MEGA DOJO - Guidelines to Living a Balanced Life


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I wrote this for brands, business professionals, celebrities, charities, and generally any human being to lead a more balanced and happy life.

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MEGA DOJO - Guidelines to Living a Balanced Life

  1. 1. MEGA DOJO Guidelines For Maintaining Balance Sound Hype x Five Hype (by Mike Will Downey)
  2. 2. MEGA DOJO Guidelines For Maintaining Balance 1. Don’t let others control your lifestyle. 35. BE PROACTIVE and take action. 2. Always ask why? 36. Don’t talk about the past. 3. Respond, don’t react. 37. Be self-motivated and have a thirst for knowledge. 4. Remove emotion, the enemy of Logic. 5. You Are As You Think. Stay Balanced. 6. Cut Through the Crap. Get to the Point. 7. Check for negativity and ego. Drop it. 8. Be objective in your thinking. 9. Make decisions based on those around you, as opposed to what you think or want at the moment. 10. Channel emotions into the arts. 11. Have patience and be an all-around good human being. 12. Plan to win and work the plan. 13. Figure out the how and do it. 14. Pay extreme attention to details. 15. Use foresight and think strategically. 16. Set clear expectations up front. 17. Play no games and take no short cuts. 18. Seek chemistry. 19. Follow structure and processes. 20. Respond to others in timely manner. 21. Strive to improve. 22. Accept constructive feedback. 23. Work hard and work intelligently. 24. Support your teammates. 38. Evolve and create. 39. Seek greater good. 40. Don’t get over excited for no reason. 41. When in doubt, shut your mouth. 42. Safety first. 43. Pick up and stay clean. 44. Don’t sleep in chairs. 45. Always be pitching, and closing. 46. Find creative solutions. 47. Create return on investment. 48. Track your time. 49. Cultivate excellent relationships. 50. Rank your opportunities. 51. Clean up your language. 52. Reach higher. 53. Eliminate chaos. 54. Follow a chain of command. 55. Reduce friction. 56. Be productive. 57. Don’t bully others. 58. Talk about the future but don’t daydream. Be Realistic. 25. Have an elite attitude and confidence. 59. Time and attention are most important resources. 26. Set and meet deadlines. 60. Don’t believe every thought you have. 27. Communicate effectively. 61. Pimp your biggest strengths. 28. Keep your assets organized. 62. Keep it real. 29. A Positive Attitude = Happiness. 63. Maintain integrity and a strong reputation. 30. Worry about what you can change. 31. Everything is a learning experience. 32. Stay humble and give back. 33. Somebody has it worse than you. 34. Maintain optimism. Sound Hype x Five Hype (by Mike Will Downey)