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Comsport Agency Deck


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Published in: Sports, Business
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  • 1. 1
  • 2. Table of Contents ! About Us 3 NBA Clients 11 ! Offices 4 Overseas Clients 13 ! Services 5 History 15 ! Team Comsport 7 Why Us 17 2
  • 3. About Us A letter from Comsport CEO and Founder Bouna Ndiaye I started Comsport with one simple and pure mission: To help others achieve their dreams.  While playing in France, I used to dream of having the opportunity to one day play in the NBA.  Although I knew that my dreams would be hard to reach, I found that I could encourage, inspire, and positively influence others with similar goals. ! I took the initiative to mentor and train younger players in and around Paris.  These players gave me the name "The Professor", not because I had some crazy crossover moves, but because I was dedicated to teaching the fundamentals.  I poured myself into teaching them about the game and guiding their careers. ! This passion for training and career development led to my writing of basketball scouting guides.  Very soon, my knowledge and of the game and players allowed me to build positive relationships with coaches and managers throughout France.  As we built Comsport, our reach grew throughout Europe, and before long our positive business interactions provided us with global connections. ! It brings me great joy to impact the lives of other athletes in such a positive manner as we guide their paths.  I'm so happy with the family we have built with Comsport, from our scouts, to our trainers, to our agents, and all those who assist us in helping our wonderful athletes continue to have great and successful careers.  The relentless work of our team and players has allowed 12 Comsport clients to be selected in the past nine NBA Drafts.  We are thankful to see our clients play in the NBA, and at the highest levels all over the world. ! Our reputation has been built upon a solid foundation of hard work, determination, and dedication that has taken decades to attain.  In the same way, your success has come through years of toil and sacrifice.  We would love to understand your dreams and join you on your journey to fulfill them.  Come build with us.  Let's dream and achieve together. !Sincerely, !Bouna Ndiaye 3
  • 4. Offices Paris, France Dallas, Texas Las Vegas, Nevada Europe USA USA 4
  • 5. Services [Management] ! Comsport prides itself in managing every aspect of our client’s careers. We work round the clock to provide a first class service that allows our clients to stay focused on the field. Comport has experts in every field and has formed partnerships with elite companies in the financial, legal and health fields. [Negotiation] ! Comsport is considered as a leader in the international market. With over 15 years in the business, Comsport has negotiated over one hundred million dollars in contracts. We have successfully negotiated contracts for players in 15 different Nations. We are second to none in maximizing our clients' earning potential. [Marketing] ! Comsport’s marketing team maintains close relationships with many of the world's strongest and most visible brands and we work with each client to tailor his individual marketing plan. We utilize a comprehensive approach tailored specifically to each individual athlete’s personality when creating a marketing strategy. This plan allows us to proactively target regional, national and if appropriate, international corporations that fit with our clients’ brand strategies. 5
  • 6. [Financial] ! • Work closely with your financial advisor on all financial matters • Work with you on cash management • Advise on loans for business interests, home & auto • Assist in finding the best personal lines of insurance • Place and organize all career-ending disability insurance • Work closely with your accounting firm on tax planning [Training] ! Comsport will guide every clients to summer or pre draft programs, which includes both on and off-court preparation. These personalized programs include intensive training. Clients have the opportunity to work individually with our basketball skills and strength and conditioning coaches. [Career Planning] ! We will help you prepare for your life after your sports career. Whether it’s Coaching, Broadcasting or Real Estate, Comsport’s prominent network of professionals assist our clients in planning for that second career. We will make sure to guide any of our clients. Services 6
