Email Marketing Automation for Non Profit Organizations


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LeadPro247 Drip Email Marketing software solution with comprehensive autoresponder and subscription management service, email design and campaign tracking, and real time campaign statistics with Email Opens, Bounces,and Clicks. Newsletters, promotions and invitations for volunteers, donors and patrons. Integrated with online survey management for feedback.

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Email Marketing Automation for Non Profit Organizations

  1. 1. LeadPro247 Email Marketing Automation Service for Non Profit Organizations / Religious Institutions Express Edition Updated: April 2009 © 2007-2009 Anagha Group www.LeadPro247.Com Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. LeadPro247 Email Marketing and Online Survey Solutions Enhance Email Marketing and Communication Capabilities of Your Nonprofit Organization! Email is the cheapest mode of Marketing Communication in today's Internet dominated world. The ROI on email marketing is significantly high when compared with traditional marketing and communication channels of your nonprofit organization such as direct mail, call center, advertising (radio, television and print) and personal calls. If you are a nonprofit organization looking for donors and volunteers or looking for a way to generate more interest in your organization, LeadPro is the right service for you. LeadPro is available with integrated online survey design, data collection and analysis solution. LeadPro247 With the Express Edition of LeadPro email marketing suite, you can inform people about your nonprofit organization, its activities and events, earn new Donors / Volunteers and keep in touch with your existing, drive more traffic to your website and grow your nonprofit by reaching a wider segment of people. The following are some of the uses that you could employ the LeadPro email marketing tool. Email Newsletters Fundraising / Donation Requests Event / Invitations Reminders Announcements Special Offers Thank You Notes Promotions Online Survey Invitations LeadPro247 email marketing solution is very simple to use and easy to understand. LeadPro247 caters to all of your email marketing needs with Opt-in Email List Management, easy to follow Email Campaign Definition and Management Process, and 24/7 availability of Reporting and Analytics. Extensive reports on tracking of email opens, clicks, bounces, and email forward activities help you measure the effectiveness of the emails. All this can be done without any need for investment in hardware or special software. All you need is access to the Internet and a browser on your PC. © 2007-2009 Anagha Group www.LeadPro247.Com Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Features of LeadPro247 LeadPro is an end to end email marketing and communication tool. It has all the features packaged in an easy to use web application. The features are summarized below. For more detailed information, please visit http://www.LeadPro247.Com. Fully web (browser) based, on-demand service Custom HTML/Text Templates Image library to store your images WYSIWYG HTML template editor / content creator Supports inputs via on-line and off-line sources (Sign-up forms, Web entry, Import from XLS, CSV, ASCII, Access, and XML files, etc.) Email Campaign Scheduling Forward-to-Friend option Drip email / follow-up campaigns Email Personalization List Segmentation and Target Marketing Customizable Sign-Up Forms and Notifications Extensive Search features (for Lists, Campaigns, Reports) Instant Unsubscribe feature (for CAN-SPAM compliance) Reasonable Subscription fee Campaign Effectiveness Reporting and Management Google Analytics tracking and Integration Market Reporting including Campaign Specific Reports Multiple campaigns / divisions / business units supported Campaign Effectiveness Reporting and Management Dashboard Why use LeadPro247 24 X 7 Visibility to Email Campaigns and Responses Expedites Prospect to Donor / Volunteer conversion Ensures Donor / Volunteer Retention Enhances Donor / Volunteer Loyalty Available as Hosted Services; no upfront investment or long term commitment Extensive Reporting and Analytics All reports have drill down features Reports are downloadable to spreadsheets. CAN-SPAM compliance support Integrated with Online Survey Solution Reporting and Analytics LeadPro, email marketing system provides a wide range of tracking and reporting features that are useful for monitoring day-to-day activities as well as for long range strategic planning for your Nonprofit. © 2007-2009 Anagha Group www.LeadPro247.Com Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Sample Reports provided are: Lists, List Sources, List Types List / Campaign Addresses Campaign Status Campaign Summary Campaign Analysis Bounced Emails & Summary Report Email Opt-outs, Opt-ins Campaign Performance Domain Analysis Survey Analysis reports Free Trial Offer Make use of the Free Trial Offer; explore the simplicity and extensive features. Sign Up for a 30 day Free Trial by logging on to to use the LeadPro247 Email Marketing and Online Survey Management service. More Information Complete information on LeadPro247 suite of tools including Email Marketing Automation, Online Surveys and Lead Tracking and Management solutions is available at http://www.LeadPro247.Com. The site contains detailed information of solution features, best practices, CAN-SPAM compliance regulation, product tour, and newsletter archives among others. Contact Information Toll Free: 1-877-9-LEADPRO ANAGHA GROUP International: 248-327-4333 3250 W. Big Beaver Road, Web: Suite 429 Email: Sales at Troy, MI 48084, USA About Anagha Group Anagha Group provides a range of technology services and tools in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Customer Management and Service arenas. The portfolio of services includes strategic marketing, marketing research, and support services. Email marketing, lead management rebates programs administration, loyalty programs management, co-op programs execution, online survey management, integrated marketing and fulfillment services are delivered to the customers using flawless delivery and support methodologies. Backed by an experienced, strong technology team and global delivery capabilities, Anagha Group helps customers achieve significant cost reduction and enhance bottom line results. For more information on services offered, please visit www.LeadPro247.Com. ANAGHA GROUP Email Marketing Lead Distribution, Tracking and Management Online Surveys © 2007-2009 Anagha Group www.LeadPro247.Com Page 4 of 4