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Global hr

Global hr






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    Global hr Global hr Presentation Transcript

    • The Role of the Human Resource Manager in a Global Company April 2011 Osnat TiroshPrivate and Confidential
    • Background  Passave (FTTH)  PMC –Sierra Acquisition  Wintegra (WIN)Private and Confidential Page 2
    • PMC-Sierra’s Global Presence Burnaby Montreal Germany Roseville Allentown Seoul Rochester Santa Clara Shanghai Yokohama Shenzhen Taipei Israel Bangalore Malaysia Design Center Worldwide headquarters in Santa Clara, CA Sales Center Operations headquarters in Vancouver, BC Design & Sales Center International headquarters in MalaysiaPrivate and Confidential Page 3
    • Human Resources Role in the M&A Process - Pre-Deal - Due Diligence - Closing the deal - Integration Planning - Implementations The main message is: “Our goal is to allow you to quickly create value (1+1=3)”Private and Confidential Page 4
    • HR Organization VP Human Resources Sr. Manager Director HR Director Global Strategic Sr. Manager Global Director Global HR Virtual People Business Sr. Manager HRIS Compensation and Capability Recruitment Delivery Team Partners Partnership Benefits Development Business Unit International Site Compensation L&D Specialist Core Recruiter HRIS Analyst Benefits Leader Functional Support HR Manager Analyst Business Unit Tech Training Core Recruiter Data Input International Site Functional Support Benefits Specialist Admin Asia Specialist HR Manager Business Unit International Site University Staffing Benefits Specialist Functional Support HR Manager Business Unit Contingent staffing Functional SupportPrivate and Confidential Page 5
    • Human Resources Strategic Direction HR Vision Be a world class HR organization for a company our size. HR Mission Create competitive advantage for PMC globally through best in class strategic partnering, HR processes, systems & products Strategy 1: Establish operational excellence in all aspects of the HR function Strategy 2: Provide customized HR solutions that make each BU and FG strategically successful Strategy 3: Make development a source of competitive advantage Strategy 4: Fuel PMCs business growth through a continuous flow of industry top talent across all functional areas and geographies Strategy 5: Implement an aggressive, competitive, excellence oriented operating culture at PMC that retains the best talentPrivate and Confidential Page 6
    • My Local Role (BU BP) 1. Support Management - Mentoring and Coaching of the BU leaders 2. Employee Retention 3. Recruitment 4. New Employee integration: Ramp-Up plan, Mentoring Process 5. Training & Development 6. FPR: STIP (bonuses), Yearly Evaluation process, Ranking, Rating, Employee Development Process, Salary Surveys, Market Adjustment , Promotions, Succession Planning, Retention Plan 7. Social Benefits /Legal /finance: Manager’s Insurance, Health Insurance, ESOP/ ESPP, internal procedures, Relocations, etc… 8. Welfare: Events, Incentives and Presents, Community Relations 9. Facilities and AdministrationPrivate and Confidential Page 7
    • My International Role 1. Mentoring and Coaching our site’s HR managers 2. Bridge between the local HR, Site managers, Corporate HR FU & BP 3. Company Process and Procedures 4. Operation, Compensation and Benefits, Local Labor law 5. Recruitment 6. Training and Development 7. Employee & Community Relation In General my missions for 2011 are: 1. Consistency of offerings and execution across all sites 2. Able to drive growth in the right places 3. Drive cross site/cultural collaborationPrivate and Confidential Page 8
    • Examples 1. Training and Development 2. FPR processPrivate and Confidential Page 9
    • PMCU and Training  Access course catalogue  View calendar of upcoming instructor-led courses  View your Training Record  Launch self-study courses  Record courses as completed  Guidelines for tuition and professional membership reimbursementPrivate and Confidential Page 10
    • Methodology used to select the vendor  Invited proposals from 5 vendors  Vendor Interviews  Vendor evaluation - based on the following parameters: - Course modules - Market credibility - Understanding PMC’s requirement - Commercial issues - Vendor Feedback through reference check  Price NegotiationPrivate and Confidential Page 11
