Virality and Corporate Branding

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Film 260 Flipbook assignment, Prof. Sydney Eve Matrix

Film 260 Flipbook assignment, Prof. Sydney Eve Matrix

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  • 1. Photo: “Grumpy Cat” by Scott Beale
  • 2. Businesses need to learn how to change and adapt theirstrategies in order to attract consumer awareness.Photo: “office Building” by freefotouk on flickr.
  • 3. Recently, this has meant that marketing strategieshave transitioned from being designed to providecontent to being designed for sensationalism.Photo: “Philadelphia State Office Building” by pamhule on Flickr
  • 4. Content creation is being transitioned from thehands of corporations to those of the people, andincreasingly the power to create and control isbeing left to the consumerPhoto: “Minimalism 4” by Joe Lencioni on Flickr
  • 5. Viral Marketingis a new trend that encourages people to sharemarketed content with others, causing exponentialgrowth in popularity and consumption.Photo: “virus” by twenty_questions on Flickr.
  • 6. There are six elements to asuccessful viral campaign:1. Giveaways of productsor services2. effortless sharability3. Designed to grow fast4. Exploits people’s fearof missing out5. Utilization of socialmedia6.Taking advantage ofavailable resourcesPhoto: “Planet Xiroph” by Teleyinex on Flickr
  • 7. Brands are learning to allow consumers topersonalize and disrupt their content throughthe use of viral campaigns.Photo: “Minimalist” by cricketgeek on Flickr
  • 8. By the 11 February, 2013, around 12,000 “HarlemShake” videos had been posted and viewed morethan 44 million timesFor example…Photo: “Minimal (B&W)” by Mr.Shultz on Flickr
  • 9. Similarly, Korean pop sensation Psy’s music video“Gangnam Style” has accumulated 1.5 billionviews on Youtube, as well as countless consumerremakes Photo: “Crowd Close-Up” by jjelenbaas on Flickr
  • 10. Even pets are beingmarketed as viral“memes”…The popular website “LOL Cats” features cuteanimals with poorly spelt humerous captions. Thesite contains over 6 million photos.Photo: “Finch the Cat” by Mdphotography on Flickr
  • 11. So what does all this virality mean for corporatebranding?Photo: “Apple Store „I Gigli‟ – Inaugurazione“ by Camillo Miller on Flickr
  • 12. Corporations such as Pepsi have tried theirhand at viral trends such as their highproduction interpretation of “The Harlem Shake,”Photo: “London” by Howzey on Flickr
  • 13. …which was met with criticism due to it’s overlypromotional, unspontaneous depiction ofthe trend.Photo: “Pepsi” by SörnNo1 on Flickr
  • 14. Similarly, the popular dance craze inspired by“Gangnam Style” has turned out to be anothermanufactured corporate trend, with PSY beingpreviously signed by Universal Music Group,Photo: “PSY” by Rescue Dog on Flickr
  • 15. As well as the song being written with the intentionfor it to go viral.Photo: “PSY” by Eva Rinaldi on Flickr
  • 16. So how will we know what a genuine trend is andwhat a manufactured trend is?Photo: “Keyboard Macro” by Chris Kempson on Flickr
  • 17. Recent studies have shown that media literacy is onthe rise- corporations won’t be able to influencetrends with the ease that they possess now.Photo: “Hands” by auraneurotica photo on Flickr
  • 18. People are beginning to understand the differencebetween genuine trends and artificial ones.Photo: “People” by Kenny Teo on Flickr
  • 19. Photo: “cat” by ►CubaGallery on Flickr
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