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Best Practices:  An Effective Onboarding Program
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Best Practices: An Effective Onboarding Program


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  • 1. BEST PRACTICESThe Effective OnboardingProgram
  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS:Getting Started 3The Benefits 5Building A Program 7Things to Remember 11Staffing Plus Solutions 13
  • 3. CHAPTER 1:Getting StartedAccording to HCI (Human Capital Institute) anestimated 70% of new hires make the decisionto stay at or leave an organization within theirfirst six months.Effectively engaging new employees during theonboarding process is crucial to gaining long-term commitment.The term “Onboarding” refers to the process ofintegrating new employees into theorganization, of preparing them to succeed attheir job, and to become fully engaged,productive members of the organization.The benefit an effective Onboarding is aninvestment in employee retention,morale, and productivity.Page 3
  • 4. Effective Onboarding ProgramEvaluating Your Onboarding Program:1. Do you make your new hires feel welcome?2. Do you inspire pride?3. Do you help new hires see the big picture?4. Do you show how employees matter?5. Do you collect and share stories?6. Do you make your orientation program interesting and interactive?7. Are you designing it from the new employee’s perspective?8. Are you holding your orientation program when it’s most understandable and beneficial?9. Have you broken your orientation program down into digestible, bite sized chunks?10. Are you offloading as much information as possible to your intranet?11. Do you have a mentoring program?12. Are you making it easy for new employees to tell you how they’re doing?13. Do you help your supervisors and managers do their part well?Page 4
  • 5. CHAPTER 2:The Benefits Onboarding isn’t a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. The overall onboarding program design should be a reflection of the mission and culture of the organization. Onboarding is ongoing communication and follow up to welcome, orient, and engage the new employee to help them acclimate to the new environment and become productive members of the team. Page 5
  • 6. Effective Onboarding ProgramOver time, effective onboardingearns and saves money. Thebenefits include:Save time by shortening processingtime, improving compliance, andreducing administrative costsBoost revenue by making newemployees productive faster andmaking employees more productiveoverallDrive engagement and reduceturnover by quickly bonding newemployees to the organization.Page 6
  • 7. CHAPTER 3:Building a ProgramA good onboarding program must address: Company/Departmental Objectives Job Expectations Policies and Procedures Administrative Housekeeping ItemsPage 7
  • 8. Effective Onboarding Program Company & Department Overview Help Employee Review Mission Review understand how Statement & Vision Organizational their department, of Company or Charts and Value and role fit in the Department Statements company’s big picture Job Expectations Include information on job Gives employee a Provide very description, clearer picture of specific job company’s what it takes to be expectations to the performance successful in their new employee management or position appraisal processPage 8
  • 9. Effective Onboarding Program Policies & Procedures Provide employee Can range from Fit-for-duty or a with a foundation items like hostile system to resolve of information work environment complaints should from which they to affirmative be shared can build action policies Administrative Housekeeping Items needing review: work Should include Completion of all hours, overtime contact numbers new hire pay, inclement for the employee paperwork weather policyPage 9
  • 10. Effective Onboarding Program Getting Prepared How to get ready for your new hire: 1 Review New Hire Forms – Government Required Develop an Orientation Program Specific to 2 Employee Needs Prepare for Arrival of New Employee 3 Welcome and Introduce New Employee to the 4 Workplace Distribute Employee Handbook and Explain 5 General Policies and Procedures 6 Review Job Requirements and Answer Questions 7 Provide Any Required or Optional Training Schedule Follow-Up with New Employee to 8 Ensure Smooth Transition Obtain Feedback and Evaluate Effectiveness of 9 Orientation ProgramPage 10
  • 11. CHAPTER 4:Things to RememberThere are disadvantages to having apoor employee onboarding program orno program at all. Your new employee may provide inadequate service to customers, resulting in business being taken elsewhere. If your new employee leaves your company quickly due to dissatisfaction, he or she may go directly to your competitor, possibly taking valuable information with them. Your business reputation may be negatively impacted when the employee talks about his or her experience to professional colleagues, networks and friends. Page 11
  • 12. Effective Onboarding ProgramDon’t Forget! Onboarding is a structured framework for integrating and engaging new employees, not a basic orientation that can be done in a few days. A consistent message and experience should be delivered by everyone. Your company’s orientation program should be evaluated routinely to make sure you are keeping up with workplace policies, practices and changing staff needs. When possible, get feedback from those who have gone through orientation to see if you can improve your company’s program.Page 12
  • 13. CHAPTER 5:Staffing Plus SolutionsStaffing Plus offers personalized HRservices that will help control cost,lower risk and minimize thefinancial impact to yourorganization. We will provide youwith the HR expertise andresources you need, so that youcan stay focused on your strategicbusiness and financial goals.As it pertains to your OnboardingProgram, Staffing Plus can offer thefollowing assistance. For further guidance on Provide resources that you can your Onboarding use to develop or update your Program and other HR current onboarding program related areas, please Provide a review of your contact our HR Outsourcing experts at onboarding program (610)525-4000 or via Update your onboarding email at Develop an onboarding program for your organizationPage 13
  • 14. 551 W. Lancaster Ave.Haverford, PA 19041Toll Free: 800-550-9212Local: 610-525-4000Fax: 610-526-6740Email: