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Using picasa1


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos

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  • 1. By: Kerry Prater
    Using Picasa
  • 2. Get Plugged In
    Organize Your Files
    Picasa 101
    Picnik 101
    Extras: Migrating, Sharing, Settings & Privacy
    The Plan
  • 3. Flash Drive
    SD Card
    Dazzle Drive
    USB Connection
    Plugging in
  • 4. My Documents, Create File
    Open Drive, Select Pics
    Drag & Drop Pics into New File
    Optional: Delete Selected Pics from Drive
    Organize your files
  • 5. Picasa 101
    Easy & Clean
    Saves Space on Hard Drive
    Picnik Editing Option
    • Know your Intent: Share pictures without a headache
    Desktop Picasa
    Takes Up Lots of Hard Drive Space
    More Time Involved
    Editing Tools
    • Know your Intent: Advanced Editing & Bells and Whistles
    Picasa Battle
  • 6. Upload Instructions
    Go to:
    Click Picasa Webalbums& sign in
    Click Upload
    Name your new album & set visibility
    Click Select photos from your computer and find your picture or video file, select photos & click Open
    Once the pictures or videos load, click Ok
    Take your mouse and hover over the face you wish to identify
    Click on the box that says Click to name
    Name the face & enter email if you choose
    The action will generate a face file to the right of your Home page when you choose View all albums
    Picasa 101
  • 7. Cool Editing Features
    Picnik 101
  • 8. Select a webalbum & Click Share
    In the Tobox, enter or cut & paste the email addresses with which you want to share the album
    Add contributors and a message
    Click Share via Email
    Sharing Options: Email
  • 9. Open your WCSKS site in one tab, click Edit Page
    Open your desired Picasa Webalbum in another tab, right click in the address bar and select Copy
    On your WCSKS tab, place your cursor where you want to place the slideshow and click Insert
    Select Picasa Web Slideshow
    Right click and Paste on the bar where you can paste a web address
    Click Select, set your size options to large & title your slideshow
    Click Save. This action embeds a gadget on your page which displays your album in a slideshow format. To change the pictures, just paste a new web album address over the old one and your new album will be displayed
    Slideshows on WCSKS
  • 10. Select an album and click Link to this album
    Select <>Embed Slideshow
    Set your options and right click in the yellow box, select Copy
    Go to Blogger and paste the code on a New Post, on the HTML tab
    SlideShows on Blogger
  • 11. Migrating
    Sharing & Settings
    Important: The account migration can't be undone, and the Picasa account you transfer your photos and videos to won't have the option to migrate to another Picasa account in the future!
    Click the gearicon and choose Photos settings.
    On the Privacy and Permissions tab, click Migrate my photos in the 'Migrate account' section.
    Enter the email address to which you'd like to transfer your photos. If this address isn't already a Google Account, we'll ask you to create one..
    Click Send email with transfer instructions.
    Check your email at your original address.
    Click the link in the email and follow the steps to complete the transfer.
    On the My Photos page, click your album.
    Click Link to this album on the right-hand side.
    Copy the URL (Ctrl-C) contained in the 'Paste Link in email or IM' field. You can also copy the album URL in your browser's address bar.
    Paste the URL in an email or IM (Ctrl-V).
  • 12. Privacy Information
    Picasa Web Albums makes it easy to share your photos with the world -- or you can choose to keep your photos as private as you'd like. Use album visibility options to control the privacy of your albums. You can set your album visibility options during the upload process and change them at any time in Picasa and Picasa Web Albums.
    Public on the web: Set your album visibility to 'Public on the web' to make them viewable to anyone who knows the URL of your Public Gallery. Public albums can also be found in web search results and on the PicasaWeb tab of your Google Profile (if you use one).
    Anyone with the link: Set your album to 'Anyone with the link' to limit who can see it. Albums shared with anyone with the link include a unique authorization key in the web address; the key is a combination of letters and numbers that make the address difficult to guess.
      Private: Select the 'Private' option to set the highest level of privacy for your album -- you specify exactly who has permission to view private albums, and those viewers must sign in to their Google Accounts to verify their identities. Users without a Google Account will be prompted to create one. Anyone not included on the album's "Shared with" access list will be unable to view the album.
  • 13. Resources
    WCS Summer Technology University Blog:
    Picasa Support:
    Picasa Community Youtube Channel:
    Upload by event, don’t put it off
    Set privacy options on EVERY album
    Delete pics & videos from the hard drive to conserve space
    Avoid desktop version since Picnik is available for editing
    Tag your students faces to share with parents at the end of the year