  • 7. Team Comsport Bouna Ndiaye CEO and Founder of Comsport and Comsport USA !Bouna Ndiaye has a long-standing reputation in France, Europe and now the USA, for his unique approach to representing athletes in contract negotiations and career planning. Upon graduating with a Master in Business Administration from the University of Paris Pantheon La Sorbonne in 1991, Bouna worked as a financial manager and controller for over five years. In 1995, he founded Pro Ball Presse, a corporation specializing in sports books and media guide publications, and Comsport France for player representation.  Bouna’s leadership, and extensive knowledge of the international and NBA markets, has placed Comsport among the top firms in the industry.  Since the 2005 NBA Draft, Bouna has had 12 clients taken in the draft.  Eight players were selected in the 1st Round, and four players have been taken in the 2nd Round.  Bouna is a certified player-agent with the NBPA, FIBA, and FIFA, and he has negotiated some of the most lucrative and high-profile contracts in the basketball industry.  Bouna is heavily involved with all Comsport clients, and when he is not on the road, he now resides in Dallas, Texas. ! Jérémy Medjana Co-Founder of Comsport and Comsport USA !Jérémy is a Co-Founder of Comsport and Comsport USA, and is certified by the FFBB and FIBA as a player-agent. Jérémy excels in talent evaluation, and has the proven ability to identify future international NBA players and recruit potential Comsport clients. Jérémy also leads the women’s basketball department, and handles all international marketing, media and public relations opportunities. He has worked with local, national, and international clients to plan and execute full marketing, advertising, and image enhancement programs. Jérémy has now been involved with player representation for more than a decade, and he has established an extensive network of relationships throughout the European market. Jérémy resides in Paris, France. 7
  • 8. Team Comsport Terrance “TJ” Doyle Player-Agent and Director of Operations, Comsport USA !TJ is a NBPA certified player-agent and leads Comsport’s operations in the U.S. TJ has developed into one of the fast rising stars in NBA circles and is heavily involved in all aspects of player representation and recruitment. TJ played college basketball at John Brown University before transferring to Colorado Christian University where he completed his collegiate career. Upon graduation with a degree in finance, TJ became involved in several successful business endeavors. In 2009, TJ founded VVG Sports and over the next 4 years was able to assemble an impressive client list. As COO and Director of Athlete Relations, TJ developed an extensive network of basketball relationships before joining Comsport in 2013. Consistently, TJ has shown the unique ability to establish contacts and promote opportunities that create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. TJ resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. ! ! Jonathan Loutzenhiser Marketing and Recruitment, Comsport USA !Jonathan joined the Comsport family in May 2013 and has worked to build Comsport USA’s servicing, marketing, and recruitment departments. Before college, Jonathan completed a 9- month leadership program where he worked in disaster relief and positively influenced the affected youth. He graduated with a degree in business from Grace University, where as a student-athlete, Jonathan was successful both in the classroom and on the court. Upon graduation, Jonathan had opportunities to travel and play basketball with Athletes in Action, work in marketing for a fitness club, and share a panel with ESPN analysts and former NBA players. In each setting, Jonathan stands out among his colleagues, as he demonstrates rare network intuition, fresh ingenuity, and a relentless work ethic. Jonathan’s passion is for the next generation of elite players to realize its potential. Jonathan lives in Dallas, Texas. 8
