American Roots Chapter 1
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American Roots Chapter 1






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American Roots Chapter 1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Birth of a nation
    • 1600-1800
  • 2. The early years of the United states
    • Relationships with Native Americans
    • Why the Colonists Came to North America
    • The Separation from Great Britain
  • 3. Colonial america
  • 4. John peter zenger: Pioneer of the Free Press
  • 5. documents that shaped the U. S.
    • Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776)
    • The Constitution of the United States (1788)
    • The Bill of Rights (1791)
  • 6. Declaration of independence (1776)
    • Colonists realized they needed to separate from GB
    • Issued their declaration of independence
    • 13 colonies became the 13 American states
    • Thomas Jefferson was the main author
    • “ all men are created equal” “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The belief that equality for all is central to the idea of democracy.
    • This central idea inspired generations to fight for it
  • 7. constitution of the U. S. (1788)
    • Created out of the new challenges for the new nation
    • The 13 states needed to find a way to work together
    • Divides the government into three branches 1. Legislative: Congress makes the laws 2. Executive: President enforces these laws 3. Judicial: Supreme Court interprets the laws and makes sure they are compatible to the constitution
    • No one branch should have more power than the other two
  • 8. Bill of Rights (1791)
    • Concerns of the Constitution not protecting people’s basic rights
    • Ten amendments (additions) were added to the Constitution
    • Guarantees personal rights such as freedom of religion, speech press and a fair trial in court
    • Protected the the individual civil and political rights of all its free citizens
  • 9. HM: Benjamin Franklin
    • A great American who was politically active
    • 1706 MA 1 of 7 children
    • Writer, printer, inventor, scientist, and diplomat
    • Signer of the Declaration of Independence
    • Bond with the French to side with the Colonists
    • discovered lightning as a form of electricity, etc.
  • 10. HM: George washington
    • “Father of His Country” and most important leader
    • 1732 VA and attended 7 yrs. of school
    • important role in gaining independence from GB
    • helped write the constitution and the guidelines for presidents
  • 11. thanksgiving
    • First Thanksgiving in VA December 1619
    • Religious day of giving thanks to God w/ no food
    • Many Pilgrims died during the long cold winter in MA
    • Festival in the fall lasted three days in Plymouth
    • 4th Thursday in November
  • 12. Colonial house
  • 13. Resources