Improving Sourcing through IT Service Management

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    IT departments must shift their function from managing servers, networks, and software applications to delivering IT services.

    How IT transformation can ensure sourcing success:
    Service Provider Advantages
    Multiple Provider Advantages
    Key to Successful Service Brokering
    Selecting and Managing Service Providers
    ITSM Best Practices
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    Service Provider Advantages
    •  Implementing new technological developments
    • Exploiting competitive pricing
    • Reducing internal overhead costs while improving the quality of IT services to the organization
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    Multiple Providers

    IT departments can be more efficient and effective by using multiple service providers to deliver required services.
    To gain a competitive advantage, companies retain certain IT services internally and employ best-of-breed service providers.

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    Key to Successful Service Brokering
    Understand your organization’s capability to properly evaluate and manage service options, after which the shift from managing internally to managing services can be implemented.
    New technology and services like SaaS and cloud computing that reduce costs while improving IT delivery warrant the shift to service management.
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    Selecting and Managing Service Providers
    To determine an organization’s capability to select and manage service providers, IT must understand the four service delivery components:
    Are the right people with the right skills in place to effectively deliver IT services from an external service provider?
    Are effective and efficient processes in place that provide flexible, consistent and reliable IT services helping achieve business goals and objectives?
    Is the proper technology to support business demands in place?
    Can a supplier deliver needed services effectively and efficiently?
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    ITSM Best Practices
    IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices like ITIL v3 and IT Governance provide a great foundation for the transformation to outsourcing. Improved ITSM practices foster enhanced capabilities to address evolving business demands, products and services.
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    ITSM Best Practices: ITIL
    ITSM frameworks like ITIL v3 can help organizations understand their capabilities related to people, processes, technology and suppliers.
    The Five Components of the ITIL v3 Life Cycle:
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    ITSM Best Practices: IT Governance
    IT Governance:
    • Specifically focuses on improving the management and control of IT for the organization’s benefit
    • Ensures IT is aligned with business strategy and delivers expected benefits
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    About Align:
    Align is a global infrastructure technology solutions firm specializing in technology optimization initiatives — designing, deploying, moving and consolidating technologies and advanced network infrastructures. For more than 25 years, the world’s leading firms have relied on Align to empower their IT — enabling business and IT to achieve alignment and delivering solutions for business change and growth.
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