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Gere teen volunteer training
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Gere teen volunteer training


Published on

Slideshow for training teen volunteers at Gere Branch Library, 2013

Slideshow for training teen volunteers at Gere Branch Library, 2013

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  • 1. @ Gere Branch Library
  • 2. Fill out the Volunteer Agreement
  • 3. Application• Email: • Please use an email address that you ACTUALLY check – otherwise, **indicate** the best way to reach you…text/call/smoke signals etc.• Special Interests/Skills: • Ex. Can leap over tall buildings/make chocolate appear out of thin air/have memorized entire Dewey Decimal system• Education/Training: • Have you volunteered at another library?
  • 4. Understanding• Performance of tasks • You‟re agreeing to perform these tasks accurately. The two biggest elements of this are: • 1. If you aren’t sure…ASK! • 2. Before you start a new task – ASK! • I WILL harp more about this later. • Dress appropriately • This is not a gym workout or a reality show. Dress sensibly, neatly and in a manner that would not shock your grandmother. • Time Frame • Plan to complete your hours in one to three months.
  • 5. These and ONLY These Materials
  • 6. Quick Vocabulary Lesson • Bins – the large square boxes on • Label – the printed label attached wheels that sit underneath the to an item containing SKADS of return slot. This is the first place important info. Look for it!! your stuff lands when you return it. • Spine – the binding of a book, the From there it gets put onto a Cart hinge of a DVD or CD case. The or into a Tub… part that faces OUT when the item • Tubs – Hard plastic (blue, green, is shelved. red) portable book containers that • Spine Label – Look at the spine of can go in delivery to other an item for VERY informative branches. Also used for JPBs labels. • Carts – on wheels, books go here • Weed – like weeding a garden. to be FIRST checked in, then We remove the items that are old SECOND reshelved. Note the or not circulating and send themSo you have a clue position of the book on the cart! downtown. • Circ – Circulation. The process of •what the heck we‟re stuff being checked out, used, and In-house Use – Material that is removed from the shelf and used,talking about. checked back in. but not actually checked out. Must • PBs – Paperbacks. JPB – be checked back in before Juvenile Paperbacks reshelving. • J or Juv – “Juvenile” or for Kids • LCL – Lincoln City Libraries (babies up to upper elementary) • Branch – There are eight (8) • YA – “Young Adult” materials for Branch libraries, of which Gere is older kids one. • Adult – Stuff for grownups (and • Pages or Aids – The folks who get big kids) paid to shelve materials, empty • Checked In – The process of book drops, check in, process scanning the item on the holds, etc. computer that takes it OUT of the • Trust me there are more silly patron‟s name and puts it back words, but this is plenty for now. If into “To-Be-Shelved” or “Available” somebody says something that Status sounds like English but doesn‟t • „To Be Shelved‟ – The item has make sense – ASK!!! been checked in and is ready to
  • 7. Types of Material You Will (and WILL NOT) Be Handling Unless you have been SPECIFICALLY trainedBecause if you goof it by MEup, I get yelled at,and you might not to shelve a specific type ofget to finish your material,hours.  off a specific cart… you are NOT TO TOUCH IT! Oy vey with the threatening red text..
  • 8. Types of Material You Will (and WILL NOT) Be Handling There are (as of last year) 850,131 itemsYou want to finish circulatingyour hours, right?  through Lincoln City Libraries.
  • 9. Types of Material You Will (and WILL NOT) Be Handling • It takes months…even years for staff withIf you goof it up, I get bounteous amounts ofyelled at. I am plentycapable of doing higher education to learn allthings to get myselfyelled at without your the pesky little nit-pickyhelp, thank you verymuch. details about each type of material. You have 90 minutes.If you are interested in learning about the other 800,000 items, please go to libraryschool, get your degree, and come back and apply for a job here in 4-6 years. We’dlove to have you!!!
  • 10. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 1. Juvenile (j) and Young Adult (YA) Paperbacks 1. Board books 2. Picture books 3. First readers 4. Rigby ReadersDo it right and I 5. Series Paperbacks (including jpbswear I‟ll shut up graphics)about it! 6. Non-series Paperbacks 7. j and YA Non-fiction Paperbacks 1. J and YA8. J and YA Graphic Novels Non-Print 1. Adult Non-Print 1. DVDs 1. DVDs 2. Books on CD 2. Books on CD 3. CD-ROMs 3. CD-ROMs 4. Music CDs 4. Music CDs 5. Magazines 5. Magazines
  • 11. Types of Material You Will Be Handling Juvenile (j) Paperbacks The CORRECT cart looks like this. If they‟re not on a cart that looks like this? DO NOT SHELVE THEM!!*Items on this cart have been checkedin.*If you start shelving stuff that hasn‟tbeen checked in, then we get angrypatrons SWEARING VEHEMENTLYand often loudly, that they broughttheir stuff back on time and why theheck are they getting overdue chargesand what kind of dirty rotten so-and-so‟s do we think we are anyway?*So. Not. Pretty.