    • Recommendation for Management Series PMC Managerial Series Vendor Name Duration Initial Cost in INR Final cost in INR Final cost in $ MANAGEMENT SERIES I Pre Study Charges 1day INR 30,000.00 INR 25000 .00 $ 556 1) Roles of a Manager Pragathi Institute 2days INR 100,000.00 INR 80000.00 $ 1778 2) Building Effective Teams Pragathi Institute 1days INR 55,000.00 INR 45000 .00 $ 1000 3) Financial Skills for non-financial Managers Door Consulting 2days INR 90,000.00 INR 86000.00 $ 1911 4) Driving Results Door Consulting 2days INR 90,000.00 INR 86000.00 $ 1911 MANAGEMENT SERIES II Pre Study Charges 1day INR 50,000.00 INR 30000.00 $ 667 1) Market Awareness & Business Case Development 2) Strategic Talent Management Pragathi Institute 2days INR 140,000.00 INR 100000.00 $ 2222 3) Leading Organizational Change Door Consulting 1days INR 50,000.00 INR 48000.00 $ 1066 4) Leadership Communication Pragathi Institute 2days INR 140,000.00 INR 110000.00 $ 2444 5) * Action Learning Project* - building a business for a "real“ change opportunity at PMC Pragathi Institute 2days INR 140,000.00 INR 100000 .00 $ 2222 Total cost INR 885,000.00 INR 710000.00 $15,778 Training programs to begin from January 2011 onwards Note : The above number doesn’t include venue cost of $10000Private and Confidential Page 12
    • Training Summery  Learn the corporate methods and systems  Learn how it is actually done  Do your homework: market surveys and benchmarks, talk with the managers and understand the local needs, get the GM engaged, be creative (expert platform etc…)  Dive into the details: learn what works for us and what doesn’t, suggest alternatives  Present your proposal to the corporate and be clear on the message  Go back “home” and communicate the decision  Impose the decision and help to enforce the process and it’s executionPrivate and Confidential Page 13
    • Focal Point Review Focal Point Review consists of: 1. Annual performance review, ranking and rating 2. Base salary review and merit increases 3. Annual equity awards (options and/or RSU grants) 4. Promotions Goals of the Annual Performance Review: Individual level  Provide feedback on employee performance over the past year  Acknowledge impact of an individuals accomplishments  Reinforce strong skills, provide guidance on developing others  Define expected performance level for the coming year  Recognition and rewards are consistent with individual and group performance of deliverables Organizational level  Drive continuous improvement  Provide accurate historical performance data (serve as a permanent legal record)Private and Confidential Page 14
    • FPR Summery  Take an active part in the team work of the HR team prior to the process and perform a “Lessons Learned”  Be the expert and learn the corporate methods and systems  Know who can assist you with technical issues, reports and other related issues in real time.  Create good interpersonal relations with you global colleagues  If you think it needs to improve/change – do not hesitate to propose that  Be creative. For example, Israel Employee Development plan, became a global process  Perform Training Schedules, Presentations, Mentoring  Bridge between the local leaders and the Corporate HR. “Translate it” to them  Be very aggressive on the internal timelines taking into account the different time zones and cultures  Work with the leaders and make sure you are all in line with the process  Support your GM during the presentation to the CEO and help them to communicate the massage afterwardPrivate and Confidential Page 15
    • Challenges  Complex processes  Hard to work remotely  Time zones  Cultural differences  “Stuck” in the middle – Balancing loyalties, commitments, belonging  Constant struggles to defend your point of view locally and globally  Explaining local “feelings” to the corporate  Trust, Transparency, CommunicationPrivate and Confidential Page 16
    • Tools  Understand the “big” picture - Corporate environment and goals - Business situation - Corporate policy and restrictions  Market surveys, Benchmarks, relevant literature and articles  Provide facts, supporting data  Ask questions, seek to understand and then to be understood  Feel the local pulse  Understand the corporate decision making politics.Private and Confidential Page 17
    • The top four competencies for senior HR leaders operating in global organizations are: 1. Global Intelligence/Global Mind-Set 2. Cross-Cultural Intelligence 3. Effective Communication 4. Strategic ThinkingPrivate and Confidential Page 18
    • Keys to success  Be Proactive !!!  Intra-and-Inter Organizational Trust  Create Good Work Relationships – Think “Win-Win”  Communication, Communication, Communication  Add Value to your Clients, HR global and local teams, your manager (VP HR), your GM and the CEO.  Enjoy your Exciting Role!Private and Confidential Page 19
    • Any Questions?Private and Confidential Page 20
    • www.pmc-sierra.comPrivate and Confidential Page 21