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My specialty is Marketing Automation, but Analytics and Reporting come up in pretty much any project I do. This presentation shows the 'why' behind marketing analytics, which metrics to choose, how to collect the data and how to create your reports.

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B2B Marketing Analytics

  1. 1. B2B Marketing Analytics Using Data Analytics to Improve Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing Jep Castelein, LeadSloth (@jepc)
  2. 2. Q: B2B Marketers? Who is: Marketer? B2B? B2C? Sales? Analytics or BI professional? Websites, Social Media, Advertising, Agencies?
  3. 3. Marketing, Sales, Lead Generation Marketing = Getting People Interested (1 to many) Sales = Getting Interested People to Give You Money (1 to 1) Lead Generation = Getting a List of People to Spam Nurture
  4. 4. What is Marketing Analytics? My Definition: Marketing Analytics = analyzing performance of the marketing function to optimize: marketing tactics budget allocation ROI revenue prediction
  5. 5. B2B Marketing & Marketing Automation
  6. 6. My Focus & Background My Focus: B2B Marketing Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Marketing & Sales Alignment My Background: 10+ Years of Software Marketing Now: B2B Marketing Consultant
  7. 7. Marketing Metrics Challenges 1. Which Metrics? 2. How to Get Good Data & Reports?
  8. 8. Challenge 1: Marketing Metrics Basic Metrics Revenue Metrics Process Metrics Justification Metrics
  9. 9. Basic Metrics
  10. 10. Basic Metrics From Raw leads To Qualified leads Ideal Lead Profile Lead Scoring
  11. 11. Revenue Metrics 1. Do a search on 'widgets for industrial cleaning' 2. Find blog article on http://blog.widgetco.com 3. Subscribe to RSS 4. Register for eBook "industrial cleaning for less" that is promoted in next blog post 5. Registration for webinar (invitation came via email) 6. Visit www.widgetco.com for product and pricing info 7. Received call from a Widgetco sales person 8. I buy some widgets to try it out
  12. 12. Revenue Metrics Measure a Campaign's Impact on Revenue: Cost e.g. Search Engine Optimization project costs $50k Revenue e.g. $400k revenue from Google searches Margin e.g. $400k revenue = $150k profit ROI e.g. 150 - 50 / 50 * 100% = 200% ROI Requirements: Closed-loop marketing measurement
  13. 13. Process Metrics
  14. 14. Process Metrics SiriusDecisions Waterfall: Measure Inquiries Marketing-qualified leads Sales accepted leads Sales qualified leads Closed/won business
  15. 15. Justification Metrics
  16. 16. Justification Metrics Keep track of the following: marketing sourced pipeline marketing influenced pipeline investment-to-pipeline investment-to-revenue
  17. 17. Metrics & Our Goals Optimize: Marketing tactics: using all metrics Budget allocation: using revenue metrics & process metrics ROI: using justification metrics Revenue prediction: using process metrics
  18. 18. Questions So Far?
  19. 19. Challenge 2: Good Data & Reports Collecting Data with Marketing Automation Collecting Data with Other Systems Reporting on this Data
  20. 20. Marketing Automation Parts
  21. 21. Marketing Technology Ecosystem
  22. 22. Google Analytics for Marketing?
  23. 23. Marketing Reporting Show trends over time (capture snapshots of your data) Group by category (e.g. classify your campaigns) Drill-down options (subcategories & segmentation) Waterfall reports Exception & trend reporting
  24. 24. Questions? Jep Castelein, LeadSloth (919) 246-9290 or 888-4A- SLOTH jep@leadsloth.com http://www.leadsloth.com http://twitter.com/jepc