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Let us show you a mobile marketing solution for your firm, for as little as $25 per month!

Let us show you a mobile marketing solution for your firm, for as little as $25 per month!

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  • 1. How to go mobile The mobile marketing opportunity for small businesses Contact: Linda Daichendt, CEO Phone: 248-470-3257 Email: [email_address] Twitter: Strategic Growth Concepts 2010
  • 2. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 #1 problem small business problem: growth 1 = Warillow & Co. December 2008 2 = Warillow & Co. March 2009 Poor Sales Taxes Competition from larger businesses Most Important Pain 1 31% 13% 11% Not marketing effectively Never being able to retire Staying abreast of new technology Greatest Fear 2 38% 33% 20%
  • 3. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 Consumers are checking out of old media… 1 = BIA/Kelsey 2009 U.S. Media Performance Q1 2009 1 Percentage Change vs. Prior Year’s Quarter Radio TV Newspapers Yellow Pages Internet
  • 4. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 We’ve come a long way, baby! 1983 2007 The “Brick”
  • 5. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 In the U.S., a mobile explosion Sources:, TechCrunch estimates, Morgan Stanley research More Mobile Devices iPhone 3G G1 Android Palm Pre GPS Assistants iTunes App Store Devices 2008 Milestones Software & Services Kindle 2 4Bn 2.9M Subscribers Joe Biden Texts Netbooks UK In-Flight Mobile Blackberry Storm Major retailers push mobile marketing Texting 1tn
  • 6. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 Worldwide mobile vs. PC penetration 4.0 B vs. 1.1 B Preferred Consumer Device of U.S. Internet Users by Generation Source: Accenture “Get Ready: Digital Lifestyle 3.0” Oct 2008, based on Dec 2007 survey Mobile as the primary consumer device Mobile #1
  • 7. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 1 = “The Short Code Marketing Opportunity”, Dec 2008, citing a Q2 2008 study, Nielsen Mobile Texting is the #1 function used on cellphones 2006 2007 2008 Average Number of Monthly Calls vs. Texts Among U.S. Subscribers 1
  • 8. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 Mobile sites Applications SMS Powerful #1 From: 244326 WagsWiskrs: Get $10 Off Dog groom & fluff Thru Fri only STOP to Opt-out Adoption Simple What is mobile marketing? Richest Experience Emerging as Mass Medium
  • 9. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 Use of mobile marketing is exploding among brand names A few of the better known names succeeding in mobile marketing
  • 10. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 People look at every text message they get. … and they do so within 15 minutes Director of Research, Nielsen: 6X Higher Than Email 7.2% 1.2% Email Texting Text Message Marketing Has Exceptional ROI
  • 11. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 How We Can Help Your Firm Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing
    • As a Certified Mobile Solutions Provider, we can:
    • Have you set up with your own mobile marketing account by answering just a few simple questions about your business
    • Train you and assist you to build up your ‘opt-in’ list in order to maximize the results of every text campaign you send out
    • Train you to implement your own effective text messaging campaigns; easily and with minimal time required
    • Track the effectiveness of your text messaging campaigns
    • Provide you with a flat-rate mobile marketing solution that will prevent monthly surprises in your marketing budget
  • 12. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 You’re probably asking, “Can My Small Business Really Afford Mobile Marketing?” The answer is: Absolutely!
    • What you get:
      • Send/Receive unlimited number of texts
      • One keyword
      • List segmentation tools
      • Easy-to-view tracking graphs
      • Inbox for text replies
      • Free customer support
    Price $25/mo. $50/mo. $90/mo. $150/mo. Custom Quote List Size 1 – 100 101 – 200 201 – 400 401 – 800 800+
  • 13. Strategic Growth Concepts 2010 Are You Ready to Get Started Communicating With Your Customers via Mobile Marketing? Contact us via the phone, email or Twitter info above to get started!