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Discover the growing trends in mobile usage and the importance of designing mobile version of your site. . After watching you'll understand why creating a mobile presence it's vital to your business success and why you must develop a solid strategy to reach mobile consumers, so you don't get left behind. To find out move please visit:

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  • At the beginning of 2013 tablets exceeded traditional desktop devices for conversion rates, proving consumers are increasingly comfortable using theirmobile devices to access your site.
  • Global mobile data traffic grew an astounding 70 percent in 2012, proving not only are theycomfortable using their mobile devices, they are becoming increasingly comfortable making purchases from them.
  • The future is here and if you aren’t designing your content for mobile customers, you’re losing money! As a matter of fact, a resent article on stated that currently three out of five people access the internet on a mobile phone. So, as you can see the scale is tipping and mobile is the contender.
  • With more consumers making purchases from mobile devices developing a solid mobile strategy is vital to the future success of your business. The days of taking it for granted are gone!
  • Consumers are accessing your site on multiple devices and platforms. These devices are becoming lighter, thinner and they come in all sizes, from extra small to supersized. If you want to grab their business you have to consider the type of technology they're holding in their hand and plan your mobile strategy accordingly.
  • If your mobile design isn’t visible without scrolling then your customers will look for one that is and chances are (really) good your competitor will get the sale!
  • A poorly designed mobile site can literally kill your business. If a potential customer hits your mobile site and they can’t find what they want, they aren’t going to click through to your Internet based site. They are going to leave! Instant gratification is the name of the game and you have to deliver!
  • A good mobile design gives consumers what they want right away. It fits on their screen, with no scrolling (side to side) to see the whole page. It’s easy to read and simple to navigate.
  • Itprovides them with easy to access product information, fast loading images and a seamless ordering process, that allows them place and manage their order on the go.
  • When consumers access your site from their mobile device they usually have a goal in mind. Weather it’s to find your contact information, get directions to your business, see what you have to offer or place an order and if your site isn’t mobile friendly you just lost your chance.
  • On the other hand a mobile friendly site gets their attention, gives them what they want and keeps them coming back for more. Bottom line, can your business survive with out going mobile?
  • Business Going Mobile - Planning & Designing For Mobile

    1. 1. Mobile &Tablet Design Lisa Cope
    2. 2. The Future Of Mobile • “Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014” ~ Mary Meeker, 2008 - FACT: Tablet use exceeded traditional desktops in the first quarter of 2013
    3. 3. Mobile Usage Is Growing • There Is No Stopping It
    4. 4. Mobile Development • Mobile is Changing Everything Including the way your website is designed. FACT: Without a mobile presence you’re losing customers! Sales
    5. 5. Design Counts • You Must Plan For Mobile Customers FACT: You can’t take for granted that customers will access your site from their desktop. “There are 5x as many cell phones in the worlds as there are PC’s” ~ Hubspot
    6. 6. Mobile Technologies • Iphones • Ipads • Ipods Consumers Are Accessing The Web On Multiple Devices The list keeps growing!
    7. 7. Bad Design Hurts • Poor Design Drives Customers Away! People don’t want to scroll Customers lost!
    8. 8. Bad Design Kills They don’t want click for a better experience They want it now!
    9. 9. Good Design Works It’s Easy To Navigate Gives Them What They Want!
    10. 10. Good Design Sells Provides The Right Information Makes It Easy To Buy!
    11. 11. Catering Goes Mobile • They Need To Contact You • Get Directions On The Fly • See What You Have To Offer • Place An Order Fast From Anywhere - Anytime! Your Customers Are On The Go
    12. 12. Mobile To The Rescue A well designed mobile site gives your customers what they want! And They Like It!
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