Automatic shooting mode can take a good photo


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Automatic shooting mode can take a good photo

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Automatic shooting mode can take a good photo

  1. 1. Automatic shooting mode can take a good photoSimply select the automatic mode, the camera will automatically determine the shooting scene,and easy to shoot beautiful photos. Canon developed the intelligent automatic shooting mode.Even if the photographer does not have the relevant expertise, the camera will automatically setthe various functions to deal with different scenarios. Therefore, the photographer can focus themovement of the subject and composition, and then press the shutter button, you can get thephotos.The wisdom of integrated advanced technology of automatic shooting modesIntelligent automatic shooting modes and a combination of facial recognition technology canautomatically recognize human faces, can accurately determine the sports body motiondetection technology, the pursuit of high sensitivity, high-quality noise reduction technology andcan analyze the figures, the distance , brightness, color, and mobile elements, and determine theScene mode Scene Detection Technology ", select the intelligent automatic shooting modeenables the camera to automatically select the appropriate way to shoot under the joint auspicesof these technologies.The intelligent automatic shooting mode there are 22 kinds of shooting situations, the camerawill automatically select. Set the scene the camera will have aperture, shutter speed, ISOsensitivity, white balance, contrast and color automatically, so the photographer pressing theshutter button, you can easily complete a variety of scenarios of figures, landscapes, macroshooting. Especially when doing portrait photography, as long as a half press the shutter buttonstates, even though the pictures of people occurred in Mobile, Servo AF / AE will be a continuouscharacter, focus and exposure so that you can capture clear and bright charactersHere we elect a representative from the 22 kinds of scene, were introduced. Lets take a look atthe camera in the end will be what kind of set.Using the wisdom of automatic shooting modes, everyone can easily shoot the backlitsatisfaction for characters × bright scenesThe wisdom automatic shooting modesThe camera automatically recognizes the face detection brightnessThe camera will detect the face in the screen brightness judgment, and appropriate exposure toavoid face dim. In the case of backlighting, the camera will face to adjust the brightness so thatyou can face bright and lively photo shoot. Since the focus is for the face, therefore the onlyfigure facing the camera when pressing the shutter button can be. Legend, little change ofshutter speed, camera sensitivity, etc. automatically adjust screen brightness.The camera automatically identify a person to detect mobile
  2. 2. If the pictures of people in mobile, the camera will recognize it as a moving body. At this time, thecamera will start automatically increase the ISO sensitivity and shutter speed and other featuresto the characters in the grid move. Activating Servo AF / AE mode, the camera will automaticallycomplete the continuous focus and exposure to move the characters. Legend, the shutter speedfrom 1/50 seconds raised to 1/200 seconds, so freeze suddenly began to move the characters.Camera automatically detect the distanceDetected and the distance between the subject, the camera will automatically macrophotography. Ordinary automatic shooting mode, the photographer is required according to thedistance between the camera and the subject itself the mode switch to the "macro". However,wisdom automatic shooting mode, the camera can automatically detect the subject distance.Thus, even beginners can easily complete the macro photography. In addition, because the flashbasically set off shooting photos will look more natural.The camera automatically detects the brightness and camera shakeAdopt smart automatic shooting modes, not only like a normal automatic mode, the cameraautomatically set a higher ISO sensitivity to prevent hand-shake in handheld shooting, but alsowhen using a tripod automatically detect the presence of a tripod. reducing the ISO sensitivity,and set the appropriate shutter speed, excellent picture quality. Such as the legend, whenshooting under normal automatic mode, the light sensitivity up to ISO 800 quality rough. Theintelligent automatic shooting mode when shooting only the ISO 160 to get an excellent picturequality.The camera automatically detect colorWisdom automatic shooting mode, the camera can not only detect the brightness of the sceneand the movement of the subject state, can detect the color of the surrounding environment. Forexample, the beautiful sunset, the color setting is very bright. Camera shade difference in thedetection of the screen and backlit, it will identify further color detection dusk. And then byincreasing the orange saturation, and deliberately created one oclock underexposed to capturebeautiful, with a circumflex sense sunset. Changes in color and exposure differences can clearlysee the legend. Meanwhile, the model can also be used to shoot Asaka.Flexible use of "Program AE" mode to expand the image performance to set the shooting mode,the rich picture expressionAs mentioned above, in the wisdom of the IXUS series are equipped with automatic shootingmode, the camera can be automatically set according to the scene of a variety of shooting
  3. 3. functions, and allowed to reach a high degree of linkage. Of course, the photographer can also bebased on their own shooting ends and preferences to be set. If you have a full grasp of all thefeatures and freely control the camera can be free to shoot an ideal photo. The shooting mode to"Program AE" mode, you can arbitrarily set the various functions. The FUNC. / SET button and themenu button to adjust the function to set it up according to their own judgment. When shootingtargeted or you want to shoot a unique new photo, you can "Program AE" mode to carry out adetailed set. The book from the beginning of the next page, the real pictures, for example,described the various methods of operation.Resourse: camera store