Constructivist approach


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Overview of presentation to give to teachers about using constructivist appo

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Constructivist approach

  1. 1. Santa Lucia Middle School Using 1:1 iPad Program To move to Constructivist Learning. John Calandro PrincipalWhere we were, where we are, where we’re going.Coast Unified School DistrictFebruary 3, 2012
  2. 2. Santa LuciaMiddle School✤ 171 Students✤ 6th through 8th grade✤ Core concept in 6th✤ 7 period day
  3. 3. Getting to 1:1 iPads-Basic Aid District-Tech Plan based on -commitment to Technology -developing 21st century skills-390 purchased on 3 year lease-Apple cut a deal for iPad 2-creative funding for teachers iPads-$1,000,000 e-rate infrastructure grant
  4. 4. Science, Computers/Media✤ Zack’s Rock Cycle Story✤ iBook Author
  5. 5. WHERE WE’VE BEEN✤ December 2008 iPod Teacher Apple Inc. to get representatives to meet with ✤ June 2011 iPad meeting with sixth grade Training at CLMS Conference attended by Coast Unified team Henry Danielson and Joe Sassaman ✤ January 2011 Apple Inc. sends ✤ July 2011 Community members, students, and✤ June 2010 District K-12 Technology representatives to Cambria to present iPod parents use iPads on trial basis for review. Standards presented by Sean Spradley, Ron and iPad solutions Kathe Tanner, Chris Gutierrez, Poulos, Walt Vickrey March ✤ 2011 One Call Survey completed ✤ August 2011 iPads brought to middle✤ July 2010 iPad Training at CLMS Conference to all households to determine if wireless is school for 6th grade pilot program attended by Chris Adams and Bill Clough available ✤ October 2011 John Calandro presents to✤ August 2010 Technology Update to school ✤ March 2011 Henry Danielson, Shaunna school board how iPads are "game changers" board including Game Room and curriculum Ames, Colleen Poynter, Michael Lant visit in the 6th grade and technology tools 4-8 grades Avery to observe iPads in middle school ✤ November 2011 SLMS hosts "Meet the✤ September 2010 iPad introduced to Special ✤ March 2011 Persuasive essays sent from iPad" evening Education for home use students to Apple and school board ✤ December 2011 iPad Expansion Plan✤ October 2010 Toby Cinque and Henry ✤ March 2011 Board Workshop and iPads discussed at school board meeting Danielson present to school board how iPads ✤ April 2011 44 iPads purchased and to be ✤ December 2011 Strategic Action Plan are helping Physical Education distributed to teachers at SLMS and approved by school board calling for iPads at✤ October 2010 Apple Special Education stakeholders 6th grade and iPods at 3rd grade training attended by Henry Danielson and ✤ April 2011 Request from 1st grade teachers Adam Helfand for iPads in first grade✤ November 2010 Surveys Completed via ✤ May 2011 Board members receive iPads to Survey Monkey to all test participants for save paper and time for board agendas netbooks ✤ June 2011 1 to 1 learning with iPad webinar✤ November 2010 District K-12 Technology for 6th grade teachers Standards approved by school board ✤ June 2011 Meeting with 1st and 2nd grade✤ December 2010 Steve Burnside contacts teachers to discuss iPads in primary grades
  6. 6. Where We’ve Been Continued✤ February 2012 Henry Danielson and ✤ September 2012 Plan approved calling for iPads Patti Stroh visit St. Genevieves Classified/Certificated iPad implementation at SLMS grades 6-8 (Panorama City) to observe iPads in Training and Deployment (16 school participants) ✤ November 2012 12 iPads deployed to CGS 3rd grade✤ June 2012 Apple October 2012 Thirty iPads from ✤ Representatives present option to 2011-12 pilot at SLMS given to CGS purchase all remaining iPad 2 for 1st grade ✤ December 2012 Site Visit for grades 6-12 expansion County Educators looking to adopt iPad program ✤ October 2012 Henry Danielson and✤ June 2012 Purchase of ? iPads Patti Stroh attend Ventura County for iPad expansion grades 6-12 Office of Education Planning and ✤ January 2013 Deploy iPads for Deploying with iOS 6 CUHS students✤ August 2012 Letter to Parents from Superintendent explaining ✤ October 2012 Textbooks loaded ✤ January 2013 Site Visit for iPads in middle and high school onto iPads at SLMS international educators planning to adopt iPad program✤ September 2012 iPad ✤ October 2012 Parent University - deployment and distribution at iPads and Digital Citizenship ✤ February 2013 Site Visit for SLMS California educators looking to adopt iPad program ✤ October 2012 iPad Training Show✤ September 2012 Certificated and Share (26 participants) iPad Training and Deployment (51 participants) ✤ November 2012 Strategic Action
