Before Series A - Convertible Note and Series Seed Funding for Startups


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Presentation explaining the differences between Convertible Notes and Seed Stage Equity, the important terms of each funding structure and the pros/cons of each.

Before Series A - Convertible Note and Series Seed Funding for Startups

  1. 1. Before Series A - Convertible Note and Series Seed Funding for Startups Dror Futter David Teten SorinRand LLP ff Venture Capital 1
  2. 2. Biographies Dror Futter ( • Partner, SorinRand LLP, a NY/NJ law firm focused on the representation of startups and technology enabled companies • Previously, General Counsel of Vidyo, Inc. (a venture backed software company) and New Venture Partners LLP (a venture capital firm specializing in corporate speaker) • Co-founder of PLI’s Venture Capital Law Program and frequent speaker on topics related to venture finance and technology • Columbia JD, Princeton AB • • @dfutterlaw 2
  3. 3. Biographies 3 David Teten ( • Partner, ff Venture Capital, early-stage technology venture capital fund • Founder and Chairman, Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York . • Lead author, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online ( • Lead author of first-ever research study on best practices in private equity/venture capital deal origination • Lead author of first-ever research study on best practices of venture capitalists in increasing portfolio company value • Harvard MBA 1998, Yale BA • • @dteten
  4. 4. Definitions •Convertible Notes – debt instruments that convert into equity when a defined event occurs •Series Seed Equity – stock in a venture with enhanced rights to the common stock 4
  5. 5. Stage of Venture Development •Typically ventures face this decision as they try to raise amounts between $150,000 and $1,500,000 •Smaller amounts are usually raised through simple notes •Larger amounts are usually raised through equity financing under normal Series A terms 5
  6. 6. Deal Documentation •Convertible Note •Note Purchase Agreement •Note •Series Seed •Amendment to Certificate of Incorporation •Stock Purchase Agreement •Investor Rights Agreement (depending on form used) 6
  7. 7. Critical Terms – Convertible Note •Discount Rate – •the discount on share price Note holders will receive on conversion •Typically 20-30% •Valuation Cap •Maximum company value at which the Note will convert 7
  8. 8. Impact of Valuation Cap Common Shares Preferred Shares % Ownership Case - 1: Note Conversion, No Cap Raising $2M with a $6M valuation Founders 5,500,000 69% Debt Holders (conversion of 500K note) 500,000 6% Equity Holders @ $1.00 2,000,000 25% Case - 2: Note Conversion, $3M Cap Raising $2M with a $6M valuation Founders 5,000,000 63% Debt Holders (conversion of 500K note) 1,000,000 13% Equity Holders @ $1 2,000,000 25% 8
  9. 9. Key Terms – Convertible Note • Maturity – date on which the loan comes due unless a conversion event has occurred • May require repayment of principal and interest or conversion at a predetermined value • Conversion Events • Qualified Financing – a financing event that meets specified criteria usually based on: • Amount raised • Nature of Investor(s) • Usually a requirement of an equity rather than a debt financing • May have a provision for optional conversion on financings that do not qualify as Qualified Conversions • Interest Rate – typically 5-8% 9
  10. 10. Key Terms – Seed Stage Equity • Non-participating Preferred Liquidation Preference • Board Seat • Minimal Representations and Warranties • Limited Protective Provisions • Actions that require approval of the Board or the Shareholders • Right to Subsequent Terms – • Right to get any pro-investor terms given to investors in subsequent financing rounds • Participation Right in Future Financings • Information Rights • Drag Along • Requires shareholders to sell if a potential acquisition meets several requirements • Payment of Investor Legal Fees 10
  11. 11. Seed Stage Equity vs. Series A Terms – What Is Missing? •Anti-Dilution Protection •Preferred Dividends •Registration Rights •Extended Protective Provisions •Co-Sale Rights •Legal Opinion 11
  12. 12. Convertible Notes – Pros/Cons • Pros • Usually quicker and less expensive than equity rounds • A solution when the Company and the Investors cannot agree on valuation • Rewards early investment through discount • Cons • Uncertainty of final value/cost of loan • If loan is too large, conversion may “crowd out” too much of the next financing round • Investors have no control over the terms of the equity they will get at conversion/Note holders will get the same terms as larger investors in the next financing 12
  13. 13. Seed Stage Equity – Pros/Cons • Pros • Clearly values the Company • Does not burden the company with debts on its books • Cons • Higher transaction costs in terms of time and expense 13
  14. 14. Best Use Case • Convertible Notes are most appropriate: • Financings where the parties cannot agree on a valuation • Smaller financings where it is harder to justify the added cost/time of an equity financing • Seed Stage Equity is most appropriate: • Financings where the parties have agreed on valuation • Larger financings which can justify added transaction costs and where the size of the debt could adversely impact future financing rounds 14
  15. 15. Legal Diligence • Startups at this stage often have limited, inconsistent documentation. • Diligence Review will be limited, should focus on: • Corporate - Accuracy and completeness of the cap table • Financial – Review of financial statements. These will frequently not be maintained in accordance with GAAP. Investors should understand how they were prepared. • IP – Assignment of IP rights by all employees and contractors. Absence of any known infringement concerns • Employment – Proper documentation of all employees • Commercial Agreement – significant agreements with either customers or suppliers usually do not exist at this stage. However, if such agreements do exist, they should be reviewed 15
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