Organic SEO Strategies by Web3
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Organic SEO Strategies by Web3



A comprehensive guide covering best practices nowadays to develop and implement successful SEO Strategies. Followed up by real life examples and a case study.

A comprehensive guide covering best practices nowadays to develop and implement successful SEO Strategies. Followed up by real life examples and a case study.



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  • Creator of many brands and businesses.
  • Tools: Google Keywords Tool Marketi
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Organic SEO Strategies by Web3 Organic SEO Strategies by Web3 Presentation Transcript

  • Organic SEO Strategies Best methods for the optimal SEO strategies development and implementation
  • Introduction About me, Web3 and SEO industry
  • About Me
      • Internet Marketer
      • SEO Expert
      • Enterpreuneur
      • Climber
      • Marathoner
      • Chess player
    •   Radek Kotlarek
    • Web3 Founder
  • Innovative Online Marketing Solutions
    • Web3:
      • Innovative & International Search Marketing Company
      • Online Marketing Solutions Provider
      • World recognized experts and authorities
      • Facebook Marketing Tools: fbTagger, fbAttack, fbTarget
      • Partnerships with companies on the entire globe
      • Modern, results driven approach
  • SEO as primary marketing strategy for business
      • One of the most talked techniques
      • One of the fastest growing industries
      • Almost all online business do SEO
      • 70% of offline businesses will be using Google local service (2012)
      • Mashable predicts 16% growth of Search Marketing industry in 2011
  • Google Trends for SEO in Ireland Trend for SEO services is growing, this is what every business needs today
  • Advanced Keywords Research The most important part and the key to success
  • Importance of Keywords Research
      • The most important part of any online marketing campaign
      • If you start optimizing for 'SEO' you will waste your money
      • Long tail keywords strategy
      • Get enough time to get it done properly and you will see fast return!
  • Advanced Keyword Research Tools
      • Google Keywords Tools (classic)
      • Manual Research (intitle:, site:)
      • Google Wheel
      • Marketer Tools: Market Samurai
  • What actually are Long Tail Keywords?
      • expansion of a core, generic, high volume keyword phrase to include numerous combinations and permutations of the keywords and their associated or relevant phrases.
      • individually they are unlikely to account for a great deal of searches but when taken as a whole, can provide significant targeted traffic that convert well. 
      • unlikely ever to exceed searches for a brand name if the brand name is reasonably well established
      • the volume of converting traffic these terms can generate by nature of their specificity and relevance is worth investigating. very effective - there is little competition for most of these keywords on major search engines.
    • source: Wikipedia
  • Onsite Content Optimisation Content is Your Product Content is what brings attention of visitors, leads, customers
  • Content is the king
      • It has been a known fact for a long time
      • Any SEO efforts will be waste of money if content is of poor quality
      • Content is not any longer text only
      • Media rich - audio, video, images, podcasts, presentations, pdf's, press releases, articles
  • #1 HTML Tag
      • <title> is the most powerful HTML tag
      • In some cases proper implementation of it allows to get top10 rankings without a single backlink
  • Meta Tags
    • The only important meta tag is <meta description>
    • You can skip any other meta. And I am deadly serious.
  • Google Is Blind!
      • Remember, Google can't see your images! 
      • Use keywords in filenames!
      • Use ALT tag to insert your long tail keywords!
  • Use Hyperlinks on your website
      • Internal links on your website are the first backlinks search spider will see!
      • Think carefully about navigation and where you place hyperlinks in content.
      • Use your keywords in the hyper links
  • Link Building Strategies The optimal strategies to get high quality relevant links to your website
  • Standard Link Building Methods
    • Classic and still very effective link building strategies include:
      • Manual Directories Submission 
      • Contextual Link Building
      • Niche Blog Creation 
      • Blog comments
      • Forum profiles
    • They still work very well and you should include in your SEO strategy!
  • Niche Blogs Creation
      • Strong Footer Links (gives a backlink from every page)
      • Additional monetization of traffic through affiliate marketing
  • Are you ready for the next big step? Social Media Search Optimisation is on its way!
  • SEO + Social Media =  Authority * Influance
  • Web 2.0 Properties in Link Building
      • Create links people will talk about and share in social media!
      • Imagine the power of a strong link multiplied by hundrends of social platforms and then multiplied again by the amount of users of these platforms.
      • This is one of the most effective strategies nowadays!
