Relevance, Trust, Authority - Giving Google What It Wants


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How to rank well in Google - relevance, trust and authority! Get an overview of what it takes to rank well in Google in 2013.

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Relevance, Trust, Authority - Giving Google What It Wants

  1. 1. Relevance, Trust, Authority After this presentation you will; • understand more about what Google wants • know how you can give Google what it wants • be able to improve your visibility ‘locally’ on the web • be able to optimize a webpage for relevant searches • be able to make improvements to your website to increase conversions
  2. 2. SEO is GO. Google is currently the only player in the UK search engine market.
  3. 3. Google is great... ...because these people are already searching for a particular product or service So you don’t have to sell to them... ...just make it easy for them to buy from you!
  4. 4. Keyword reseacrh Google is replacing the keyword tool with something called the keyword planner. Keyword research is the cornerstone for success – target the wrong keywords and you lose! Fortunately for local businesses most keywords will be service + location, or product + location
  5. 5. How you rank; giving Google what it wants Google looks for; • relevance • trust • authority
  6. 6. Giving Google what it wants: Trust • Set up Google ‘authorship’ via Google+ personal profile • Create Google+ business page and link to website with ‘publisher’ tag Done correctly this can function as an index for Google of your online persona as a business
  7. 7. Trust... and Relevance By setting up authorship and linking all your profiles together in Google+ you are ‘going public’. No more anonymity! You are also showing Google that you are extremely relevant to a particular niche.
  8. 8. ‘Local’ search Vs ‘global’ search Local results are displayed differently from regular Google results. These rankings are driven by reviews and citations. A well-optimised G+ personal profile, along with a business page will be an advantage.
  9. 9. Local search vs global search Text content goes here
  10. 10. Don’t be invisible! The local listings work on citations and reviews. • Biggest negatives for rankings are incorrect NAP information • Name, address and phone number MUST be consistent • Use keywords in G+ profiles and pages •Encourage customers to give you reviews in Google
  11. 11. Giving Google what it wants: Relevancy Optimize web pages • keyword in; • URL • headings & sub-headings • image ALT tags • meta-description • 300 words content + image • keyword in first, middle & last paragraphs • outbound link to authority (opens in new window)
  12. 12. Giving Google what it wants: Authority • Google has become a content distribution system • Content bestows authority • Google loves ‘problem to solution’ content • But ultimately it just loves content that is shared online
  13. 13. Creating multi-media content Start with one good-quality 400 word article that you post to blog or website. • Publish as PDF and submit to • Pull out main points and create PowerPoint for Slideshare • Add voiceover and record then upload video to Youtube • Extract mp.3 and upload to iTunes • Rewrite article slightly and submit to article directories • Share on social media (including G+) • Ask for shares and retweets
  14. 14. Building links • RSS directories • Business directories • Paid directories • Web2.0 sites • Blogger • WordPress • Squidoo • Tumblr • Youtube, Slideshare, Scribd, iTunes • Forums and industry websites
  15. 15. Random SEO tips • Link out to authority sites on each page • Open internal links in a new window • Check page load speed – host media on 3rd party servers • Register domains for more than one year at all times • Burn RSS feed at FeedBurner and submit to directories • Submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools • If you write a blog use keyword categories and always link to your money pages
  16. 16. Website conversion tips • Have phone number + call-to-action in header • Have an offer + strong call to action on home page • Have relevant offer + strong call-to-action on every page • Have a lead capture form on every page
  17. 17. Need help with online marketing? For training & implementation call: Lead Generating Websites 01708 208 889