The Buzzmakers


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The Buzzmakers

  2. 2. KERLI KELTIE KNIGHT Singer, songwriter, producer and founder of Bubblegoth. Fashion and DIY icon. Dancer, author, TV Host, music lover. DIY crafter. Twitter: 73,000 Facebook: 317,000 Instagram: 14,000 Location: Los Angeles Twitter: 35,000 Facebook: 8,000 Instagram: 8,000 Location: Los Angeles PAUL DIGIOVANNI Guitarist in pop rock band Boys Like Girls. Songwriter, model, health nut, motor cycle rider, animal lover. Twitter: 45,000 Instagram: 13,000 Location: Los Angeles
  3. 3. HANNA BETH DANI VITALE AUDREY KITCHING Fashion Designer, Model, Blogger, Buzznet Original. Heavily involved in social LA scene. Designer, model Fashion journalist, Buzznet Style Editor at large Young professional dancer. Video host. Toured with Jonas Bros/ Demi Lovato. Danced for Beyonce, Rhianna, The Voice. Twitter: 83,000 Facebook: 17,000 Instagram: 108,000 Twitter: 98,000 Facebook: 124,000 Instagram: 229,000 Location: NY/LA Twitter: 36,000 Facebook: 500+ Instagram: 11,000 Location: Los Angeles
  4. 4. ASHLEE HOLMES LOLA BLANC Daughter of Jacqueline from Real House Wives of New Jersey, blogger, host, fashion designer Aspiring pop singer, horror film fan and fashion/ music/ pop culture blogger Twitter: 178,000 Facebook: 11,000 Instagram: 56,000 Twitter: 14,000 Facebook: 8,000 Instagram: 6,000 Location: Los Angeles SAMII RYAN CEO of By Samii Ryan accessories, designer, fashion blogger. Hosts talent interviews for Buzznet. DIY hair & makeup tutorials. Twitter: 10,000 Facebook: 5,000 Instagram: 29,000
  5. 5. MANDY JIROUX MATT TOKA KAYSLEE COLLINS Singer, DJ. Part of LMFAO’s Big Bad Entertainment group. LA social lite, model, fashion forward. Twitter: 312,000 Facebook: 50,000 Instagram: 57,000 Location: Los Angeles Punk rock singer and songwriter, now selling his first EP on iTunes. Loves comedy, rock & roll and pop culture. Twitter: 14,000 Facebook: 32,000 Instagram: 15,000 Location: Los Angeles Young print/editorial model. Singer/ songwriter. Friends with a lot of industry artists. Twitter: 9,000 Facebook: 2,000 Instagram: 8,000 Location: Los Angeles
  6. 6. BRANDI CYRUS Guitarist of indie pop rock band Frank + Derol. Older sister to Miley Cyrus. Show cases horses, loves fashion & discovering new artists. Twitter: 524,000 Facebook: 8,000 (BAND) Instagram: 160,000 Location: Los Angeles/ Nashville HAILEY BRIGHT KATELYN TARVER Gamer, Geek Rocker, Actress, TV/ Online Host, Writer, Producer, Expert in video games. Big Time Rush (Nickelodeon) actress turned singer songwriter artist Twitter: 20,000 Facebook: 1,000 Instagram: 8,000 Twitter: 325,000 Facebook: 114,000 Instagram: 77,000 Location: Los Angeles
  7. 7. JAZMIN WHITLEY DANNY KURILY Designer/ owner of fashion label Li Cari. Use to have a show on MTV called ‘House of Jazmin’ Good Dudes Club. Guitar Techs for All Time Low. Constantly traveling, loves art, adventure, fashion & a good book. Twitter: 4,000 Facebook: 1,000 (Li Cari) Instagram: 4,000 Location: Los Angeles Twitter: 29,000 Instagram: 15,000 JESSI JAE JOPLIN Unsigned singer in a band called The Ruckus, fashion blogger, music lover Twitter: 17,000 Facebook: 1,000 Instagram: 13,000 Location: Los Angeles
  8. 8. LUKE BROADLICK Professional dancer. Model. Actor. World champion martial artist. Currently on tour with Justin Bieber. Twitter: 82,000 Facebook: 5,000 Instagram: 52,000 JONATHAN “BOOGIE” RABON Professional dancer. Choreographer, owns clothing line and creates his own music/ rapper. Currently on tour with Justin Bieber. Twitter: 85,000 Facebook: 3,000 Instagram: 55,000 JEREMY FALL Co-founder of Caught, Cliché magazine. SPACE58. Digital media entrepreneur/ blogger Twitter: 184,000 Facebook: 2,000 Instagram: 287,000 Location: Los Angeles