  • 9. Team Comsport Florian Collet Player Scout, Comsport !Florian joined Comsport as a Managing Director of Foreign Players in 2009, and he also supervises the international scouting. Florian excels in talent evaluation and has earned a reputation for identifying future top Europeans players and recruiting potential Comsport clients. Florian has spent 4 years in the basketball industry scouting for local French teams, and his success has quickly helped Comsport increase its number of foreign clients. ! !!! Frédéric “Larry” Pons Player Development, Comsport !Larry has been with Comsport since 2008. As the leader of the player development program, Larry evaluates the strengths and weakness for every client, designs individual player programs, and works one-on-one with our players to strengthen their overall basketball skills. All programs focus on fine-tuning and enhancing each athlete’s strength, speed and overall skills. Larry is also heavily involved in the draft process and placement strategy, supporting Comsport executives by researching statistics and evaluating players’ values during free agency. ! !! Victor Odena Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Comsport !Victor joined Comsport in June 2012 as the Chief Operating Officer. Victor is responsible for the Comsport’s worldwide operations including business and administration, company-wide efficiency and communication efforts, and day-to-day operating activities of the company’s infrastructure. Victor ensures permanent contacts with clubs and partners and also serves as Comsport’s Chief Financial Officer. ! 9
  • 10. Team Comsport Mouhamed Gueye FIFA Player-Agent, Comsport Mouhamed is a FIFA certified player-agent and is licensed by the French Football Federation (FFF). Mouhamed joined Comsport in January 2012 and over the last five years, he has built an industry-wide network where scouting, recruiting, and player tracking is a part of everyday life. Mouhamed is responsible for client recruitment and provides Comsport clients with personal and career advice. Mouhamed has the exclusive ability to facilitate the logistical, physical, technical, and psychological needs of our football players. Mouhamed resides in Nantes, France. ! ! !! Fitzgerald Thomas FIFA Player-Agent, Comsport ! Fitzgerald is a FIFA certified player-agent and is licensed by the French Football Federation (FFF). Fitzgerald joined Comsport in February 2014. As a former member player of L’Olympique Lyonnais, Fitzgerald knows the game very well and has developed a great network in France as well as in Ghana, Africa. Fitzgerald will lead the Comsport efforts of football development in France and Ghana, and will also be involved in all parts of Comsport clients’ career management. Fitzgerald resides in Lyon, France. 10
  • 11. NBA Clients Ian Mahinmi!Ian was selected by the San Antonio Spurs in the 1st Round of the 2005 NBA Draft as the 28th overall pick. The big man began playing with the Spurs in 2007-2008, and won a NBA championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2010-2011. In July of 2012, Ian received a 4-year $16 million sign-and-trade contract with the Indiana Pacers. Ian has proven to be an integral part of a Pacers team that has championship aspirations. ! Nicolas Batum!Nicolas was selected by the Houston Rockets in the 1st Round of the 2008 NBA Draft as the 25th overall pick and was traded on draft night to the Portland Trail Blazers. The versatile wing helped the Trail Blazers make the playoffs in two of his first three seasons. In July of 2012, Nicolas signed a 4-year $46 million contract. Batum was a key member of team France that captured gold at EuroBasket 2013. 11
  • 12. NBA Clients Rodrigue Beaubois!Rodrigue was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 1st Round of the 2009 NBA Draft as the 25th overall pick and was traded on draft night to the Dallas Mavericks. Rodrigue is a great point guard who has seen an inordinate amount of unfortunate injuries during his time in the NBA. He is currently rehabilitating from a broken hand that occurred near the end of the 2012-2013 season and prevented him from participating with France in EuroBasket 2013. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Rudy Gobert!Rudy was selected by the Denver Nuggets in the 1st Round of the 2013 NBA Draft as the 27th overall pick and was traded on draft night to the Utah Jazz. Rudy is a tall and long big man, with a standing reach of 9 feet 7 inches and a wingspan of over 7 feet 8 inches. This rookie year, Rudy is learning and getting adjusted to the rigors of playing in the NBA. Evan Fournier!Evan was selected by the Denver Nuggets in the 1st Round of the 2012 NBA Draft as the 20th overall pick. As a rookie, Evan was a solid reserve shooting guard on a Nuggets playoff team that had the best home record in the NBA (38-3) and finished 3rd in the Western Conference standings. This 2013-14 season, Evan has already scored a career-high 27 points and has proven his capabilities with increased playing time. 12
