Birds of Prey WebQuest


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WebQuest for Birds of Prey at Wind Over Wings in Connecticut. Please use and edit as needed.

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Birds of Prey WebQuest

  1. 1. WebQuest Birds of Prey by Leslie Dauer
  2. 2. Introduction Your design team has been requested to create a Birds of Prey advertising campaign for an upcoming environmental program at your school. You and your team have been requested to do research for the program birds and share with your peers your research on the birds of prey that may be in the program. You are very excited because you will have the opportunity to meet some of the birds your design team is researching.
  3. 3. Task As a member of a design team you will work with a partner to get ready for the Birds of Prey program. Each team will research a bird and/or type of bird using the research chart. Then each team will make a poster or PowerPoint presentation and a poem or a rap about your bird that you will share with your peers.
  4. 4. Process • Your teacher will assign you to a design team. • Each student or team will pick a bird to research using the research chart and rubric for feedback. • Each team will create a advertising poster or PowerPoint presentation with the following information: Photo and/or drawing of the bird, traits, habitat, diet, and 3 other facts. • On your project you will list the date, time, and location of the event. • You will present your projects to your peers and display at the event.
  5. 5. Evaluation Each team will receive feedback for their research chart. Each student will receive feedback based on their participation in their team projects. See Rubric for requirements.
  6. 6. Conclusion Congratulations design teams, you did a wonderful job researching and creating advertising for our Birds of Prey environmental and educational program. We hope you enjoy the show!
  7. 7. Research Listed here are internet sites for you to research your animals. Wind Over Wings - National Geographic - The Peregrine Fund - The Raptor Center - Wikipedia - Clipart: Microsoft Clipart -
  8. 8. Project Advertising Rubric Poster or PowerPoint 4 Awesome 3 Admirable 2 Acceptable 1 Developing Graphics - Excellent use of graphics. The image is Great use of graphics. The image is great Good use of graphics. The image is good No Graphics Photo or excellent quality your quality could be a little quality but the image bird is easy to identify. clearer. is a little busy. Drawing of your bird Facts about Excellent, included all the facts needed about Great, included most of the facts needed Good, included some of the facts needed Okay, a few bird facts, but limited in scope. your bird your bird. Font, size, about your bird. Font, about your bird. Font, Font, size, and color of and color of text are size, and color of text size, and color of text text are hard to read. easy to read. are ok to read. are difficult to read. Event Excellent, included all of the event Great, included most of the event Good, included some of the event Some event information. Is busy Information information. Very clear information. Clear and information. Is busy and hard to read. and easy to read. easy to read. but legible. Participation Excellent teamwork, stayed on task and Great teamwork, stayed on task most of Good teamwork, stayed on task for part Okay teamwork. needs to work on staying on was focused. the time and was of the time and was task and focusing. focused. focused part of the time.