  9. 9. COURTNEY SWAN WILLIAM BECKETT LISA RUOCCO Health nut. In college studying to become a Registered Dietitian. Constantly sharing recipes, tips about best choices. Ex Academy Is front man. Current solo artist. Lover of pop culture. A classy, fashionable girl-nextdoor lifestyle and advice blogger. Girlfriend of All Time Low front man Alex Gaskgarth. Twitter: 9,000 Instagram: 11,000 Location: Austin, TX Twitter: 103,000 Facebook: 21,000 Instagram: 22,000 Location: Chicago Twitter: 32,000 Instagram: 26,000 Location: Baltimore
  10. 10. JESSICA ESS CHERRY DOLLFACE Pin up & tattoo model. YouTube vintage lifestyle blogger. Hair, makeup tutorials. Style hauls, fashion. Twitter: 9,000 Instagram: 36,000 Facebook: 55,000 JONATHAN DIENER Drummer for The Swellers. New record coming out this fall. Loves movies, books and writing guest blogs for music sites. Twitter: 9,000 Facebook (band): 40,000 Singer in the band The Atlantic. Currently recording a new record. Loves online shopping, her cat & Netflix. Has own clothing line. Twitter: 6,000 Facebook: 1,400 (band): 5,000 Instagram: 3,000 Location: Chicago, IL
  11. 11. MYNXII WHITE DAKOTAH RAE Professional Make Up Artist. Loves fashion, modeling and blogging. Sk8er girl who owns a self titled Jewelry line, love’s dancing, being a tom boy, active sports, friends with celebs Facebook: 1,000 Twitter: 3,000 Instagram: 21,000 Location: Los Angeles Twitter: 19,000 Facebook: 4 000 Instagram: 18,000 BRANDON THOMPSON Runs New Media for celebrities and Radar Pictures. He loves all things music, fashion, pop culture Twitter: 68,000 Instagram: 3,000
  12. 12. MANDY VAN DUYNE LAUREN BERGER Also known at the Mandy who dated Joe Jonas from The Jonas Brothers. Blogger, model, loves music CEO of Intern Queen, a website that helps students find their dream internship, life advice giver Twitter: 36,000 Instagram: 3,000 Location: NYC/ NJ Twitter: 34,000 Facebook: 8,000 Instagram: 2,000 Location: Los Angeles JOEY THUNDER Bassist in touring band The Cab. Loves comic books, art and connecting with his fans. Twitter: 25,000 Facebook: 281,000 (The Cab’s page) 1,000 Instagram: 6,000 Location: Las Vegas / LA
  13. 13. MARIEL LOVELAND Lead singer of pop punk band Candy Hearts. Loves all things DIY, crafts, music, art. Really close with Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Twitter: 7,000 Facebook: 7,000 Instagram: 4,000 BRIAN LOGAN DALES MINDY WHITE Front man Of The Summer Set, songwriter, Disney, LA adventure fan Lead singer of indie pop rock band States. Songwriter. Inspirational. Actress. Foodie. Twitter: 79,000 Facebook: 4,500 (BD Fan Page) 256,000 (Band Page) Instagram: 38,000 Location: Arizona/LA Twitter: 43,000 Facebook: 21,000 (band) Instagram: 9,000 Location: Nashville
  14. 14. PHOTOGRAPHERS Dirk Mai Professional lifestyle, music, fashion photographer. He does full time photographer for Buzznet favorite band The Maine. Twitter: 25,000 Instagram: 12,000 Location: Los Angeles Cameron Rad Popular LA photographer, works closely with other Buzzmakers & recording artist, models Twitter: 2,500 Facebook: 6,000 Instagram: 2,000 Location: Los Angeles Steven Taylor Emilio Sanchez Celebrity photographer. Friends and works with a ton of major artists. Photographer for the clothing line Young & Reckless. Y&R is owned by Drama Beats. Twitter: 56,000 Facebook: 2,000 Instagram: 14,000 Location: Los Angeles Twitter: 2,000 Instagram: 8,000 Location: Los Angeles