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LeadPro Marketing Automation Suite V3



Presentation on LeadPro Online Marketing Automation software solution suite Version 3.0.

Presentation on LeadPro Online Marketing Automation software solution suite Version 3.0.



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    LeadPro Marketing Automation Suite V3 LeadPro Marketing Automation Suite V3 Presentation Transcript

    • LeadPro Lead Management Email Marketing Online Surveys
    • LeadPro Contents Online Marketing Solution  Anagha Group – Solutions and Service Areas  Lead Management - Business Benefits  Lead Management - Overview  Lead Management – Reports and Samples  Email Marketing - Process Overview  Email Marketing - Business Benefits  Email Marketing - Functional Overview and Applications  Email Campaign Snapshot  Domain Analysis (List / Campaign), Activities Tracking  List Management, Sign-up Forms setup and customization  Campaign Definition  Address Filters for Target Marketing  Email Design and Templates  CAN-SPAM Compliance  Increasing Delivery Rates  Reports and Performance Analytics  Online Surveys – Business Benefits  Online Surveys – Functional Overview  Online Surveys – Reporting and Analytics  LeadPro Feature Highlights  Contact Information 2
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Anagha Group Solutions and Service Areas Email Marketing Lead Tracking, Online Survey Distribution and Management Management and Analysis CUSTOMERS Event Marketing, Rebates, Registration, Co-op Claims, Payment Processing, Warranty Claims Management Processing Search Engine Custom Software Optimization (SEO), Technology Services Pay Per Click (PPC) Operations Support Marketing 3
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Lead Management - Business Benefits  Integrate Leads from multiple sources for efficient management  Customize Lead Profile Properties based on product / service / business requirements  Automate Lead Capture processes  Acquire more leads / prospects  Distribute Leads to Inside sales, Field sales, Lead Buyers  Follow-up Leads promptly  Nurture Leads with Drip Emails, Convert to customers  Integrate with Email Marketing for reminders and follow-up  Accelerate Sales Cycle  Increase Win / Close rates  Cross-sell, Up-sell, Grow sales and profits  Reduce paperwork and manual process errors  Maximize MarComm ROI 4
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Lead Management – Overview Multiple Lead Journals / Profiles – Custom Data Fields, Industry Templates Lead Capture – Email Parsing, Manual Entry, Import from other Sources, API Interface to 3rd party / in-house systems Lead Qualification Lead Distribution – Business Area, Product / Service Line, Geography, Region, Sales Area, Dealer, Round Robin, PULL & Push Methods Lead Follow-up – Email Reminders and Follow-up Lead Conversion Tracking Lead Analysis / Real Time Reporting Lead Notifications / Alerts Lead Fulfillment – Vendor interface 5
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Lead Management - Reporting 6
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Lead Management - Reports  Lead Status Report  Lead Summary Report  Pipeline Report  Lead Analysis – By Source / Journal  Lead Analysis – By Source Group  Lead Analysis – By Sales Stage  Lead Analysis – By Business Area  Lead Analysis – By Product or Service Line  Lead Analysis – By Franchisee / Dealer / Channel Partner  Lead Analysis – By Region / Sales Area / Sales Person  Lead Conversion Analysis  Lead Follow-up Activity Report  Lead Fulfillment Report  Campaign Activities (Opens, Clicks, Forwards) Report  Follow-up Email Opt-out Report 7
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Marketing - Business Benefits  Drive more traffic to your web sites  Deliver Special Offers, Coupons, product information and Event Invitations effectively at low cost  Acquire more leads / prospects  Integrate with Lead management, Nurture leads, Convert to customers  Educate and engage customers and prospects  Retain existing customers, reduce churn  Cross-sell, Up-sell, Grow sales and profits  Integrate with Online Survey tool to get prospect / customer feedback  Survey Panel Management  Survey Response Tracking  Complement traditional marketing media  Reach prospects with targeted e-messages  Maximize MarComm ROI 8
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Marketing Process Overview Campaign List, Opt-in / Performance Subscription Measurement Management Delivery and Campaign Response Definition, Tracking Targeting Email Design, Personalization 9