  • 13. Overseas Clients Clint Capela!Clint is a dominant power forward who is currently playing for Chalon in France Pro A. Scouts have become impressed with the explosiveness, length, and scoring efficiency of the 6’9” big man from Geneva, Switzerland. Clint will turn 20 years old in May 2014, and the following month is expected to be a 1st Round selection in the NBA Draft. ! ! ! Sergii Gladyr!Sergii is an athletic 6’5” shooting guard who is currently playing for JSF Nanterre in France Pro A. Sergii helped lead Ukraine to a 6th place finish at the 2013 EuroBasket Championship. Sergii was selected in the 2nd Round of the 2009 NBA Draft as the 49th overall pick by the Atlanta Hawks who have retained his draft rights. Thomas Heurtel!Thomas is a young 6’2” point guard who is currently playing for Laboral Kutxa in Spain’s Liga Endesa. Thomas already has valuable Euroleague experience, and won a gold medal with France at the 2013 EuroBasket Championship. Thomas also won a silver medal with France at FIBA Europe U-20 Championship in 2009. ! ! ! Antoine Diot!Antoine is a versatile 6’4” combo guard who is currently playing for Strasbourg IG in France Pro A. Antoine has already played with several top clubs in France, and won a gold medal with France at the 2013 EuroBasket Championship. Antoine was named to the All-Tournament Team at the FIBA Europe U-20 Championship in 2009 and won a silver medal with France. 13
  • 14. Overseas Clients Justin Dentmon!Justin is a 6’0” quick and crafty scoring point guard who is currently playing for Zalgiris in Lithuania and Euroleague play. Justin has played for several teams in the NBA, and was the MVP of the NBA D-League for the 2011-12 season. Justin has had a fantastic campaign with Zalgiris and is the 2nd leading scorer in all of Euroleague. ! Von Wafer!Von is a very experienced 6’5” shooting guard who is currently playing for Krasny Oktyabr in Russia’s VTB United league. Von was selected in the 2nd Round of the 2005 NBA Draft as the 39th overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers. Von has a phenomenal lift on his jump shot and has played in over 200 NBA games. ! Derwin Kitchen!Derwin is a big rebounding 6’4” point guard who is currently playing for Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem in Israel’s Winner League and Eurocup play. Derwin has already participated in NBA summer league, along with Euroleague and Adriatic League competition. Derwin is currently in the Top 5 in both assists and steals per game in Israel’s Winner League as he has led Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem to 2nd place in the standings and an appearance in the quarterfinals of Eurocup. ! Patrick O’Bryant!Patrick is a presence in the paint as a 7’0” center that is currently playing for Taiwan Beer in Taiwan’s SBL. Patrick was selected in the 1st Round of the 2006 NBA Draft as the 9th overall pick by the Golden State Warriors. Patrick has four seasons of NBA experience and is one of the top scorers and rebounders in Taiwan this season. !! Xavier Gibson!Xavier is a force to be reckoned with as a 6’11” center that is currently playing for Shinshu Brave Warriors Nagano in Japan’s BJ League. Xavier has played in the past two NBA summer leagues and has also competed in Turkey and Greece. Xavier has guided Shinshu to 4th place in the Eastern Division, and Xavier ranks just outside the Top 10 in both scoring and rebounding, and is #3 in blocks. ! Kevin Palmer!Kevin is a utility 6’6” small forward that can do it all who currently plays for Hapoel Eilat in Israel’s Winner League. Kevin has participated in NBA training camp with the Washington Wizards and has also played in Japan and Greece. Kevin has helped Hapoel Eilat reach 5th place in the current standings, and he is currently both a Top 10 rebounder and #1 in steals. 14
