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  • Major challengesPLM is too costly and complex to deployAdopting an out-of-the-box, best practice, prescriptive approach has been deemed impracticalThe time-to-value of my PLM solution is too long Upgrades are always harder than we are led to believe Maintenance is complicated and costly Heard consistently Market is moving away from large, lengthy, costly, multi-process PLM deployments to a more “bite-sized” or rifle shot approach (small & large customers) These are the reasons why Integware developed iC5 and iC5 Turbo All addressed by iC5™ Turbo What’s the value prop for Integware & iC5: Competitive differentiator vs. all external DS integrators Complete alignment with DS objectives (sell more DS software) Opportunity to establish a core competency that spans all industries Improves scalability and profitability of Integware
  • Jetbox is developing software solutions that are cross industry Jetbox will use partners (VAR’s, industry experts, etc) when appropriate to add industry specific requirements
  • - Tool and methodology have patents filed Turbo aware - Functionality enhancements to support a “turn-key” experience Cloud and desktop because not all customers will use cloud yet We have one customer using the tool over the cloud and two using the desktop tool
  • This isn’t just and illustration. We have and are executing projects with multiple LSA’s to this model very successfully. Customer resources become the bottle neck to speed of deployment. For instance, updating SOP’s, training, etc. However, we do offer SOP’s and training to mitigate this.
  • - This is an eye chart but is intended to show a solid methodology behind deployments using iC5 Turbo.
  • Where we are isn’t even close to the end game
  • We have two centrals and four accelerators complete ENG and PRG are in process How can we work more closely with DS to understand strategic and technical direction? We are looking for DS to influence this roadmap
  • The Customer Size graphic is intended to show that we are seeing success in all sizes of customers with the following exceptions The very small still have a barrier to entry of cost we intent to break The very large (>$10B) tend to have more complex organizational needs that we will be addressing
  • Consolidates all traditional tools into one interface IW has been developing iC5 Designer for the past 4-5 yearsIt was built based upon feedback from developers. Feedback from developers has been crucial and has resulted in features that simplify development on the Enovia platform.Designer has given our developers a competitive advantage over other development methods (spinner, mql scripts, etc).
  • - The tools aren’t just software. They also provide clear lines of governance to guard against scope creep.
  • Numerous new customers that we could not have sold before we had turbo Many more in the works Likely would have lost all three accounts if it wasn’t for iC5 Turbo One customer using cloud offering and two using desktop offering Must have both cloud and desktop because not all customers will use a cloud based tool
  • Competitive advantage Increasing number of opportunities Increasing deal closure rate Can now compete against point solutions on services cost and time to value
  • - Because all possible constraints are precisely understood testing (and validation) is faster and lower risk
  • - Upgrades are straight forward and low risk as all configurations are constrained
  • Introducing Jetbox

    1. 1. An Introductionto Jetbox Presented by: Jon Nelson CEO of Jetbox Rob Knauer VP Sales and Marketing (Jetbox sales & distribution advisor) April, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda Introducing Jetbox iC5™ Turbo  Value proposition – Customers & DS  Vision  Current roadmap  Target markets iC5™ Designer Discussion points & call to action2
    3. 3. Corporate Structure In 2004 Palladius, Inc. purchased the assets of Integware, Inc. Jetbox is a wholly owned subsidiary of Palladius, Inc. Chris Kay is the CEO and President of Palladius, Inc. Both Integware and Jetbox report to Palladius, Inc.3
    4. 4. Jetbox is a new company that is challenging the notion that PLM has to be difficult to implement, use and maintain Breakthrough patent- pending technologies Embracing both the focused on ENOVIA desktop and the cloud 100’s of combined years Applicable to allof deploying PLM industry verticals and ENOVIA iC5™ Turbo: Rapid Deployment of ENOVIA Centrals and Accelerators iC5™ Designer: Rapid Development and Maintenance Tool for ENOVIA More innovations rapidly being developed by dedicated team4
    5. 5. 5 Life Sciences Partners Architecture Engineering and Construction Partners Aerospace and Defense Partners Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Partners jetbox Consumer Goods & Retail Partners Financial & Business Services Partners High-Tech Partners Jetbox is EV6 for Industry – Partnering for Success Industrial Equipment Partners Energy, Process & Utilities Partners
    6. 6. If we ask the right questions…. What if we can bring the dream of multi-process What if we can generate collaboration to life EXALEAD SBAs through ENOVIA in a consistent with an small fraction of the time ENOVIA configuration? and cost?What if we cantake RACE evenfurther by enablingindustryexperiences withV6? What if we can make ENOVIA more intuitive and meaningful to all users?6
    7. 7. iC5™ Turbo7
