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Poetry Portfolio


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This is my poetry portfolio for my poetry class summer term. I realize that there are a few typos because I wrote it pretty quick.

This is my poetry portfolio for my poetry class summer term. I realize that there are a few typos because I wrote it pretty quick.

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  • 1. Poetry Portfolio
    Jocael Octavio Palominos Jr
    Writing 242 Jan VanStavern
  • 2. Contents
    “Fade to Black”
    “My Cross”
    Human Anatomy
    “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”
  • 3. Inspirations
    I don’t really search for poetry instead I stumble upon it. One of my favorite poems I found was briefly quoted in a movie trailer and it sounded pretty interesting. After further research into the poem I had found one of my favorite literary pieces – Paradise Lost – by John Milton.
    While the content of my poetry is usually inspired by life experiences or just thoughts, my interest in writing poetry began with this epic. I loved the content of the poem: the War in Heaven and the Fall of Man. To me this poem represents hope and faith in “…till one greater Man/Restore us, and regain the blissful Seat.”
  • 4. Fade to Black Inspiration
    My inspiration for the two line poem “Fade to Black” came from an observation in our society. To me it represents how the people that really need help often go forgotten and simply get passed by like the child in the poem. Basically, this poem is a lamentation based on the forgetfulness of our society/nation. We have forgotten what’s important and we have lost a hold of the values we once had.
  • 5. Fade to Black
    In dull, dark streets, cars race byAlone, barefoot, a child is ignored. Dreams recede into the darkness.
  • 6. My Cross Inspiration
    This poem inspiration comes from the many crosses that one can see from the side of the road and really anywhere someone has died. This poem really isn’t about the location of my final resting place instead it focuses on whether or not we will be forgotten or missed when we die. This thought is always with me of whether or not I’ll be missed by anyone and what I’ll be remembered for. To me this poem is manifestation of my writing style that I like to call “memento mori”. In my writing, I try to bring the reader to a point where he or she thinks of their own death and whether or not they are happy with the memories they would leave behind in others. If they aren’t then they should reconcile this fact because one never knows when one’s time is up.
  • 7. My Cross
    Near the road solitary stands a worn white cross,Adorned with petals and memories. Will my cross lie barren?
  • 8. Bloom Inspiration
    This poem was not based on a particular experience nor did I have a certain flower in mind when I wrote it. Instead, this poem is a metaphor for how even though it seems like we are going through hard time and harsh conditions we can still flourish and prosper if we are determined enough. After writing this poem I have referred to it as my poem of hope. To me the thought of a flower blooming in usually prohibiting conditions has sense of power to it and believe that no matter what one is going through there will always be hope for a better future as long as one is willing to fight for it.
  • 9. Bloom
    Cold, shivering and surrounded by white
    the flower defiantly unfurls its petals.
  • 10. Hedgehog Inspiration
    This is one of my favorite poems of the term but also the one that confused the most people. This poem is based off the Hedgehog’s (or porcupine) dilemma that was proposed by the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. He describes a situation where a group of hedgehogs are in a storm. They move closer to one another to share their warmth but by doing so they also hurt each other with their quills. Schopenhauer, as well as Sigmund Freud, likened this situation to human relationships and that despite our good intentions we can’t help but hurt the ones we want to be close to. While I don’t personally believe in the dilemma whole heartedly I find it very interesting. I hope explaining what inspired the poem helps with the question: “What do hedgehogs have to do with anything?”
  • 11. Hedgehog
    The storm rages. Rains surge, winds whirl and thunder cracks! Seek warmth; But warmth betrays and fire burns.
  • 12. Human Anatomy Inspiration
    I don’t really know what I was doing when I wrote this poem or even what I had intended beforehand but I basically defined myself using metaphors. Originally, the lines were grouped as couplets but I took some advice and separated them into different stanzas. I also put in a little allusion to an image that I have always liked from Milton’s Paradise Lost – “red right hand”. Milton uses this to describe the right arm of God that brings judgment to the fallen angels. So I thought I slip that into the poem which comes in the form of the line “My right hand is an avenger dressed in red.” I also wanted to describe some contradictive personality traits. I also state that humans are a “frozen flame” and by this I meant that humans are full of contradictions and how they say or do something while having conflicting thoughts or intentions.
  • 13. Human Anatomy
    My feet are mountains.
    My right hand is an avenger dressed in red.
    My left hand is a mother hugging her child.
    My mind is Lady Justice.
    My soul is a bird trapped in a fleshy cage.
    My heart, the fetter that binds me to humanity.
    I am –
    Firm and unwavering!
    Full of wrath yet merciful.
    Nurturing and protective.
    Discerning right from wrong.
    Capable of flight yet inhibited.
    Grounded and sympathetic.
    Above all, I am human – a frozen flame
    Weak but strong.
    Sad but happy.
    Guilty yet pardoned.
    Faulty but perfect.
    Alive when dead.
  • 14. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”Inspiration
    When I saw this assignment I was going to do something totally different but when she also added the part about a nickname I knew who I was going to do it on. One of my nicknames is Joc which combined with my size many people actually call me Hulk. However, I am no where as angry as the Hulk and am actually known to be a “gentle giant”. This poem was very interesting to write. Originally, I was going to write it from the perspective of Bruce Banner who has this monster (the Hulk) inside of him, but I thought to myself: “I’m doing my poem on the Hulk not Bruce Banner!” So I decided to write this poem from the Hulk’s point of view and how he is this incredibly powerful being but is forced to share a body with the puny Bruce Banner. Then I decided on the famous catch phrase delivered by Bruce Banner before he transforms or when people are trying to pick a fight. Also did I mention that Bruce Banner was a nuclear physicist. The similarities are scary.
  • 15. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”
    Birthed by radiation,
    I am a force of nature.
    The mountains wince at my coming and the earth trembles with my steps.
    My strength knows no bounds – I have no equal!
    Some see me as the monster, the blemish.
    How do you think it feels to be unstoppable?
    Only to be stripped and left with nothing but— Shredded Purple Pants!
    To once be strong and sturdy
    Only to become frail and weak.
    He is my – PUNISHMENT,
    He – IS MY CURSE!
    My power – a gift,
    My rage – a blessing.