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Chisholm and harper twitter presentation Chisholm and harper twitter presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Wine, Cheese & Twitter
  • Samantha Bell Deloitte + KPMG Finance, Utilities, Retail, Hospitality, Higher Education, Media, Telecommunications, Not for Profits Business + Internet Consultant Strategy & Planning Project Manager Change Management How to utilise internet and world trends to advance businesses and innovation
  • Structure
    • Introduction
    • Six examples of Twitter in business
    • Tips and tricks for you & your organisation
  • Twitter’s potential role in your business PR, Brand, Product development Customer Service & Business Operation efficiency Recruitment Attracting Customers Learning & Development Culture Staff Retention & Engagement
  • Optus story
    • Customer service channel where customers can:
            • Ask basic questions
            • Have changes made to their account
    • Customer retention & increased revenue
    • Branding, PR, Product development:
        • Leader of industry – Bigpond and others also doing this
        • Learn of possible enhancements to products
    Optus on Twitter: gains
  • MOMA story 261,724
    • Customer service channel
    • Branding, PR, Product development:
        • Another channel to reach customers
        • Expanding their customer experience
    MOMA on Twitter: gains
  • Aquent story
  • Aquent on Twitter: gains
    • PR & Branding
        • CEO publicity + word of mouth
        • Thought leadership. Blog republished in recruitment magazine
        • Relevant audience
    • HR
      • Recruiting people – all have read blog
      • Sought trainers and experts
    • HKK role
        • Recruitment – finding 9 meaningful candidates
      • Cost saving - $20k on potential advertisement
      • Efficiency – 1 tweet = minutes vs many hours of searching
      • Customer sales – event numbers
  • Obama Story 4,980,714
  • Obama on Twitter: gains
    • Branding, PR
        • ‘ Customers’ built their own community, content, words, footage
        • Drove the hype – people got information they ‘pulled’ for
    • “ Transformed Politics”
        • Over 115k followers: 23x McCain’s
        • More tweets than news channels
        • 67% funds raised online
  • St Ali Cafés Story
  • St Ali on Twitter: gains
    • 5,000 people to street party
    • Branding, PR:
      • Contemporary
      • Feedback
      • Potential reduced expense (traditional marketing)
    • Integrated with traditional media + other social media + games (e.g. foursquare)
  • Story
  • on Twitter: gains
    • Efficiencies – no more call centres, no more waiting
    • Contact with global experts
    • Learning & development
      • Quick and real time info from industry/market leaders
      • Self-paced, targeted learning – use it when I’m inspired/need it
      • More up to date than via other forms
    • Branding, PR: Thought leadership & Extension of website
    • Fun! Wisdom 2.0 conference
  • "Twitter can contribute to a company’s success or it’s downfall" the very successful Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos, "Delivering Happiness", 2010
  • Back to you & your market
      • Average age on Twitter is 39 Years Old
      • 2.5 Million Australians on Twitter
  • Your audience may want to know more & engage
    • Personas
      • Number of your customers online?
      • Number who use internet-enabled phones?
      • Could you engage them more?
      • Potential customers
      • Future planning
  • Tips for YOU
    • Go to Enter one or two words and see what people are saying. For example, your: city/town or company name or industry name or hobby
    • Set up your account – shorter name better
    • Start using + get training + learn from experts
      • Follow interesting people – find them via google search with “twitter name” in search
      • Easy Twitter terminology:
        • People’s names start with @ (e.g. @BarackObama)
        • RT is ‘retweet’ (like forwarding an email)
        • http:// is a website
  • Tips for Your Organisation
    • Establish Company Twitter account (or a couple)
    • Training
    • Strategy: work with key people internally to set objectives, plan, resourcing and measures
    • Do
      • Inventory: what content do you already have; who is currently using Twitter
      • Establish efficient Twitter infrastructure – regularity, ease, follower attraction, content gathering plan
      • Get people using it – start their understanding ASAP
    • Review, learn what works, promote success and evolve
  • Tips
    • “ Take is seriously. Invest the time.
    • It can be used trivially (and then so can a telephone)
    • It can be incredibly powerful, incredibly influential
    • Traditional media will become less of a focus. Online Word of Mouth increasingly important
    • Tip for CEO's is get to understand it yourself.
    • Use it yourself.”
  • This presentation was b rought to you by Samantha Bell @samanthabell1 on Twitter Public Speaking - internet + business - innovation - global trends - the future with data Strategy Training Implementation - set up of Twitter and Twitter tools - identification of content sources - project management + coaching - establishment of “listening channels” (ongoing content creation)