Alteryx (Tri Fild) Brochure V2 Low Res


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Alteryx (Tri Fild) Brochure V2 Low Res

  1. 1. The SRC Geographic Business Intelligence™ Platform
  2. 2. “He who has the most data wins; and he who can make decisions first, wins big. Thank you, SRC!” — Ford Motor Company, Customer Service Division “…A strategic partner with the expertise and passion for building world-class geographic business intelligence applications, SRC was the clear choice.” — Experian “…A targeted sales and advertising support solution that provides greater operational efficiencies and, in return, positively impacts the financial bottom line.” — Comcast Spotlight quot;With SRC we were able to eliminate and move beyond the limitation of other solutions…quot; — VF Corporation
  3. 3. The SRC Geographic Business Intelligence Platform Technology that Scales and Outperforms to Customer Data Integration (CDI) capabilities Speedup Business Results across an enterprise are greatly enhanced by the ability of Alteryx to spatially process large data files To succeed in today’s rapidly evolving global quickly and maximize processing performance marketplace, companies need technology solutions without the usual application limitations. Alteryx that enable and deliver information accessibility and achieves unmatched performance precisely because analysis across all IT assets and business practices. To it has no built-in limitations—it performs at the capture tomorrow’s opportunities, businesses need maximum processing speeds and data throughput fewer, simpler technology solutions that leverage capacity of its host computing hardware. more of their information infrastructure. Delivering high-performance, scalable, and flexible analytical enhancements to your enterprise is how SRC defines Spatial Analytics and Visualization comprehensive data access and analysis. SRC’s Geographic Business Intelligence platform Plotting proximities and relationships on a map is has the necessary speed, power and extensibility to useful; however, the map is not the only way to view address all of your fact-based, decision-making geographic business intelligence relationships. challenges, while delivering personalized solutions Searching and combining multiple data attributes, that serve your business's unique needs. This from hundreds of millions of records and within collection of application development tools, massive database files, cannot happen fast, if at all, high-performance data engines, complete turnkey using the leading mapping solutions. When solutions, and award-winning datasets ensure that troubleshooting challenging business processes, every manager within your organization can quickly tables, charts and graphs frequently deliver more obtain the actionable insight needed to take the impact and reveal greater spatial insight than maps lead in your competitive market. alone can provide. Alteryx delivers the speed and the visualization capabilities you need to meet these challenges. Importance of Geographic Business Intelligence Geography is a component of every business transaction, encompassing where raw materials are found; where products are manufactured and shipped; where products sit on shelves and at which SINGLE stores; where products are advertised; and where UNIFIED Data customers are consuming products and services. Quality PLATFORM Geography and spatial analytics bring a more Spatial Data predictive dimension to business process problem solving than many companies realize. The ability to analyze the embedded geographic ISLAND Geographic Business dimensions of any business process has TECHNOLOGIES Intelligence Platform changed the way top companies plan and execute both their strategic and tactical practices. ETL Geocoding Nonspatial Data Reports & ENGINES & CDI Visuals TOOLS OF Alteryx’s industry-leading, open source geocoder CHOICE enables the rapid application of geospatial functions on any nonspatial data associated with an address, and allows for the analysis of this data with any Additional spatial data, such as, demographics, customer engines and technologies profiles, industry statistics, and physical geographies.
  4. 4. Eliminating Islands of Technology through • High-performance, direct access between our Data Independence tools and your programs is provided for your internal development efforts through the use of an Alteryx integrates files, data formats, and query extensive API (application programmer interface) transactions with all leading enterprise database and an SDK (software development kit) and data type standards, delivering solutions that • A powerful dataflow diagramming GUI (Graphical are data- and country-independent. This feature User Interface) simplifies application development provides simple, unifying access to all specialized by visually abstracting, and thereby eliminating and potentially isolated data environments. A new most of the work in creating database applications global freedom from technological constraints ensures that your corporate, market and industry Extensive drag-and-drop analyses can work with the data you need from any data application location. SRC delivers datasets for more than thirty development GUI countries currently, with the capacity to add proprietary or new datasets easily at any time. Right Tools for Developers, Power Users, and Enterprise Management In order to better address competitive threats • The GUI environment’s enhanced ability to and market opportunities, decision-making leverage, reuse, or make accessible all dataflow responsibilities have transitioned from an models and processes as macros and wizards, exclusively top-down hierarchy to broader and whether built by customers or by SRC Professional often decentralized roles throughout the enterprise. Services, enables a broader user audience for the SRC’s Geographic Business Intelligence platform same best-practice solutions delivers solutions designed to serve an organization’s community of users at every level of Macros and wizards leverage best practices the technology expertise pyramid. Technological 2% SDK / API AP Expertise IT & Developers Pyramid 5% GUI Power Users 25% M Macros Macros Business Analysts 30% Runtimes Runtime Operations Managers • Scheduling batch runs for modules or using 38% command-line execution adds even more flexibility WEB / SaaS Extranet, Intranet, e-Enterprise in implementing best-practices • Web-accessible, interactive wizards and Software- Serving 100% of your user technology requirements erving technology l Source: Forrester Research, Inc. urce: as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments support internal users, external vendors and partners, and customers, no matter how you choose to reach them For a more in-depth description of the Alteryx development components, visit
  5. 5. Controlling Data Quality while Boosting Finally, businesses can minimize risk when expanding Analytical Performance or reducing networks, and can verify their designs by taking into account critical data about consumers, As data moves through an organization, the business transactions, competitive intelligence, and consequences of data sharing often lead to the specialized markets. unintentional corrupting of data quality, restricting corporate information flow, and preventing you from building a true picture of your business. Alteryx SRC Professional Services brings the full power of data quality functions to bear in the very process of analysis and reporting. SRC’s core competence of delivering tools, The speed, flexibility, and scalability with which data applications and solutions is enhanced with the quality techniques can be deployed using Alteryx, availability of a tested and seasoned Professional also enable the quick and easy sharing of more Services organization. Our team helps you build or enterprise data within a single, consistent business deploy Alteryx solutions, and if your needs include a process analysis environment. more dedicated effort, our database and professional development experts stand ready to put our technology to work delivering best practices that Supplying Accurate, Award-Winning, Global ensure your success and satisfaction. Intelligence Whether providing valuable industry, geographic, Convergence for Results demographic, socio-economic, and consumer behavior data; or working with our clients and their Alteryx has what your enterprise needs to get proprietary customer or prospect data to deliver key reliable information into the appropriate hands in information in the best possible format, Alteryx will time to make a difference. Don’t be beaten in the deliver the right solution for the job to data users final mile; let Alteryx help you realize the geographic throughout your enterprise. Over a decade of business intelligence competitive advantages you etitive building international data partnerships has resulted need to achieve better planning, execution, and ning, in vendor relationships with eighteen content leaders reporting of your successes. p from more than thirty countries, and has established blished a global provider network that continues to growrow stronger every year. Measuring Network, Supply-Chain, and Management Performance As a special focus, SRC offers a network optimization engine that enables planners to assess, adjust, and improve the performance of any supply-and-demand network. With this engine,ngine, users can analyze the geographic dimensions of s demand-side characteristics and potential, infrastructure availability and capacity, supply resource dynamics, and competitor locations. .
  6. 6. 190 South Glassell Street, Suite 201 Orange, CA 92866 Phone (714) 516-2400 Fax (714) 516-2410 Geographic Business Intelligence is a trademark, and Alteryx and Geonetx are registered trademarks of SRC, LLC. 01/09