  • 15. History [1996] o Comsport SARL is created in February 1996 by François Guyot ! [1997] o Comsport SARL is acquired by Bouna Ndiaye and Jérémy Medjana ! [1998] o Mansour Thiam becomes the first major client of Comsport o Signs with Levallois SCB and wins French Pro B Championship during 1997-98 ! [1999] o Makan Dioumassi signs with Comsport o Signs with Le Mans Sarthe Basket in French Pro A ! [2000] o Team France and Makan Dioumassi win Silver at Sydney Olympic Games o Makan Dioumassi signs with Imola in Italian Serie A o Bouna Ndiaye becomes a NBPA-certified NBA agent o Comsport signs first female client ! [2001] o Comsport USA is created to serve clients seeking NBA opportunities ! [2004] o First Comsport NBA client, DJ Mbenga, signs a contract with the Dallas Mavericks ! [2005] o Three Comsport clients are chosen in the 2005 NBA Draft o Ian Mahinmi is selected 28th overall in the 1st Round by the San Antonio Spurs o Ronny Turiaf is selected 37th overall in the 2nd Round by the Los Angeles Lakers o Mickaёl Gelabale is selected 48th overall in the 2nd Round by the Seattle Supersonics ! [2006] o One Comsport client is chosen in the 2006 NBA Draft o Mouhamed Sene is selected 10th overall in the 1st Round by the Seattle Supersonics ! [2007] o First Comsport American client is chosen in the 2007 NBA Draft o Dominic McGuire is selected 47th overall in the 2nd Round by the Washington Wizards ! [2008] o Two Comsport clients are chosen in the 2008 NBA Draft o Alexis Ajinça is selected 20th overall in the 1st Round by the Charlotte Bobcats o Nicolas Batum is selected 25th overall in the 1st Round by the Houston Rockets ! 15
  • 16. History [2009] o Two Comsport clients are chosen in the 2009 NBA Draft o Rodrigue Beaubois is selected 25th overall in the 1st Round by the Oklahoma City Thunder o Sergii Gladyr is selected 49th overall in the 2nd Round by the Atlanta Hawks ! [2010] o One Comsport client is chosen in the 2010 NBA Draft o Kevin Séraphin is selected 17th overall in the 1st Round by the Chicago Bulls ! [2011] o Four Comsport clients lead Team France to Finals at 2011 Eurobasket o Nicolas Batum, Mickaёl Gelabale, Kevin Séraphin, and Steed Tchicamboud win Silver Medal for Team France o Bouna Ndiaye becomes a FIFA-certified agent with the US Soccer Federation ! [2012] o One Comsport client is chosen in the 2012 NBA Draft o Evan Fournier is selected 20th overall in the 1st Round by the Denver Nuggets ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! [2013] o One Comsport client is chosen in the 2013 NBA Draft o Rudy Gobert is selected 27th overall in the 1st Round by the Denver Nuggets ! o Three Comsport clients help Team France win 2013 Eurobasket Championship o Nicolas Batum, Antoine Diot, and Thomas Heurtel win Gold Medal for Team France ! o Wylan Cyprien, France National Team football player, signs with Comsport o Idrissa Gueye, Senegal National Team football player, signs with Comsport o Papy Djilobodji, Florian Martin, Pierre Lavenant, and Valentin Lavigne, football o Number of Comsport clients is 15 at the London Olympic Games o France Women’s National Basketball Team, with 7 Comsport clients, wins Silver ! o Ian Mahinmi signs a 4 year $16 million contract with the Indiana Pacers ! o Bouna Ndiaye becomes a FIFA-certified agent with the French Football Federation o Guillaume Loriot becomes the first Comsport football client o Nicolas Batum signs a 4 year $46 million contract with the Portland Trailblazers 16
  • 17. Why Us [Comsport Mission Statement] ! Comsport was founded to enable professional athletes to experience unique opportunities while guiding them to build for the future. We strive to give our clients the best that we can throughout their playing careers with our marketing and management services. We think strategically and collaborate with our athletes regarding their placement to select suitable clubs in situations that would be mutually beneficial for both our player and the team. We pursue the best possible contracts for our players and provide them with the education, tools, and guidance to manage their earnings. We see our clients as more than athletes, and we encourage them to discover and pursue their passions. We appreciate the people that we serve, and we want to emulate how hard they work in the similar effort that we exhibit in assisting their careers. We are rewarded by watching our clients grow and achieve their goals, as together we build lasting relationships. 17
  • 18. Europe Office 22 Avenue de Friedland 75008 PARIS France Tel. : +33 1 56 79 86 86 Fax : +33 1 73 04 03 72 Email : USA Office 14665 Midway Rd - Suite 125 Addison, TX 75001 Tel. : +1 972 618 2759 Fax : +1 877 601 2955 Email : /Comsport @Agence_Comsport c o m s p o r t . b i z 18