  • How to do social media link building?
      • Social Bookmarking
      • Squidoo Lenses 
          • Example Lens about organic SEO
      • Hub pages 
          • Example HubPage about Social Media
      • Add Facebook functionality (next slide)
      • Add Tweetmeme functionality
      • Allow people to share content from your website
  • How can Facebook drive more traffic?
      • Facebook is not only your fanpage!
      • Add Facebook commenting facility to your blog.
      • This way each comment is seen by hundrends of people on Facebook!
      • Great way of promotion through Viral Marketing!
  • Create and maintain Link Wheels
    • Take a few Web 2.0 properties and connect them into a wheel.
      • Squidoo
      • Tumblr
      • Hubpages
      • Youtube
      • Flickr
      • Wordpress 
    • Google loves Link Wheels and they help you achieve search engines domination!
  • RSS Promotion and Distribution
    • What's this hype about 
    • RSS marketing all about?
    • Do you remember we said 
    • content is your product?
    • Like any product, it needs 
    • proper promotion but more importantly 
    • proper distribution.
    • If you have a good content, 
    • embedded good internal links, 
    • RSS is your best friend!
    • Let others distribute and reuse your content, it is only with benefit for you! Google will see your content as attractive and will give it better rankings.
  • How you can promote RSS feeds
      • Add to RSS directories
      • Allow visitors for email subscriptions to your feeds
      • Add sharing ability to your RSS, it is extremaly easy (check out addthis)
      • Create as many RSS as you can - different RSS for categories, articles, indyvidual RSS for comments
  • Traffic sources and measurement How to diverse traffic sources and how to measure your SEO performance
  • Diversed Traffic Sources
    • #1 Tip: Never rely on just one traffic source
    • Have different traffic sources:
    • Google, Facebook, Digg, RSS, PDFs
    • Securing traffic from multiple sources 
    • secures your business.
    • Google Panda update suprised many website owners.
    • You never know what can suprise you and you want to build a stable business. Well planned SEO campaign is a long term investment!
  • You can't manage  what you can't measure
    • Measure traffic
      • Google Analytics
    • Measure backlinks
      • Yahoo Siteexplorer
    • Measure rankings
      •   Advanced Web Rankings
    • Issues with your website?
      • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Measure Your Social Media
    • There is nothing worse than lack of knowledge of what people talk about your brand or product
    • Use the basic tools
      • Google Alerts
      • Post Rank
    • Twitter: See how many people retweet your content
    • Facebook: Track the number of people who like your fanpage
  • Development of good SEO Strategy How to plan and implement a successful SEO Strategy that will deliver results
  • Set up your SEO Goals
    • Start with setting up goals and objectives.
    • Your goals should be SMART :
      • Specific, 
      • Measurable, 
      • Attainable, 
      • Realistic, 
      • Timely
    • Ask yourself when setting up your goals:
      • What is your SEO budget?
      • What are your expectations?
      • Increase in traffic? More Sales?
      • Do you want to rank for specific keywords?
  • Pick up the right organic modules
    • Having the goals set up, put down into a document your plan.
      • How many keywords you plan to target?
      • Can you build a long tail keywords list by using variations? (like keyword + city)
      • What modules will you use for link building to suit your monthly budget? 
      • If you decide to build link wheels, can you afford link building for all its properties? 
      • Does you SEO Plan fit together with your social media plan or ppc strategy?
  • Real Life Case Studies Case Studies of implementation of all above modules
  • Web3 Campaign Case Study
    • 3 weeks of dynamic organic campaigns with primary focus on social media:
  • Web3 after 4 weeks of SEO campaign
    • We can see visits came from 34 countries!
  • Web3 Visitors from Ireland
    • We can see, that an average visitor from Ireland looked at 5.73 pages and spent over 14 minutes on the site!
    • What it means?
    • We generated highly targeted and very good quality traffic. Visitors show live interest in our website's content.
  • Web3 Traffic Sources
    • We can see the traffic is diversed, comes from 3 different sources.
    • Search Engines traffic brings 28.12% and that's a lot, as I don't run any PPC campaigns.
  • Web3 Indexed Keywords
    • Keywords that were delivering traffic after 2 weeks of link building:
    • Two weeks later:
    • You can see the trend is growing! 
    • And yet it is a small budget campaign.
  • Web3 Referring Sites
    • Referring sites deliver up to 58% of all new visits.
    • We can see Facebook's campaign works quite well (no ppc).
    • We also get quite many visits from Stumbleupon.
    • Remember, this Traffic is coming from 33 sources after just 4 weeks of social link building.
  • Questions? Feel free to ask [email_address] Twitter: @radkot Thanks for watching!