Horizons' case study webinar final


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Horizons' case study webinar final

  1. 1. Leadership Learning Community Webinar Series June 2011 @leadershipera #leadershipnet
  2. 2. "LLC brings together the best minds in leadership development to advance the field…LLC anticipates the future and is a dynamic catalyst capable of creating a link from today’s issues in leadership development to tomorrow’s solutions.“ (Donna Stark, The Annie E. Casey Foundation)Network Research Application
  3. 3. Inclusive, Networked & Collective Leadership www.leadershipforanewera.org The value of collective leadership networks is in their capacity to solve problems quickly in an environment of uncertainty and complexity (Watts, 2004)
  4. 4. Leadership Webinar Series Ruby Lee, Northwest Area Foundation A Case Study in Popular Education and Scaling Leadership Impact in Rural Communities Marla Cornelius, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services Daring to Lead 2011: Leadership Development & Support for Nonprofit Leaders June Holley, Network Weaver Are You A Network Weaver?
  5. 5. A Case Study in Popular Education and Scaling Leadership Impact The Horizons Program offers a compelling story for all in the field of leadership who care deeply about how to connect and mobilize leadership at the scale needed to address complex social problems. Patrick L. Scully, Everyday Democracy, Senior Associate Ruby Lee, Program Director, Northwest Area Foundation Lynette Flage, North Dakota State University Extension Service Deborah Meehan, Executive Director, Leadership Learning Community
  6. 6. The Horizons Program: Testing New Ideas and Approaches Is it possible to build leadership capacity in hundreds of rural communities? Yes!!! 100,000 rural people engaged from 283 communities across 7 states.
  7. 7. Horizon’s Leadership Impact• A 63% increase in civic engagement• Community governance is more accessible and transparent in 50% of the communities• Majority of participants are new to leadership• Over 1,811 action plans implemented• $21,000,000 in new resources for communities
  8. 8. Key Elements of Horizons Study Circles Leadership Small Grants Plenty Social Media Coaching: Community Action Plans Visioning
  9. 9. Traditional Leadership ApproachIndividual Skills and Knowledge Strong Organizations Community Results
  10. 10. From Individuals to CommunitiesTraditional Approaches Horizons Program
  11. 11. From Organizations to Networks… Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thefangmonster/ / CC BY 2.0
  12. 12. Volunteers Community Institutions (colleges, churches, k12) Business Government GovernmentBusiness Volunteers From Silos to Partnerships… Community
  13. 13. Horizons is a Model That Is…. Scalable Builds Connection Promotes Action Leverages Resources Builds & Doesn’t Rely on Infrastructure
  14. 14. Lessons Learned from the Horizons ProgramImplementation & Evaluation
  15. 15. Leadership and Poverty Reduction Will increased leadership capacity help rural communities reduce poverty & build prosperity? Yes and No:77% of Study Circle participants understand root causes of poverty and overhalf are still engaged in poverty reduction actions ANDMany participants were not clear on definitions & expectations and believeit’s too early to know if they are making a difference.
  16. 16. Study Circles Inspire Action Popular education helps to motivate people who have been disengaged to take action by helpingthem to understand how their personal experiences are connected to societal problems. We had wonderful ideas after the study circles ..to decide what poverty meant to everybody and where we were going to go with it and how we were going to fix it. Horizon’s participant
  17. 17. Horizons Builds Connection• Individuals• Organizations• Delivery Organizations• Community & Extension• Community & Foundations
  18. 18. Strengthening the Horizons Model• Diversity and race: The program increased leadership diversity, but needed to bring a race lens to understanding and acting on poverty & to appropriately tailor the program for different communities.
  19. 19. The Horizons Program provides an important model for all who are interested in how to mobilize leadership at the scale needed to make a significant difference in the well-being of communities. “We have lived here for eight years, and, they’ve been talking about ‘somebody’s got to do something’ …and now in eighteen months somebody has done something.” Horizons’ participantImages: Lawrence Community Works Website, Bruner Loeb Forum
  20. 20. Highlights from the Foundation Ruby Lee Program Officer Northwest Area Foundation
  21. 21. Highlights from the Study Circles Patrick L. Scully Everyday Democracy Senior Associate
  22. 22. Highlights fromCommunity Coaching Lynette Flage North Dakota State University Extension Service
  23. 23. Questions?
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