    8. 8. What is iC5™ Turbo? Cloud and desktop Pre-packaged templates based rapid with industry best deployment tool practice configurations (patent pending) (patent pending) Constrained deployment services Integrated Turbo “aware” deployment ENOVIA methodology applications 88
    9. 9. Value Proposition Customers  Minimize the risk and challenges associated with deploying PLM  Spend less time, and much lower total cost of ownership, than on a traditional, heavily customized (or configured / extended) solution  Realize the value of your PLM implementation, rapidly  Gain confidence that you are using a turnkey solution, based on best practice and industry standardization Dassault Systèmes  Promote more product sales  Shorter sales cycles  Competitive advantage against major PLM platforms  Deployment time / cost & TCO  Competitive equivalence against niche vendors  Deployment time / cost  Easier upgrades and legacy PLM platform migrations  Greater upsell opportunities to existing implementations  Improve channel (BT & VS) effectiveness & success9
    10. 10. Improve Speed to ValueCustomized TraditionalDeploymen tiC5™ iC5™ Turbo TurboDeploymen t10
    11. 11. What it takes to deploy ENOVIA Business Consulting Deployment Methodology Application Knowledge iC5 Turbo Application Configuration Installation Database, Application Server, etc. Infrastructure Design iC5 Turbo is focused on packaging everything required to deploy ENOVIA successfully -This includes training, project management deliverables, etc. -Intended to give less experienced organizations everything they need to deploy ENOVIA 4/17/2012 Palladius, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL SECURED.11
    12. 12. iC5™ Turbo Methodology Details Templates Plan Setup Test Deploy iC5™ Turbo Config Tool Industry Best Practice Tools: iC5™ Turbo and Designer Settings Validation Package Functional Requirements Project Management Oversight PQ Validation Protocols Requirements Trace Matrix  Project Plan  iC5™ Turbo data entered  IQ Protocol [Customer]  Go Live ENOVIA Supported Platform  Metrics Review  Validation Package Updates  Verification  Post Go-Live Assistance List  Validation Plan  SOP Updates [Customer]  PQ Dry Run [Customer] Project Management  Risk Management Plan  System Reviews  PQ Validation [Customer] Templates  Training Plan [Customer]  Environment setup [Customer]  Final System Drop Process Flow Diagrams  Compliance Plan [Customer]  Train-the-Trainer Suggested Metrics (by LSA)  Support Plan [Customer]  Deployment Plan Customer Survey  Governance Model  End User Training [Customer] Customer Preparation  Change Management Plan Checklist  Existing Process Review Support Contract  Infrastructure Plan and Iterative System Reviews Acquisition [Customer] (Customer Process  Demo of OOTB solution Scenario)  iC5™ Turbo Training Optional  Readiness Checkpoint Post Project (Additional Charge)  Customer Survey  After Action Review Warranty Upgrades  Metrics Results [Customer] Data Migration End User Classes Enhancements /Integrations SOPs Infrastructure Support (IP) eMDR Infrastructure Full Text Search12
    13. 13. Vision Revolutionize ENOVIA deployments to dramatically lower risk, deployment time & cost for all industries while remaining “in the box” Breadth of deployment options ranging from free (unassisted) deployments through fully validated onsite implementations Supports both cloud-based and customer hosted deployments Enables automated upgrades and seamless addition of new Centrals and Accelerators to existing systems Can be licensed and deployed by any DS services provider Minimizes the deployment concerns with expanding the scope of ENOVIA deployments Competitive advantage for DS, Jetbox and Integware13
    14. 14. Turbo Roadmap ENOVIA Roadmap Functionality Application Status LSA for Engineering Design (LES) BOM & Engineering Change RELEASED Quality Document Change & LSA for Change Control (LHC) RELEASED Simple Document Change Product Quality Central (PQC) Complaints RELEASED Quality Improvement Central (QIC) CAPA RELEASED LSA for Regulatory (LRA) Regulatory GA – 4/2012 LSA for New Product Introduction (LPI) New Product Introduction/DHF GA – 4/2012 Engineering Central (ENG) All Planned GA – Q2 2012 Program Central (PRG) All Planned GA – Q2 2012 CAD Integration/Designer All Planned GA – Q3 2012 Supplier Central (SUP) All Planned GA – Q4 201214
    15. 15. Target MarketsENOVIA Deployment Type: Implementation Type Roadmap No PLM system in place RELEASED Re-implement your current ENOVIA PLM system RELEASED Add new functionality to your existing ENOVIA PLM system PLANNED Maintain your existing ENOVIA PLM system FUTURECustomer Size: iC5™ Turbo “Sweet Spot” Industry Applicability: Automotive & Aerospace & Energy & Consumer High Tech/ Industrial Consumer Life Architecture/Eng. Transportation Defense Process Goods Electronics Equipment Packaged Goods Sciences & Construction Shipbuilding15
    16. 16. iC5™ Designer
    17. 17. iC5™ Designer Imagine your PLM – “See what you mean” quickly Single point of definition for all aspects of the solution Massive developer productivity Build your own Box! improvement Easy to learn and easy to use Dozens of best practice and commonly needed code Single unified UI for all ENOVIA development and 17 administration17
    18. 18. What is iC5 Designer? (cont’d)18
