Lead Tracking Software Comparison


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Comparison of Lead Management and Tracking software solution features

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Lead Tracking Software Comparison

  1. 1. Lead Tracking Software Comparison from http://www.LeadPro247.Com Sales Lead Tracking and Management Solution Integrated with Email Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Contents – What is Lead Tracking Software? – Why to use Sales Lead Tracking and Management software? – What to look for while deciding to subscriber / sign-up to a Lead Tracking & Management Software system – Technical factors, Commercial Issues – Business Requirements One size does not fit all businesses – Big is NOT necessarily Beautiful (best fit) – Support and Customization Services http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  3. 3. Lead Tracking Software Comparison What is Lead Tracking Software? – Lead Tracking Software helps to Track and Manage Sales Leads – Lead Tracking Software = Lead Management System, Lead Administration Solution, Marketing Automation Service – Helps to capture, store, distribute, follow-up (track) and analyze leads / prospects – Helps to Convert More Prospects to Customers – Helps to keep the focus of sales team on following-up right leads at right time with right medium – Helps to avoid Leads Slipping Through the Cracks without follow-up – Lead Tracking is NOT just contact management and calendar management http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  4. 4. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Tracking Software Selection - Issues – Many delivery options (Installable software, long Contract Based software, web based software, subscription options, etc.) – Too Many Suppliers / Software Choices – Wide range of features, support services, pricing options – Hidden costs and services – Learning Curve involved – Product Flexibility (or lack of it) http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  5. 5. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Tracking Software – What to look for? Features – Web based Software Solution – Include Lead Capture, Tracking, Follow-up, Activity Tracking – Integrated with Drip Email Marketing for Lead Nurturing – Interfaces to your Lead Generation Systems and third party Lead vendors / Lead Generators – Extensive Lead Tracking and Lead Analytics Reporting http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  6. 6. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Tracking Software – What to look for? Commercial Issues – Affordable Sales Lead Management System – No long term commitments, no upfront investment in hardware / software – Monthly Subscription Fee based – Data Usage Policy No sharing of data with others / other purposes (Retain Ownership of Your Data) http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  7. 7. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Tracking Software - What to Look for? Functions – Capture Sales Leads / Prospects from all channels – Qualify Leads based on Lead Profile parameters such as Class/ Rank, Location / Geography, Urgency, Authority, etc. – Check for duplicates and help de-dupe the leads – Distribute / Assign Leads Manually – Route Leads automatically using flexible, intelligent Lead Routing engine – Routing based on Geography, Product / Service, Sales Territory, Round-Robin method, etc. – Lead Distribution – Support for PULL or PUSH method – Follow-up, Track Leads – Nurture Leads using integrated Drip Email Marketing – Lead Analysis / Analytics http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  8. 8. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Why Use Lead Tracking Software? – Centrally Manage all Leads / Prospects – Use Drip Email Marketing to follow-up – Track all follow-up activities and get a 360* view including email campaigns, Email Opens, URL click through, etc. – Helps Avoid Leads Slipping Through the Cracks – Extensive Lead Analysis with Real Time data – Convert More Leads and Grow Sales http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  9. 9. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Capture Features – Capture Leads from multiple Channels • Web Forms, Email Messages, Manual Input, Input Manually, Advanced API interfaces – Setup multiple Lead Journals (Lead Profiles) – Custom data fields – Custom Lead Profile parameters (Lead Source, Channel, Rank / Class, demographics, …) – Map Lead Journals to Email Lists http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  10. 10. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Distribution Features – Automatic Lead Distribution (PUSH method) – Manual Distribution (PUSH method) – Manual Distribution (PULL method) – Flexible Lead Routing Engine – Route based on Lead Profile / Custom Fields – Email Notification to Manager / Sales Agents when new Leads distributed http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  11. 11. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Nurturing Features – Integrated Drip Email Marketing for scheduling automatic follow-up messages – Trigger Emails using variety of Events / Activities – Personalized Email Messages – HTML and Text Email support – Extensive Email Campaign Statistics Tracking • Bounces, Email Opens, URL Clicks, etc. – Integrated Google Analytics Tracking tags – Helps turn Cold / Warm leads to Hot Leads with minimal efforts http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  12. 12. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Tracking and Follow-up Features – Schedule Follow Tasks / Activities – AutoResponder Email Messages – Get Unified View of Lead with activities including email campaign opens and clicks – Update Lead Stage and Lead Status – Include Notes on follow-up meetings, telephone calls, and email messages – Extensive Filters to look-up Leads http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  13. 13. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Lead Analytics Features – Extensive Real-Time reports • Lead Status Reports • Analysis by Lead Source, Source Group, Lead Profile properties, Lead Class / Rank • Sales Agent Performance Report • Lead Dashboard (Analysis by Contacted / Not Contacted, Touched / Untouched) • Sales Stage / Lead Status Analysis – Download all report data to Excel – Graphical Representation for Key Metrics Reports http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  14. 14. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Drip Email Campaign Metrics / Statistics Reporting – Email List Reports – Email Campaign Performance Reports – Domain Analysis (for B2C Leads) – Campaign Activities: Bounces, Opens, Clicks http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  15. 15. Lead Tracking Software Comparison Industries / Verticals – Mortgage Lenders / Brokers / Loan Officers – Real Estate Professionals / Realtors – Debt Restructuring Agencies – Educational Institutions – Insurance Agents – Financial Services – Home Builders – Contractors / Remodelers – Legal Firms – Service Providers – Small / Medium Manufacturers / Distributors http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  16. 16. Lead Tracking Software Comparison 3rd Party Lead Providers Integration - Examples – LendingTree – LowerMyBills – LoanBright – LendersDirect – InsureMe – Leads2Results http://www.LeadPro247.Com
  17. 17. LeadPro Sales Lead Tracking and Management Software Solutions Contact Info / Resources – Sales @ LeadPro247.Com – 1-877-9-LEADPRO (1-877-953 2377) – http://www.LeadPro247.Com – http://LeadManagementBestPractices.Com © Anagha Group, 2006-2008 http://www.LeadPro247.Com