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Images Chap17hahn8e


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  • Chapter Seventeen: Accepting Dying and Death The goal of this chapter is to help people realize that the reality of death can serve as a focal point for a more enjoyable, productive, and contributive life. Once we have accepted the reality that someday we are going to die, each day becomes more meaningful and we can live each day fuller, as if it could be our last day. This chapter should provide a framework for understanding the concept of death and how people deal with this, with the hope we can learn to accept this as reality and be able to give us another reason for living healthier.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Chapter Seventeen The Environment and Your Health
    • 2. The Environment
      • Range of conditions that can influence your health
        • Temperature
        • Humidity
        • Toxins
        • Allergens
        • Pathogens
        • Noise
        • Radiation
    • 3. The Environment & You
    • 4. Indoor Air Quality
      • The following factors can create health problems ranging from headaches to itchy eyes, unconsciousness, and even death.
        • Carbon Monoxide
        • Volatile Organic Compounds
        • Tobacco Smoke
        • Asbestos
    • 5. Indoor Air Quality, cont.
      • The following factors can create health problems ranging from headaches to itchy eyes, unconsciousness, and even death.
        • Biological Pollutants
        • Radon
        • Lead
    • 6. Drinking Water
      • Safety of drinking water is affected by environmental factors
      • Water supply is from ground water (rural) or river/lakes (urban)
      • The community/regional environment play an important role for water safety
    • 7. Noise
      • Defined as any undesirable sound
      • Health effects are dependent upon intensity, frequency, and nature of the noise
      • Long-term hearing loss can occur at noise levels at 120 decibels for over 2 hours
    • 8. The Community and Regional Environment
      • Comprises of the following:
        • Air pollution
        • Water pollution
        • Land pollution
        • Loss of Green Space
        • Radiation
    • 9. The Global Environment
      • Comprises of the atmosphere, oceans, continental land masses and all living organisms that exist on Earth
      • The concerns are as follows:
        • Human Population Explosion
        • Global Climate Change
        • Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
        • Loss of Natural Habitats and Species Extinction
    • 10. Ozone Standards
    • 11. Chapter Seventeen The Environment and Your Health