    19. 19. Technical Features Automatic code generation for new applications  Automatically generate a fully working prototype of a complete application in minutes  Object Trees, CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) commands, My Desk commands, search commands, etc are automatically generated based upon a type and role file Working Formats  XML format better for diff’ing/merging when working on collaborative teams  Also supports Spinner Live integration  Changes are committed to the database automatically  Search and add existing schema into iC5 Designer  Ability to sync iC5 configurations with the database automatically upon startup  Automatic registration of all new schema  Ability to “overlay” existing schema19
    20. 20. Technical Features (cont’d) Robust Where Used  Find references in HREF’s, menus, settings, etc Reference Checker  Updating schema names will automatically update HREF’s, settings, etc where it is used Schema Cloning  Copy existing schema for consistency and time saving Drop Down for Settings and HREF parameters  Reduces human entry errors and misspellings Schema Validation  Designer will validate schema dependencies (ex. Type definitions on a Policy) Schema Templates  Templates for common schema configurations and actions20
    21. 21. Discussion Topics & Call to Action How will Jetbox develop / integrate expertise in other industries outside of LS? How can we accelerate the introduction of iC5™ Turbo to the VS Channel? What could be done to accelerate the availability of iC5™ Turbo for other applications and industries? What does Jetbox need from you? (follow-on working session)  How do we make iC5™ more valuable to Life Sciences?  What is the priority of the iC5™ Turbo value proposition to other industries?  Identify the top 3 ENOVIA applications (e.g., ENG, PMC, SC) that have the greatest opportunity across all industries  Prioritize which industries (outside Life Sciences) have the best opportunity for additional ENOVIA sales that could be generated by the iC5™ Turbo value proposition21
    22. 22. Questions22
    23. 23. Backup Slides
    24. 24. iC5™ Turbo included vs. excluded “setup governance model” INCLUDED EXCLUDED Configuring new attributes and subtypes Removal/change of attributes Modification of range values Adding new base types Action Task template lists for workflows Modification of functionality affecting attribute range values Approval matrix Attribute changes requiring coding ENOVIA enabled web configuration tools Vault modifications Users, groups, roles and license assignment Changes to a lifecycle (even benign) Process integration linkages (no special coding/rules/features) Changes to permission policies and new roles Search tool updates Code extensions or modifications of any type New application suites Roadmap Items (Currently Excluded) Views, Reports and Enhanced Searching Intelligent process integration layer Hiding of unused features/attributes24
    25. 25. iC5™ Turbo Add-Ons Data Migration Integrations End User Classroom Training Enhancements SOPs Infrastructure Support (IQ) - Basic Package eMDR Infrastructure Full Text Search Warranty Upgrades Globalization “Advanced Toolkit”25
    26. 26. iC5™ Turbo Levels Level 1 Level 2 Level 3iC5™ Turbo Configuration ToolIndustry best practice recommendedsettingsValidation package starter kitExisting process review, conversion toOOTBProject management templatesProcess flow diagramsSuggested metrics (by module)Customer preparation checklistSetup configurationsCustomer Process Scenarios (CPS) /ReviewsUpdate Validation Package based onSettingsOnsite validation supportTrain-the-TrainerGo-Live-Support26
    27. 27. iC5™Turbo is Ready to Go! Now in use at 3 Customers Available in cloud and desktop formats Available for Life Science Accelerators and Some Centrals Additional Centrals Coming Soon!27
    28. 28. iC5™Turbo means Flexibility Use “Ready-to-Go” with multiple built in best practice approaches Logically constrained configurations to reflect unique requirements28
    29. 29. iC5™Turbo means ENOVIA Now! Greatly accelerated deployment of existing modules Massively reduced cost of entry Makes ENOVIA accessible to the small to midsize business Combines deployment technology, methodology and documentation 2929
    30. 30. iC5™Turbo means Quality! Automatically updates testing documentation Best practices built right in Fully tested ahead of time with many safe-to-configure options for customer unique needs30
    31. 31. iC5™ Turbo means Consistency Constrained and repeatable configuration and deployment methodology Automatic generation of upgrade-safe code and configurations Available to all ENOVIA implementation partners, reducing support costs31
    32. 32. Designer is About Speed Increases developer productivity by at least 2x 50% decrease in learning curve Benchmark: Jetbox developed a new “training management module” (iC5™ Training) at a similar level of capability to an LSA in days vs. months32
    33. 33. Designer is About Invention Builds the entire framework for a new module Huge amounts of engineering done automatically on behalf of the developer Simple click and create UI33
    34. 34. Designer Raises the Bar Fully Integrated ENOVIA IDE and administration tool Intelligent and modern user interface Satisfies customer with advanced development needs and mature environments34
    35. 35. Jetbox Roadmap
    36. 36. Jetbox Roadmap Current Product Roadmap:  iC5™ Turbo: Rapid Deployment of ENOVIA Centrals and Accelerators  iC5™ Designer: Rapid Development and Maintenance Tool for ENOVIA Future Product Roadmap:  Targeted process applications to address the Total Product Lifecycle for the Life Sciences Industry:  Training Records Management  Risk Management  PDF Rendering36