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10 tips to help enhance your PowerPoint presentation. Tip information taken from Garr Reynolds.

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  • During the presentation, you want to make sure that your audience is paying attention to what you are saying, not the pictures, text, and other accessories on your slide.
  • Make sure there is a limit on bullet points and text within a slide. Include vital information but make sure your presentation is not powerless with out the PowerPoint. (PowerPoint = supporter/helper, presenter = backbone)
  • Cautiously choose the transitions and animations you use in your PowerPoint. Use transitions and animations that are quick and simple.
  • Using high quality photographs instead of graphics or clip-art helps your audience relate to your presentation. This also helps create a more professional feel in your PowerPoint.
  • The templates provided in PowerPoint are very, been-there-done-that. If your audience sees you using a template they have seen before they will assume it is going to be either, boring or unoriginal. Use a design that suits your presentation’s needs.
  • Make sure that theappropriate charts are being used to display data. Not only should the chart types be appropriate but the amount of data should also be regulated. Having too much information on one chart is like having 10 bullets on a slide; the audience will be trying to read the chart, not listen to you.
  • Using colors can evoke feelings into your audience. Make sure you use colors that are clear if you have font over a picture or over a colored background. (For example a white background with yellow text is a poor choice; it is illegible) Use colors that are appropriate for the setting your presentation is going to be.
  • “Less is beautiful” in terms of font because the more intricate or curvy fonts you use, the more difficulty your audience will have reading things from your presentation. For PowerPoint presentations, Sans Serif fonts are the safest bet since they are legible from further distances than Serif fonts.
  • Using video and audio clips can have a positive affect in your PowerPoint presentation. Video clips can be useful if you are demonstrating how something is done or an example of something being done or of a product being used. Audio clips can be helpful if it is a clip from an interview or a jingle. Built-in audio clips are a good thing to avoid if you are trying to be professional.
  • Making sure your PowerPoint presentation flows is vital to your overall presentation. Information should be separated into small segments and categorized by importance, time, or genre. Spend time organizing your information in a manner that is easy on the eyes and ears.
  • 10 Tips

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