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  • Is it a scam? First of all it is not a scam as they have been in business for over 10 years. People get involved with GDI for different reasons, one is simply to create and work with their own web site, or to establish an enormous passive global income automatically.
  • Global Domains International Marketing Training Secrets -

    1. 1. What Is Global Domains International aka GDI? Is It a Scam? Presented by: Lloyd Dobson
    2. 2. First Of All It Is Not A Scam! In This Overview I Am Going To Share With You The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. GDI Have Been In Business For Over 10 Years.
    3. 3. People Get Involved With GDI For Different Reasons . . . One Is Simply To Create and Work With Their Own Website. Or To Establish An Enormous Passive Global Income Automatically.
    4. 4. The Company Is a Website and Domain Registry Company . . . They Are Located In Carlsbad, California. They Were Founded By The Current CEO Michael Starr and President Alan Ezier. Their Slogan Is “Your Internet Address For Life.”
    5. 5. The Product Is Provided For $10.00 Per Month . . . This Includes a Site Builder and a Hosting Package. A .ws Domain Registration. Up To 10 Email Addresses, Website Forwarding and a Website Building Interface That Is Simple To Use.
    6. 6. GDI Is a Fortune 500 Company They Have Thousands Of Affiliates World Wide. The .ws Domain Is Established All Over The World and Will Work Just Like Any Other Top-Level Domain. Many Of The Desired Dot Com Domains Such As Have Already Been Taken.
    7. 7. Many Of The .ws Domains Are Still Available . . . This Means That People, Schools, Sports Organizations, As An Example Can Acquire Their Names. There Are Some Very Large Corporations Who Own .ws Domains. These Include The Likes Of Hotel International, 3M, Geico, Bose Corporation, To Name a Few.
    8. 8. People Have The Ability To Test Drive The Company . . . They Have a Seven Day FREE Trial Period. The Compensation Is a Plan Not Complicated: Each Person Earns a 10% Commission That Goes 5 Levels Deep. In Addition There Are Weekly Bonuses That Allow a Person To Make As High As 200%
    9. 9. Now The Ugly Part Of This Business . . Most People Will Fail . . . . Why? Most People Are Looking For a Get Rich Quick Scheme and Fail To Understand How To Market Their Business. The GDI Business Is No Different. You MUST Market The Opportunity
    10. 10. You MUST Have Access To Information, Tools and Strategies To Market . . . When I First Began My Career With GDI, I Lacked Those Vital Ingredients. If a Person Wishes To Succeed, I Would Highly Recommend They Take a Serious Look At The Net Divvy Marketing System at :
    11. 11. A System That Is Duplicatable I Have Utilized Their Training and The System To Not Only Generate Traffic To My GDI Business; But More Importantly Learned How To Pass The System Down To My Organization So They Can Enjoy The Same Successes. My Articles, Videos and Blog Posts Are Getting Ranked On Google Page #1
    12. 12. “The World Is Moving So Fast These Days That The Man Who Says It Can Not Be Done Is Generally Interrupted By Someone Doing It”