Instant Payday Network Fake Review


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Instant Payday Network Fake Review

  1. 1. Instant Payday Network Fake?
  2. 2. Instant Payday Network fake or the real deal? The system provides you with 3 sources of income through a funnel system tested and proven for its effectiveness, along with free video training to help you maximize your daily income. You sign up free and have the ability to get paid daily.
  3. 3. This is my uncensored review to share with you the system is not fake, but a legitimate way to generate additional income from your computer. Lloyd Dobson here and I will be sharing with you the good, the bad and the ugly.
  4. 4. When I was first introduced to the system my first impression was not one of excitement, however once I reviewed the simplicity of the Instant Payday Network and how you could get paid daily my interest increased dramatically.
  5. 5. Large companies are willing to pay you for leads and within the system those companies will pay you for sending leads to them to take their trial offers.
  6. 6. Within in a few hours of the person fulfilling the trial requirements. There are many free trial offers and some have a very low cost. Once a person signs up for the trial offer they normally will have 30 days to cancel the trial period.
  7. 7. Every Tool Necessary Including an Autoresponder: Another plus to the Instant Payday Network system is the built in autoresponder and landing pages already cookied to you. If you don't already have an autoresponder, you get one free with this program. Remember the money is in the list.
  8. 8. How To Get Qualified: In order to meet my requirements to start earning income you must complete the required trial offers yourself. This is so simple. There are many free offers and a few that initially cost a few dollars.
  9. 9. I actually paid $4.25 for a trial offer; however kept the offer for 80% of the trial period of 30 days and return the item for full credit. In order for you to become an affiliate to market the program you must complete the requirement of 1 full credit for step #1 and 1 full credit for step#2. They are easy to do.
  10. 10. Free Advertising: There are hundreds of free classified websites for a person to promote the program. In the backoffice there are numerous ad copy swipes to help drive traffic to you. If you know how to copy & paste, you can do this simple system.
  11. 11. This website I created a training website for all interested people that includes the information, tools and strategies I use to make the Instant Payday Network generate income. This is the site:
  12. 12. Conclusion: The Instant Payday Network is not a fake. The simple system is a legitimate way with consistency and a little work make a steady stream of income. Now I must share with you it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must apply yourself and apply the work for several months as you gradually increase the income you desire.
  13. 13. Sign Up FREE at this website:
  14. 14. Remember it is not what you know, but what you do with what you know