SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition


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SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition

  1. 1. SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition | 407-965-5509
  2. 2. Page |2 SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition Introduction This article highlights how SaaS has revolutionized the use of software which can now be made available to numerous users' worldwide at the same time, accessed via the internet. | 407-965-5509
  3. 3. Page |3 SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition Software as a Service (SaaS) has revolutionized the traditional use of software. Software hosted at a central location by a vendor can be made available to numerous users’ worldwide. CRM software, BPM, LMS, CMS software can all get transformed to cost- effective SaaS alternatives. A SaaS model, therefore, can be considered as “renting” the software to global customers who can access it via the Internet. Companies are migrating to customized SaaS applications tailored to meet their specific business needs, which streamlines supply chain and eliminates the need to install licensed software on individual workstations. The SaaS transition challenge for ISV’s Due to technical complexity, SaaS development requires considerable up-front design and architecture work. For any independent ISV, this is a particularly challenging task since they may not have the requisite architectural design experience and development resources needed to develop a successful SaaS-Application platform. Time-to-market pressure may necessitate partnering with an external SaaS product development company to gain on-demand access to SaaS specialists. During the SaaS migration process, companies face several business challenges that are as complex as the technical issues: • Revenue interruption • Extensive customer and data migration • Making sense of the myriad variety of new software development tools • Re-orienting software research • Re-structuring pricing models SaaS migration can thus be an arduous, time-consuming and costly task. Therefore it makes sense to partner with a SaaS transition specialist to transition as quickly and as cost effectively as possible into a SaaS platform. Leo Technosoft is one of the few leading companies that provide comprehensive SaaS product engineering services to worldwide ISVs. As an external SaaS development services partner with a strong product development foundation, the company offers easier migration as well as scalability to a SaaS environment. Their product 1.0 program conducts free consultation and feasibility study to determine if moving to SaaS is right for the organization. Leveraging deep technical understanding, the company successfully migrates products within tight timelines and budgets. The company has more than 20 SaaS product solutions to its credit which has provided multi-million turnover to companies in the shortest time-frame. The SaaS revolution led by Cloud Computing is changing the way ISV’s do business and the SaaS reality simply cannot be ignored. ISVs should strongly consider outsourced SaaS product development as a way to transition their products to SaaS. | 407-965-5509
  4. 4. Page |4 SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition About Leo TechnoSoft Based out of Orlando, Florida with offices in USA, Canada, UK and India, Leo Technosoft is an international SaaS Development, Web 2.0 and Remote Infrastructure Management services firm specializing in the development and deployment of SaaS Web-based Business Applications. We serve our clients by delivering outstanding results through innovative solutions. We use our depth of experience in technology analysis, development, and deployment to help a broad range of industries including healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance, high tech, mining, marketing, and entertainment. Leo TechnoSoft is focused on helping clients define their needs, translate those needs into action, and turn action into results. Leo TechnoSoft has developed a proprietary Development model we call L.E.A.D. Listen We hear your challenges and analyze your needs – be it a market segment or industry vertical. We look at every angle, perhaps some not yet considered. We re-examine old ideas with a fresh new perspective and give you tangible recommendations you can put into practice. Explore We don’t just show up, share a few ideas and leave. Leo Technosoft walks side by side – helping you identify the needs, explore the opportunities and develop workable solutions to navigate the complex business terrain. Apply Once we understand your needs we develop applications to meet those needs. Often our ideas are presented in detail specification documents that let you see every angle of our recommendation on paper. These documents then become the blueprint for the delivery of a final solution. Deliver We deliver, plain and simple. No fanfare, no big egos, we just work hard – leveraging a powerful suite of technology tools to deliver powerful solutions that engage your customers and deliver your message in the most powerful and engaging manner. Four values drive us forward as an organization: Relationships, Integrity, Leadership and Excellence. These values help us remain focused on working as a team to serve our customers beyond their expectations. Our unique business philosophy is to empower the collective talents and skill sets of our team members and executive staff. We also work with strategic partners, to bring together varied backgrounds in sales, marketing, technology, new media, e-learning, education, and web site development and planning. Our processes mandate us to “think outside of the box” – to turn ideas into action. Our goal is always to meet our clients’ needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Whether creating new solutions or supporting existing ones, we work hard to understand the client’s expectations and adapt our work style to their corporate culture. | 407-965-5509
  5. 5. Page |5 SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition Our History Leo Technosoft set up in 2003, is a global solution provider in Product Engineering, I.T Services with Web 2.0, and Infrastructure Support with expertise in latest technology platforms. We provide services on a cloud computing platform. Our team of software developers provides outsourced product development in the Web 2.0 and SaaS environment and set up offshore development teams for our world-wide clients. We also help set up remote infrastructure management services for our clients. With these changes, our mission has remained constant; exploring innovative business ideas, combining those ideas with leading-edge technologies to deliver effective business solutions. Our expertise in software and hardware systems design, web-based marketing, data collection and segmentation, and management and strategic planning, has allowed us to develop and deliver media marketing solutions in ways that maximize and harness the latest delivery modalities. Today, we continue to take a total-solution approach in our work for companies, providing a wide range of technology-based services as needed. This has allowed us to develop and manage state-of-the-art technology marketing, media and training solutions for many business sectors including Healthcare, Environmental Concerns, Educational and Distance Learning, Personal Development, Work/Family Blending, Entertainment, and Non-Profit Fundraising/Development. | 407-965-5509
  6. 6. Page |6 SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition Our Experience At Leo Technosoft we use our depth of experience in SaaS technology analysis, development, and deployment to help a broad range of industries including Automobile ,Healthcare, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Finance, High tech, Mining, Marketing, and Entertainment. Leo Technosoft has an extensive level of hands on software development, web 2.0 services and remote infrastructure management experience. We assist businesses by analyzing strategies, identifying opportunities that create value, and executing tactics with high-end track-record results. We offer a wide variety of strategic software, marketing and design services to leverage our client’s interests and position their products ahead of the competition. The Leo Technosoft technical team harnesses the latest technological advances—then shapes them into scalable and viable solutions across multiple platform and delivery mechanisms. We are highly qualified and certified in leading industry platforms, OS, and programming languages. Our team builds solutions that fit intelligently into business segments and/or across entire enterprises. • Advanced Multi-Platform Software Application Development • Web Site Design and Connectivity Solutions • Programming In Perl, Java, J2EE, C++, VB Script, ASP.Net, XML, WML,Flash • Mobile Wireless Technology and Embedded WAP Development • Database Design and Implementation • Project Planning and Implementation • Unix/ Linux • PROJECT DELIVERY! | 407-965-5509
  7. 7. Page |7 SaaS Development – Challenges of Transition Our Contact Details INDIA USA UK Leo TechnoSoft Pvt Ltd 8000 S. Orange Avenue, 20 Sandal Avenue Unit No: 201, Tower S4, Suite101 Orlando, Wakefield, WF2 7LR Phase II, Cyber City, Florida 32824 +44 – 7764 - 140185 Magarpatta Township, Tel: 407-287-6210 Hadapsar, Pune-13. Tel: +91 20 2611 1560 | 407-965-5509