  • 12. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 1. Board Books 1. JPB with no underline 2. Hard cardboard covers and hard cardboard pages are difficult for new readers to EAT.Seriously. It‟s justtears andrecriminations allaround.
  • 13. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 1. Board Books 1. Board books are shelved here:Shelve them here.Where the signs saythey are. See?Picky Picky Picky
  • 14. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 2. Picture Books 1. The larger size of a regular picture book, but in paperback form. 2. JPB with a BLUE underlineNotice how allthese books haveLABELS on them?This is animportant plotpoint.
  • 15. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 2. Picture Books 1. The BLUE underlined JPBs are shelved in the west side of the bin NEXT to the Board Book cubes. TheyThe labels give you goimportant here.information…like the On thisunderline color for side.example! Not on this side.
  • 16. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 3. First Readers 1. Smaller than a picture book 2. JPB with a PURPLE underlineJust the right size for 3-4year old hands. Isn‟t thatsmart? “Saw the whole thing, dude.First you were all like "whoa",and we were like "whoa", andyou were like "whoa..."
  • 17. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 3. The PURPLE underlined First Readers are shelved in the spinner racks directly in front of the Youth Services DeskIf you have time, youcan group thesetogether…like, allStar Wars stuff, andall Dora stuff etcetc… Right here & here
  • 18. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 4. Rigby Readers Are a special type of First Reader. They are noted “RR” They come in two unique sizes, and have two different types of labeling (grrThe two types of labeling argh).are admittedly a pain inthe patootie. Just get thelike labels together anddon‟t try to insert anylogic into it, it‟ll justfrustrate you. Put all the Red circle 3-5‟s together Put all the “Yellow 6”s …and all the together “Magenta 1”s together
  • 19. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 4. The Rigby Readers are shelved on the back side of the First Reader spinner.RULE OF THUMB: They‟re shelvedIf you can‟t figure outwhere something over heregoes… ASK! Don‟t on thisGUESS!! side.
  • 20. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 5. Series Paperbacks have a GREEN underlineBy “Series” in thiscase, we mean aseries that has morethan, say, SIX titles init...and in some cases,it‟s more like abazillion – give ortake.
  • 21. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 5. Series Paperbacks have a GREEN underlineThe Series Name islabeled on theshelf…but sometimes,it‟s hard to figure outwhich series a bookbelongs in. WHEN INDOUBT…ASK! Series name is here on this book. Might also be on Shelves are here on the spine. the left, next to the wall.Shelf is labeledwith Series
  • 22. Types of Material You Will Be Handling See the “H”? That‟s the first letter of the author‟s last name. Find the corresponding letter on the shelf 6. Non-Series paperbacks have a HERE RED underlineThese are books forupper elementary kids,not a part of a largeseries. Shelvedalphabetically by theAuthor‟s last name. RED The red underlined pb‟s are in this bin on the “To Be Shelved” Cart
  • 23. Types of Material You Will Be Handling Notice the JPB, the Yellow, and 7. J Non-Fiction the NF.Non-Fiction could bea quiz book, a bookabout lions, a movie-tie-in book Shelved on this cart in the Youth The yellow underlined Area. This pb‟s are in this bin on is the ONLY time you‟ll the “To Be Shelved” be Cart organizing anything by TITLE
  • 24. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 8. J GraphicsGraphics can beManga or comicstrips. Be careful,there are both J andYA graphics. Shelve d here – back These have the green wall of underline, and they are jpb‟s specifically noted as GRAPHICS. Note the graphics series label on the shelf
  • 25. Types of Material You Will Be Handling 9. YA Non-Fiction & Graphics YA Items are on a DIFFERENT To-Be-Shelved Cart!!In addition to the labels on the front of the books, YA items willhave a spine label with the first letter of the author‟s lastname. Magazines: Newest face out, older issues behind or beneath. YA Items are all shelved in the TEEN ZO
  • 26. Types of Material You Will Be Handling Different to-be-shelved carts Different labels (spines not front) Slightly more complex shelvingNon-Print:This includes DVDs,Books on CD, MusicCDs, CD-ROMs, andoddlyenough…magazines.
  • 27. Types of Material You Will Be HandlingBooks on CD
  • 28. Types of Material You Will Be HandlingMusic CDs
  • 29. Types of Material You Will Be HandlingMagazines
  • 30. Types of Material You Will Be Handling Basics: 1. Priorities: 1. Shelve the PBs first 2. Shelve the JUV non-print second 3. Shelve the Adult non-print last
  • 31. You knew youweren‟t going to beable to avoid itforever, right?