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MSPA Europe - How digital technology changes mystery shopping (nfc, ir, qr codes, geofencing)

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Best practices for implementing contactless technologies into a Mystery Shopping mobile application. Top 10 features needed for collecting data in the field. This presentation was presented by Laurent …

Best practices for implementing contactless technologies into a Mystery Shopping mobile application. Top 10 features needed for collecting data in the field. This presentation was presented by Laurent de Bernede at the MSPA Europe conference on May 14-16 2013.

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  • 1. How Digital Technology changesMystery ShoppingUnderstanding the use of NFC,QR Codes, Image recognition,geofencing…
  • 2. Company Overview•  A global mystery shopping and lossprevention company.•  7 offices worldwide: Boston, Las Vegas, Italy,France, Turkey, India and Argentina.
  • 3. Mystery Shopping and Loss Prevention programs that arecomplimentary to each other. We are a one-stop shop for all LossPrevention programs and Mystery Shopping services eliminating yourneed for multiple vendors, which cuts down your costs.
  • 4. Are we there yet?
  • 5. A new way to work in the fieldü Collect more data on siteü Generate efficiency with amobile tools for shoppersü Reinforce Quality Assuranceü Communication with the fieldü Provide trainingü Resolve issues in real timeü Recruit new Mystery shoppersü Report to clients
  • 6. Mobility comes with constraints…ü Need for a powerful back officeü Only 50% of shoppers have smartphonesü Costly multiplatform (iOS, Android)development, deployment & maintenanceü Network dependency (3G, Wifi)ü Cost of sending data over the networkü Need for asynchronous capability
  • 7. Top 10 App features :1.  Find and apply for MS Jobs2.  Access training documents andvideos3.  Date & time stamping of media4.  Geolocation of shop visits5.  Stopwatch
  • 8. Top 10 App features :6.  Record and upload sound, video,photos7.  Scan QR Codes / Tap NFC tags8.  Use image recognition9.  Manage “My Account” settings10. Share app via social media/gamifywith points and rewards
  • 9. Key Figures3 MNFCSmartphonesIn France**89%Of smartphoneowners knowabout QR Codes**Source : Orange, GfK***Source: Smartphone Real World Interactorsstudy, Clear Channel & Posterscope, Avril 201255%Smartphonepenetration rate inBig-5 EU countriesas of Oct. 2012**Source : ComScore50%of Smartphonessold in France areNFC compatible*
  • 10. What are contact-less technologies?Technologies that allow a mobile terminalto exchange data with an object, anotherdevice or an information system, withoutphysical contact.QRCodesNFC ImagerecognitionGeofencing
  • 11. What is “Near Field Communication” (NFC)?•  Reader composed of : chip + antenna•  Secure exchange of data between readerand mobile terminal (which can also bethe reader)•  RFID over High Frequency: 13.56 MHz(10cm communication range)•  NFC tags can be encoded over and overagain or locked for single encoding•  NFC tag management platforms available(encoding, printing, tracking)•  Can and should be used in conjunctionwith QR Code
  • 12. Average time required to access contentTypinga URLQR CodeIRNFC27 sec. 7 sec. 2.5 sec.
  • 13. What can we use “QR Codes”and “NFC Tags” for?•  Launching ordownloading a MysteryShopping app•  Opening a field form orsurvey for Mysteryshopping or customersatisfaction•  Opening an employeereporting field form
  • 14. Pros and Cons of “NFC”PROS•  Simplicity of use : « Tap » the reader•  Access to content without launching an app•  Interactive exchange•  Security of the data exchanged•  Secure transaction•  Independent from lighting or print quality•  Long life – no power neededCONS•  Small amount of data transferred•  Need for NFC smartphones in the field•  Low level of notoriety•  Cost
  • 15. What is “Image Recognition” (IR) ?Technology based on theanalysis of the maincharacteristics (shapes,color) of an image in orderto index it and compare it toknown concepts or otherindexed images.
  • 16. What can we use “IR” for?•  Launching ordownloading a MysteryShopping app•  Opening field forms•  Product facing verification•  Product price verification•  Counterfeits and greymarket detection
  • 17. Pros and Cons of “IR”PROS•  Simplicity of use : « aim your camera »•  Can work on and offline•  Very fast access to data•  Efficient in difficult conditions•  Works with videoCONS•  Requires an app launch before use•  Requires access to database of known,indexed images•  Maintenance of the database of imagesand content•  Cost of license
  • 18. What is “Geofencing”?A technology that defines a virtualboundary (or geo-fence) around a real-world geographical area. A radius ofinterest is established that can trigger anaction in a mobile phone when the userenters or leaves the defined area.
  • 19. What can we use “Geofencing” for?•  Alert Mystery Shoppers that MS or clientsatisfaction jobs are available in the areavia “push notifications” or SMS•  Alert Mystery Shoppers of changes,updates, bonuses for a job•  Trigger Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • 20. Pros and Cons of “Geofencing”PROS•  Allows the automatic trigger of fieldstudies and surveys at the right time, intargeted physical locations•  Allows Geolocation of Mystery shoppersfor real time interactionCONS•  Battery life monger•  Requires Opt-in for geolocation of users•  Requires network connection or indoorgeolocation service•  Cost of development or license
  • 21. Some of the existing solutions
  • 22. ConclusionQR Codes & NFC tags– Download apps– Access survey forms (Customer Satisfaction,Internal Audits, Employee Feedback posters)Image recognition– Product line-up, facing, price verification– Loss PreventionGeofencing– Trigger surveys automatically (Client Sat.)– Alert shoppers of ongoing field studies
  • 23. Conclusion•  A multi-app strategy is necessary•  Apps should be multi-platform•  All apps should have a powerfulback-office•  Apps should be linked to MysteryShopping solution via connectors•  Apps should be kept very simple,efficient and fun to use
  • 24. Conclusion“Revolution” or “Evolution”•  New shopper profiles•  New product offering for our clients•  New internal organization
  • 25. The REAL revolution has yet to come!
  • 26. Thank you!!Laurent de Bernede"President Europe North"t. +33 1 82 83 16 64"Laurent.debernede@hsbrands.com"