearch as it was easily accessible. YouTubehelped me to research and analyse similarbands videos, as you would see if you lookedfar down my blog. It allowed me to pick outthe main conventions of the punk rock genreso that I could include them in my ownproduction. During the process of creating our video IMovie allowed us to speed up parts of our film and include text. We constantly played the song whilst filming so that we didn’t run over the length of time, and so that we could fit the speed and harshness of the actions to the right parts.