Leadership and Race Publication Launch

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The report introduces the publications and highlights some of the initial results from the launch campaign.

The report introduces the publications and highlights some of the initial results from the launch campaign.

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  • 1. Leadership and Race Publication Launch
    November 2010
  • 2. Publication Overview
    Leadership programs can help solve racial inequalities in access to education, healthcare, income and wealth, but many current approaches to leadership development actually maintain and promote racial inequalities.
    The report, How to Develop and Support Leadership that Contributes to Racial Justice, suggests that a large number of leadership programs associate leadership with equal opportunity and individualism. This thinking does not recognize that current systems (i.e. policy, culture and institutional practices) can cause racial identity to limit one’s access to life opportunities. It also focuses too narrowly on changing the behavior of individual leaders. Instead, leadership programs should: 1) make their programs more accessible for people of color; 2) help participants understand how race limits access to opportunities – in other words, the impact of structural racism; and 3) promote collective leadership. This approach will help participants work together to tackle the systems that maintain racial inequalities.
  • 3. Download Now!
    The publication is co-authored by: Terry Keleher, Applied Research Center (ARC); Sally Leiderman, Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD); Deborah Meehan, Leadership Learning Community (LLC); Elissa Perry, Think.Do.Repeat.; Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates; Professor john a. powell, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University; and Hanh Cao Yu, Ph.D., Social Policy Research Associates (SPR).
  • 4. The publication was launched on September 2010. After one month we received…
    430 newsletter signups
    150 webinar participants
    60+ mentions in Twitter
    30+ online placements/mentions
    • Based on form responses, as of 10/25/10
  • Results & Analysis
  • 5. Top Referral Sources
    Based on form responses (400) as of 10/13/10
  • 6. Traffic Insights
    Based on form responses, bitl.y and google analytics. As of 10/13/10
  • 7. Timely & Relevant Webinar
    Allowed us to learn what ideas/questions are more relevant:
    How to talk about structural racism
    How to deal with issues of resistance
    Context of ethnic groups
    Role of professional development
    Application to youth leadership and organizing
    Applications to higher education
    Leveraging white allies
    150 participants
    70 visits to webinar page*
    *Source: bitl.y
  • 8. Examples of Coverage
    Partner Strategy
  • 9. Secured Reviews
    Other reviews by…
    “We have a rich history in community leadership development and we know the criticality of addressing structural racism and promoting racial healing to remove barriers to opportunity.  We are excited because this is an important report that proactively addresses the impact of structural racism on leadership development.”
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12. Examples of Coverage
    Audience Engagement
  • 13.
  • 14. Examples of Coverage
  • 15.
  • 16. Examples of Coverage
    Media Outreach
  • 17. Targeted Blog Placements
  • 18. Insightful Thought Pieces
  • 19. “A report released this summer by the Leadership Learning Community, a national nonprofit that focuses on leadership development, calls into question the stale commitment to diversity of so many progressive Americans. How to Develop and Support Leadership that Contributes to Racial Justice, co-authored by a group of the country's most cutting-edge thinkers on race and leadership, very politely points out that the left shouldn't be so quick to point fingers.”
  • 20. “A thought-provoking new report on leadership and race entitled “How to Develop and Support Leadership that Contributes to Racial Justice” has just been issued by the Leadership Learning Community. The report suggests the leadership programs that simply focus upon diversity practices, equal opportunity, and individualism, do not recognize how systems such as culture, institutional practices, and policies, impact career and life opportunities for disadvantaged groups.”
  • 21. Placements in Popular Sites
    Reach: 231.2K U.S.
    Reach: 68.8K U.S.
    Reach: 9.1K U.S.
    Source: Quantcast.com
  • 22. Examples of Coverage
    Conferences & Events
  • 23. Leadership and Race Report Webinar
    September 28 2010
    Featuring some of the authors of the report
    150 participants
    Philanthropic Strategies to Develop Culturally Inclusive Leadership
    October 22 2010
    Deborah Meehan was Moderator
    35 participants
    Leaders in a New Era: A Conversation on Leadership Development and Race
    October 19 2010
    Deborah Meehan was Presenter
    15 participants
  • 24. Contact Information
    Leadership Learning Community
    1203 Preservation Park Way #200
    Oakland, CA  94612
    (510) 238-9080 Phone