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Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
Chapter 4   concentrating and focusing
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Chapter 4 concentrating and focusing


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  • 1. HOW TO STUDY FOR COLLEGE Chapter 4 – concentrating and focusing
  • 2. concentration
    • Concentration is focused thinking
      • You think all the time (varying intensity)
    • Focuses the power of thoughts; you can think with greater precision and tackle complex ideas
    • It comes only when you don’t think about it!
      • When you realize you’re concentrating, your concentration has been broken
  • 3. concentration
    • Normally, multiple things compete for your attention.
      • People have a natural tendency to divide attention
        • Optical illusions – once aware of multiple ways to look at an object, it’s hard to ignore each one . . .
        • Can be difficult to focus on one idea at a time, but those who can stand a great chance of finishing that task quickly and accurately
      • Aiming directly for concentration is difficult, so you need to improve conditions that promote concentration .
  • 4. eliminating distractions
    • Sights and sounds compete for your attention, but once recognized, you can overcome them.
    • Study halls and living spaces are crowded with distractions . . .
    • You need the proper environment for concentration.
  • 5. Eliminating distractions
    • Find a place to be used exclusively for study
      • Quiet, well lit place
      • Libraries are good for this!
      • Be sure to associate the place only with concentration
        • If you daydream a lot at a certain place, that place alone can trigger daydreaming
  • 6. Eliminating distractions
    • Minimize visual distractions
      • Notes/textbooks seem dull compared to lots of other things – posters, views out windows, photographs, quick access to internet, etc.
      • Eliminate noise
        • Can be one of the most serious study obstacles
        • Can lead to rereading without realizing – wasteful
      • Turn down loud music
        • If concentration bounces between music/study, you waste effort
        • If music preferred, choose something more relaxing
  • 7. Eliminating distractions
    • Spider technique
      • Learn to ignore small things
        • Opening door, heating or cooling kicking in
        • Increases chances of ignoring the distraction next time
  • 8. using the right equipment
    • Use Bright, Even, Steady light
      • Low light leads to eye strain, tension, and possibly headaches
    • Use a pencil to bring on concentration
      • Study with pencil in hand, and use it!
      • Activity promotes concentration!
    • Find a comfy seat
      • Avoid hard, straight-backed chairs
    • Keep common supplies nearby
      • Calendar, paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.
  • 9. Discourage internal distractions
    • Concentration score sheet
      • Mark sheet when mind wanders – this should remind you to get back to work
      • Encourages self-observation
    • Put stray thoughts on a worry pad
      • Write down anything bugging you with the idea that you’ll take care of it as soon as you get the chance
  • 10. Strategies encouraging concentration
    • Make lists!
      • Trying to keep reminders and random thoughts in your head while studying can break concentration.
      • Use lists to remind yourself of daily obligations
    • Take breaks
      • Physical energy builds up, repressing concerns will eventually build up and take your attention . . .
        • Stand up, stretch, grab a snack and return to work ready to concentrate