  7. 7. Significant Factors- Getting to 1:1✤ 21st century skills awareness and prioritiziation✤ Technology use seen as necessary and beneficial✤ Overcoming fear for benefit of students✤ Seeing it in action✤ Piloting (see Fear above!)
  8. 8. Significant Factors-Getting to 1:1 continued✤ Seeing it in action- leveling the playing field✤ Training, teaching, learning✤ Creating satisfied customers✤ Forging ahead✤ Training, teaching, learning
  9. 9. Successes:✤ Went from 6th grade to schoolwide✤ All students competent in using them✤ Peer-to-peer learning increased✤ Widespread use of technology✤ Leveled playing field✤ Lighter backpacks✤ Fewer “lost” assignments✤ Increased creativity and student engagement
  10. 10. Students need 21 st Century Skills
  11. 11. A quick example of how kids candemonstrate learning under aconstructivist approach!
  12. 12. Basic Understanding Behind Constructivist Approach:✤ We are attempting to prepare students for jobs they can’t even imagine for a world WE can’t even imagine.✤ Without preparing them to be OPEN, FEARLESS, and PROBLEM SOLVERS, they won’t ever be able to get ahead in the world.
  13. 13. Basic Understanding BehindConstructivist Approach: Knowledge is important, but21st century employers are looking for people who have TRIED TO DO IT FOR THEMSELVES and learned from their experiences.
  14. 14. REVELATION:In order to move forward we must be fearless. It doesn’t matter if our studentsrealize we don’t know. It only matters if they think we are afraid to learn.
  17. 17. What We Have to do:✤ Stop teaching like we used to✤ Use the tools you have- as the powerful tools they are✤ We must teach our students to be FEARLESS✤ We must give them the opportunity to EXPERIENCE
  18. 18. Teacher training:✤ Difficult to do- not many teachers out there✤ Lots of learning on their own time✤ Better to know a few apps very well, than to know a little about many✤ If you create an assignment to fit the technology, you’re doing it wrong✤ Learn from the students✤ Most/Best learning is done on-the-job✤ BE LIKE THE WILLOW!- mistakes will occur!✤ Use the web and networks (Twitter is great for this.)
  19. 19. To Prepare Students for the Future: ✤ Unknown and unknowable jobs ✤ Technology we haven’t dreamed of ✤ A global and instantaneous world We must train them in century21 st thinking, and provide a foundation inScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  20. 20. STEM and Constructivism.✤ Knowledge can make them FEARLESS✤ Learning is about exploration and discovery✤ Engineering is about applying scientific principals to a purpose✤ Math + Science + Engineering = Technology✤ When students understand these concepts, technology is a valuable asset in their learning
  21. 21. Moving from traditional teaching toConstructivism.✤ In School ✤ Coursework in foundational skills ✤ math and science:Earth, physical and Life Sciences are taught ✤ Algebra in 8 th grade ✤ Computer class ✤ Scratch programming ✤ Presentation tools ✤ Video editing ✤ Web page design ✤ Rockets ✤ Bridge building
  22. 22. Shift in Classroom Pedagogy ✤ Allows kids to learn, explore, have fun ✤ Develops 21st century skills through group activity and more STUDENT DIRECTED mixed-group learning ✤ Opens students to new ideas by working with them where they are in THEIR world
  23. 23. CONSTRUCTIVISM HELPS KIDS TOBE FEARLESS✤ By introducing them to new experiences in non-threatening, low stress, non-graded environments✤ By providing students with mentors and support outside the classroom
  24. 24. A TRUE CONSTRUCTICIST APPROACHGIVES KIDS VALUABLE EXPERIENCES✤ Provides opportunities for learning without the scheduling constraints of the classroom✤ Builds on classroom knowledge✤ Allows students to find what they love and encourages them to keep at it
  25. 25. Avoid the Trough of Disillusionment!Don’t get too swept up in that Inflated Expectation piece.
  26. 26. Tips to a successfulConstructivist Learning program✤ Clearly understand your reasons for using the approach (21st Century Skills)✤ Give everybody the opportunity to get comfortable with the tools and idea✤ Start SMALL: take on projects that are manageable✤ Good teaching must still occur✤ Get out of your own way- Teachers do not have to know it all✤ BE FEARLESS
  27. 27. Student Training:
  28. 28. Student Training:✤ Establish rules and stick to them✤ Use your technology to your advantage (filters, restrictions)✤ Allow them time to explore✤ Expect problems✤ Find your experts
  29. 29. Challenges✤ Day to day troubleshooting✤ Moving target✤ Student attention✤ Managing the learning curve- edmodo, new apps, new thinking✤ Getting buy-in from those who are fearful/oppositional✤ Broken/Malfunctioning technology✤ Jumping to the next level- true innovation