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Madison Handbags Marketing Secrets - How To Dominate Your Madison Handbags Business



Madison Handbags Marketing Secrets - HWhat Madison Handbags Don't Want You To Know ...

Madison Handbags Marketing Secrets - HWhat Madison Handbags Don't Want You To Know

Madison Handbags review and what Madison Handbags don't want you to know. This is Lloyd and the reason for my uncensored review on this company is simply this. A friend of mine ask me if I knew anything about the company. In my research there were not many reviews available, thus I decided to research it and write a review. In this review I will be sharing with you the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am not part of Madison Handbags, I am a dude for crying out loud. But, I am a highly successful online entrepreneur who has gained enough authority online to tell you what I truly think about the Madison Handbags opportunity and, how to take advantage of it…online. With my friend asking for help, she understood how long I have been marketing online and wanted my expertise.

You are probably either researching the company to join or you are struggling to make it work for you. Certainly a good question to ask would be what on earth is the Madison Handbags all about?

Trish Rost, the founder from Schenectady, New York created what is one of today’s hottest direct sales companies, Madison Handbags.

Created in 2005 in her basement, Trish Rost of Schenectady, NY created what is one of today’s hottest direct sales companies, Madison Handbags. Here is a simple review of the company, the opportunity and, how to take advantage of it. And as far as I am concerned there is nothing that makes a louder noise than the ability to say “MADE IN THE USA!”

The company grew so quickly and the concept caught on that by the end of 2006 a manufacturing facility was needed. To this day the manufacturing facility in Troy, NY is providing jobs for not only those making the purses but for all of the approximately 350 Independent Consultants throughout the United States.

I personally believe MHB is great! I think this is truly an opportunity with a completely “tangible” and wonderful product that you could sell left and right given you market it correctly. And this is a fundamental key for your success, knowing how to market.

The compensation plan is simple: You can create up to 30% commission on the handbags and other products carried by the company. You can also earn credit for your own products and extra cash through recruiting others into their own home based business with Madison Handbags.

What is the cost to start up?

New Consultants invest $299 (plus tax and shipping) in their starter kit. As extra incentive, when you hold 6 or more qualifying ($400.00 or more in sales) parties in your first 60 days with Madison Handbags, you then receive a $200 retail credit for free handbags of your choice.

Well I know that you love Madison Handbags and you should. They look awesome! But the internet can help you grow your business in ways that you may never have imagined. And I know from personal experience that Http://LloydDobson.com can help any business



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Madison Handbags Marketing Secrets - How To Dominate Your Madison Handbags Business Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Madison Handbags Marketing Secrets How To Dominate Your Madison Handbags Business by Lloyd Dobson
  • 2. It Is Clear To Me That You • Want To Dominate Your Madison Handbags Business. • Learn What The Top Distributors Do Daily • And I Promise You That You Will Have Everything Necessary You Need To Do Just That!
  • 3. You See I Am Not Here To Waste Your Time! • I Am Going To Give You All The Answers You Need. • In My Career I Have Recruited Hundreds Into Various Direct Distributor Companies Online.
  • 4. Whether You Want To Admit It Or Not, This Industry Is ALL About Marketing! • If You Know How To Market Online, Success Will Come Easily With Your Madison Handbags Business. • I Want To Help You Learn Everything You’ll Ever Need To Become A Top Producer And Build A Business That Will Pay You For Years To Come!
  • 5. I Am Going To Share With You The Strategies That I Was Able . . . • To Utilize In Building My Organizations. • The System That You Can Duplicate • And The System You Can Give Your Team To Duplicate.
  • 6. This Strategy Is The Very First One I Use • Before I Begin Any Other Strategy PERIOD! • If You Don’t Understand How To Implement This Strategy Your Business Simply Will Not Grow.
  • 7. So Many People Fail In This Industry Because They Think The Game Ends When They . . . • Recruit Someone Into Their Business • And Guys That Is Simply The Beginning! • If You Can Teach The Members On Your Team How To Master The Art Of Duplication, Your Mindset Changes From “I Need To Recruit 10’s of Hundreds Into My Business . . .”
  • 8. To . . “I Need To Recruit 10 People” • And I Am Going To Show Them This Duplication Strategy . . . • And They Are Going To Do The Same • And I Am Going To Be Able To Ride Off Into The Sunset And Make A Lot Of Money.”
  • 9. This Is What I Have Been Able To • Accomplish With My Organization Simply Because Of This Duplication Model. • Now What I Am Going To Show You Right Now . . . • Is Where You Need To Go To Obtain All The Marketing Strategies You Need !
  • 10. I Will Show You How To Generate Leads; But More Important How To Duplicate Your Business That Place Guys Is www.LloydDobson.com And I Will Also Give You FREE My 8-Day Boot Camp
  • 11. There Are Thousands Of Marketers Already Using The System . . . • Writing Articles • Submitting Videos • Participating In Forums & Social Media Networks • Use Of Landing Pages
  • 12. The Same Landing Pages You See All The Guru Marketers Using Every Day And You Are Going To Be Able To Access Them As Well . . . • Now You Can Build Your Very Own Marketing List And Market To Them Until The End Of Time. • Those Who Have The Biggest List Wins!
  • 13. And You Are Going To Win Also Because You Have This Tool As Well As Having An Additional Revenue Stream . . . • Now You Are Able To Offer This To Your Team And Help Them Make Money And Grow Their Business. • What Makes This Better Than Any Other System On The Web? You Have All The Tools , Information & Strategies!
  • 14. And Now You Have A Tool Where You Can Make Money And You Can Offer It To ANY Person Involved With ANY Other Company!! • Chances Are They Are Looking To Have Success As Well . . . • Without Delaying Any Further Go To: www.LloydDobson.com
  • 15. Okay Guys, Thanks For Your Time And I will See You Inside And Don’t Forget My FREE Gift To Is A 8-Day Boot Camp With Some Powerful Marketing Strategies That You Can Start Using Today! www.LloydDobson.com
  • 16. Go To The Website Below And Learn How To DOMINATE Your Madison Handbags Business www.LloydDobson.com
  • 17. “Remember It Is Not What You Know, But What You Do With What You Know”