Medical website and infrastructure support


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Medical support is one of OS-Cubed specialties, whether you need a medically oriented content managed website, or full infrastructure and deployment support - we are there to provide you help.

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Medical website and infrastructure support

  1. 1. Medical website andinfrastructure supportOS-Cubed, Inc. is the expert in medical support
  2. 2. Infrastructure support Serious partnerships  HP partner  Microsoft partner  Symantec Partner  Cisco Partner Serious integration Serious support
  3. 3. Recent project for AAIR In 3 days onsite our small team:  Replaced 50 desktop systems  Installed 21 new encrypted laptops  Migrated accounting software  Solved a thorny EPM Deployment issue  Automatically configured the proper printers on each machine  Upgraded antivirus  In 3 Locations
  4. 4. Server Virtualization Deployed and configured 3 new servers in one day on a virtual platform Migrated 2 legacy servers to virtual servers Created disaster recovery and failover scenario Created backup and threat control environment
  5. 5. Disaster recovery Can provide scenarios for onsite, onsite/offsite, and offsite full mirroring. Can have failover capability with virtual servers Fully supported Symantec System Recovery option allows bare metal restores in just a couple hours.
  6. 6. Offsite and cloud hosting Can provide hosting (cloud, near cloud, local) services ranging from web to mail to virtual systems. Experts at Google Apps and Office365 Microsoft Certified Cloud support organization Move your exchange intranet to the cloud and save dollars Lose no mail – mail migration experts
  7. 7. Website development andsupport New is latest medical website State of the art DNN platform for maximum support and content management Development services, skinning services, secure and with quality assurance Excellent credentials – well known in the Rochester DNN community as the best local DNN provider Support organizations throughout the US
  8. 8. Website hosting OS-Cubed offers the best local DNN hosting available Servers are optimized specifically for the DNN environment All servers located in a class 5 hosting facility with fully redundant power, air conditioning, internet connections and full physical security Dedicated servers, shared servers, shared and dedicated SQL all available.
  9. 9. Cloud integration Office 365 internet in the cloud  Secure – full SLA  Know where your data is stored  Full Exchange functionality, no Exchange server  Web and Outlook just like more expensive self hosted options  Online document view and edit  Full sharepoint support  Web conferencing, instant messaging, presence  Email everywhere
  10. 10. Cloud Integration Google Apps for small business  Familiar Google/Gmail capabilities  Lowest price option  Vanity domains and small numbers of mailboxes  Online document edit and view  Easy sharing  Fast searching  Email everywhere
  11. 11. Social media management Let us help you integrate your CMS website with your Facebook, twitter, and other accounts Fully managed or development only Create social platforms and integrate them deeply into your application Engage with your clients
  12. 12. SEO and content management Create compelling websites Optimize them for search engines Create a call to action on each page Create and deliver reports on performance Create paid advertising and marketing campaigns Utilize search marketing, Social Media marketing, and customer driven marketing plans
  13. 13. E-Commerce support Bill pay online Sell products Sell event seats Fundraising and sponsorships Event planning and registration Full SEO metrics Secure hosting
  14. 14. Contact Info @oscubed or @leedrake 274 N. Goodman St, Suite A401 Rochester NY 14607