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Marketing - Functional Overview and Applications List Management Campaign Design Delivery Tracking Reporting & Metrics  Sign-up Forms  Properties  Testing Emails  List Reports  CAPTCHA Security  Category  Email Scheduling  Subscriptions  Subscription Opt-out  Address Assignment  Bounce Management  Domain Analysis  List Definition  Target Filters  Bounce Tracking  Activities  Custom Data Fields  Email Templates  Opt-out Processing  Bounces  List Import  Email Design  Email Forwarding  Opens  Image Library  Customization  Google Analytics  Clicks and URLs  CAN-SPAM Rules  Personalization  Drip Emails  Opt-outs  AutoResponders  SPAM Avoidance  Forwards  Email News Letters, eMagazines  Reminders, Surveys  eCoupons, Special / Promo offers  Event, Survey Invitations  Product Launches, Updates  Thank You, Webinar Notices  Lead Generation and Follow-up  Fund Raising Requests 10
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Campaign Snapshot Campaign Overview: Campaign Properties Email Contents Delivery Statistics Bounce Rate Response Rates Response Trend URLs Visited Click Rates 11
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Campaign Analysis Campaign Analytics in Real Time: Emails Opened, Bounced, Clicked, Forwarded and Opted-out, Visited URLs, Activity Trend, Campaign Status 12
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Domain Analysis Analysis of Email Addresses (Contacts / Subscribers) by Domain Name. Helps plan Campaign and Email design based on the Audience make-up. Top domains, bottom domains – By emails sent, clicks, bounces, opens 13
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Campaign Activities Responses / Activities Tracked in the order of occurrence include: • Opens • Clicks • Opt-outs • Forwards 14
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email List Management List Properties Definition: Title, Categories, Source, Owner, Business Area, Custom Data Fields (Demographics) Email IDs / Contacts: Sign-up Forms Definition, Import from CSV, XLS, and XML, Opt-out Management 15
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Sign-up Forms Customization Signup methods supported: Opt-in, Double Opt-in. Fully Customizable Forms and Email notifications. CAPTCHA Security to avoid web-bot (automated) entries. 16
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Campaign Definition • Campaign Properties • Adding Addresses / Email Contacts from one or more Subscription Lists. • Applying Filters (to reach targeted audience) • CAN-SPAM compliance checks • Testing Emails • Scheduling Broadcast • AutoResponders and Drip Emails 17
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Address Filters (Targeted Email Marketing) • Flexible filter features (can be applied for all data fields – Numeric, Text, Date and List of Values). • Emails can also be manually Adding Emails to Campaigns: Multiple selected from the filtered results. Filters can be applied while adding emails from Subscription Lists. 18
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Content Creation • Selecting Content Type (HTML / Text) • Choosing Template(s) • Customizing / creating Email contents using a WYSIWYG editor • Adding URL links • Adding Images • Email Personalization Email Content Sources: LeadPro System Templates, Custom Templates (user generated), Earlier Campaigns and Campaign Specific Custom Content. 19
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Design and HTML Templates HTML templates and custom contents can be created using WYSIWYG editor (similar to Word) and personalized. Images can be linked as URLs on any web sites or included from Image Library hosted in LeadPro server. 20
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution CAN-SPAM Compliance Features Sign-up Forms Unsubscribe Options Opt-in (Confirmed) Quick Opt-out link in Emails Double Opt-in (Re-confirmed) Instant Opt-out via Web CAPTCHA Security Manual Opt-out Process Forms / Email Customization Global Opt-out Address in Email Unsubscribe Link Full physical address of the All emails sent from LeadPro sender included in all emails. includes Unsubscribe Link. This link can not be turned off. Configurable From (Sender’s) Email Id and From Name in all On-line Opt-outs (using this emails. link) processed immediately. 21
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Increasing Email Delivery Rates Audience Who are the intended recipients? Who? What are the sources of recipient addresses? Are the emails based on explicit permission? How old is the permission? CAN-SPAM Compliance Sender’s Email Id and From Name clear in all emails? Full physical address of the sender included in all emails? What? How easy is it to Unsubscribe? How long it takes to opt-out? Email Contents What is the Subject line? Can it pass through spam filters? Are email contents free from prohibited words / phrases? Enough text content in the email? Or image heavy? When? Email Delivery What is the delivery day / time? Weekend? Monday Morning? Delivery management (whitelisting, domain analysis, etc.)? What is the Frequency and Relevance? Daily? Weekly? Event Triggered? 22
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Marketing Reports  List Reports • List Properties • List Addresses • Domain Analysis • Opt-ins (Sign-ups) • Opt-outs (Un-subscribes) • Activity by Email Address • Image Library List 23
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Email Marketing Reports  Campaign Reports • Campaign Activity Statement • Campaign Snapshot • Campaign Status • Campaign Analysis • Emails Opened • Emails Bounced • Emails Clicked • Emails Forwarded • Emails Un-opened • Who? When? • Domain Analysis (By Emails, Bounces, Clicks, etc.) 24
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Online Surveys - Business Benefits  Listen to Prospects, Customers, Business Partners, Members and Employees using on-line Surveys  Find out New Product / Service requirements  Address Surveys to specific market segments by using Advanced Filtering  Reduce Waste in product development and marketing by knowing the customer needs  Reduce Customer Churn  Increase Customer Satisfaction  Integrated with Email Marketing for Panel List Management 25
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Online Surveys - Functional Overview and Applications Survey Definition Panel Lists, Invitations Response Tracking Survey Analysis by Email  Survey Templates  Panel Management  Email Tracking  Response Analysis  Custom Surveys  Survey Invitations  Invitation Results  Cross Tab Report  Custom Prompts  Target Filters  Opt-out Processing  Bounces  Answer Formats  Design Invite Email  Response Tracking  Opens  Invitee List  Personalization  Real Time View  Clicks and URLs  Greetings Page  Deliver Invites  Opt-outs  Thanks You Page  Forwards  Survey Closed Page  Customer Satisfaction Surveys  Pre-Event Surveys  Product / Service Feature Surveys  Post-Event Surveys  Market Research Surveys  Website Feedback Surveys  Employee, Business Partner Surveys  Non-profit Member Surveys 26
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Online Surveys - Reporting  Survey Snapshot  Survey Response Summary View  Individual Survey Responses  Cross Tab Analysis, TURF Report  Survey Response Data Download/Export  Graphs / Charts for Interpretation  Drill Down Features  Panel Management Reports 27
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution LeadPro Features  Email Marketing, Lead Management and Online Surveys – integrated in one application / database  Easy to understand and use  Fully web based, on demand, pay as-you-use model  No need for software or hardware installation  Import existing Permission Lists from other application / database sources  Email templates, Image Library hosting  Easy-to-interpret reports and charts  Export of List, Campaign, Survey data  Industry Specific Solutions  Full Service Consulting (optional) 28
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Editions and Pricing  Lead Management , Email Marketing and Survey solution can be used by all businesses irrespective of size: • Small Businesses / Not-for-Profit Organizations /Academic Institutions • Professionals: Insurance, Mortgage, Real Estate, Financial Services, etc. • Medium size Enterprises and Advertising / Marketing Agencies • Large Corporate Organizations  Pricing starts at $50 a month for all-in-one package (stand alone Express mode); highly affordable; no risk  Versions to address various Professional business needs: • Express Edition • Professional / Agency Edition Enterprise • Enterprise Edition 29
    • LeadPro Online Marketing Solution Additional Information Website: www.LeadPro247.Com Toll free: 1-877-9-LEADPRO ? International: 1-248-327-4333 Corporate Website: www.AnaghaGroup.Com 30