Board Report | October 2012


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Board Report | October 2012

  1. 1. Board Report OCTOBER | 2012
  2. 2. Build a network of Engage leadership Promote and apply Increasepeople supporting development cutting edge ideas organizational social justice stakeholders on key and practices capacity leadership leadership topics New members Social media Member LNE publications (LLC and LNE) converage donations Member Speaking LNE events Grants retention opportunities Develop systems Subscription list to grow Blog readership LNE webinars (newsletter) consulting business Applied Newsletter research readership projects Transforming the Leadership Development Field
  3. 3. Communications Strategy
  4. 4. LLC Website The blog continues to be a dynamic section of the website (31% of unique pageviews were related to the blog in the January – September timeframe). The webinar series has generated significant traffic 3,500 3,000 2,500 2,000 Montly Uvs 2012 1,500 Montly Uvs 2011 Monthly Uvs 2010 1,000 500 -•Uvs: Unique Visitors
  5. 5. LNE Website We have not seen a lot of new members sign up for LNE – mostly due to the fact that we have not hosted any LNE related learning circles. We will have 2 regional labs later this year so we hope to increase participation through the events 300 250 2012 200 2011Total Members 150 2010 100 50 0
  6. 6. LLC Newsletter This is our key channel for keeping members engaged. The best performing month was February, which included an article on lessons learned about leadership, an overview of our webinar strategy, an article about Bella’s contribution to LLC Clicks/Sent8%7%6% Current5% newsletter base4% is 3,0973%2%1%0%
  7. 7. Speaking Engagements Deborah Meehan consulted on the design of the SFP Institute and was a featured speaker for a plenary session: The Story of the SFP Network. Claire is hosting a session at the AEA conference: How can evaluation approaches be used to catalyze better goal-setting, collaboration and communication among community collaboratives designed to achieve “needle-moving” impact? In this session, “Engaging Networks for Impact”, Deborah will share what the Leadership Learning Community has been learning through our joint work in the area of community leadership and collective impact.
  8. 8. Twitter Twitter is one of the most successful tools we use to share content, attract members, promote events, test ideas and content, and find partners/allies for our work Twitter Followers: 3,052 (27% increase since May 2012)* Timeframe: January – September 2012
  9. 9. Top Blog Content • Applying Social Network Analysis to Online Communications Networks (Unique Pageviews: 995) • 2012 Webinar: If You Till It, They Will Come: Nurturing Collective Leadership (Unique Pageviews: 528) • How is network leadership different from organizational leadership and why is understanding this difference important? (Unique Pageviews: 419) • Emergent Leadership (Unique Pageviews: 361) • A New Leadership Mindset for Scaling Social Change (Unique Pageviews: 355)* Timeframe: January – September 2012
  10. 10. Mission Work
  11. 11. Leadership and Networks• Finalized the publication content• Designer is working on integrating the content into the design template• LLC team participated in a social media pilot program and developed a launch plan for the publication• Launch planned for Winter 2012• The partners listed on the right agreed to co-brand the publication
  12. 12. Collective Impact & Leadership• We developed a series of guides to help leadership programs strengthen the impact of their leadership development work• The publication was funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation• The publication was launched a couple of weeks ago and has already received 450 downloads. We also hosted a webinar to discuss some of the elements of the publication, which attracted 47 participants
  13. 13. Webinars and Events This year we are continuing to focus more on conducting webinars than face to face events. The webinars are a cost-effective way to generate a great amount of interest from our membership and to attract new members• 17 webinars on diverse topics• Over 1,500 participants• Top webinars: john powell’s on system thinking (316 participants),Eugene Eric Kim’s on strategic planning for networks (128 participants),June Holly’s on network weaving (120 participants), the InteractionInstitute for Social Change’s on collective leadership (119 participants)• Strengthened our relationship with content experts such as June Holleyand Compass Point• Conducted follow up surveys after each webinar to get immediatefeedback• We have also received 30 webinar donations this year, totaling almost$2,000
  14. 14. Learning Events• Innovation Labs Funded by W.K.K.F Research Project Bay Area, Boston and Rural Webinar• Four Learning Circles and Multi-state Leadership Chautauqua funded bythe Bush Foundation Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota• Funders and Evaluators meeting on Community Leadership funded bythe Bush Foundation (October 2012) Minnesota• Learning Circles to Discuss the Collective Impact & LeadershipPublication Funded by W.K.K.F Research Project (November2012) Bay Are, Boston
  15. 15. Operations
  16. 16. Operations: New Hires• Lauren Rodriguez as a Research Associate • Lauren comes to LLC with a commitment to transformative change, a bilingual/bicultural perspective and international experience working with diverse communities in the United States, Mexico, Chile, and Spain. Lauren has research training and a Masters in Sociology.• Miriam Persely as our Administrative Assistant • Miriam has a strong background in administrative processes gained both in the public and private sectors. Her work focuses on fostering the academic growth and success of underprivileged students at all levels.• Zoe Madden-Wood, Research Associate and Project Manager • Zoe manages the research and evaluation projects. She is trained in project management, social network analysis, and has a quantitative and qualitative research background.