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Windhorse Gatefold Brochure 3 8 10 Small File

  1. 1. windhorse creative clean design clear communications strategy story naming identity print web
  2. 2. WE TALK ABOUT YOU. We learn all about your company or organization. Then we tell your story, in straightforward language, with the right tone to reach your audience. WE MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD. Clean, uncluttered design. Powerful images. Print, web, media. logos + brand identity copywriting + editing company / product names + taglines stationery + business cards advertisements brochures flyers + mailers presentations posters user manuals invoices + other forms trade show booths sales letters email marketing RFP response packages windhorse creative
  3. 3. take your hat off. Sim’s Barber Shop 271 main street great barrington 528 2511 YEAH, A MANICURE. Sim’s Barber Shop main street you got a problem great barrington with that? 528 2511   GET A REAL BARBER. Sim’s Barber Shop 271 main street great barrington 528 2511 windhorse creative
  4. 4. BROADCAST YOUR OWN RADIO SHOW! Become a radio programmer on WBCR-lp! Tell us your idea for your own radio show by August 1 and you might be able to start your program October 1st! Applications can be submitted at or by downloading the application and mailing it in to: WBCR, PO Box 152, Great Barrington, MA 01230. Questions? Send us an email: Tune in. Help out. WBCR-lp 97.7-FM is our community radio station, heard in Great Barrington and many other southern Berkshire towns, and on the Internet at We provide the community with a production studio, training, and 24 x 7 local programming. BE A DJ ! Do your thing WBCR 97.7 FM on the air. Berkshire Community Radio WBCR needs your help now to complete construction on our new studio. If we inform you, make you laugh, give you something to dance to or something to think about, send your donation today, large or small. We’re depending on you. WBCR-LP PO Box 152 Great Barrington, MA 01230 Donate online at windhorse creative
  5. 5. Broadband is here. Broadband is here. Broadband is here. Shopping. Browsing. Google. Gaming. Dating. Email. Chatting. Music. News. Video. Tax filing. iTunes. eBay. Email. Napster. Finance. Photos. Webcams. Web. Webcasts. Podcasts. Travel. Business. Art. Our wireless broadband signal is Music. Education. Training. Culture. VOIP. in your neighborhood now.* Video. The whole Web at broadband speeds. Connect. Fast. In South County now.* Need high-speed? Need high-speed? We’re connecting our community! We’re connecting our community! Need high-speed? We’re connecting our community! Call or sign up online at Call or sign up online at Call or sign up online at 528-5008 528-5008 528-5008 * Now installing in Great Barrington, Sheffield, Egremont, and Alford. * Now installing in Great Barrington, Sheffield, Egremont, and Alford. * Now installing in Great Barrington, Sheffield, Egremont, and Alford. windhorse creative
  6. 6. windhorse creative
  7. 7. OH YEAH BABY WBCR In the Flesh First annual showcase concert featuring WBCR programmers and their musical friends. All local talent. Sat. March 21 at 8 pm Searles Middle School Gym tix $10 Doors open at 7, show starts at 8 Great Mexican dinner available at the show (vegetarian or chicken) for only $7! Project Unity. We Wine and beer cash bar. WBCR Communit ’re all in this together. y Radio Fund Dri Advnce tickets available Concerts, on-air fund drive, bake ve sale, book sale, March 14-22 at Berkshire Gold and Silversmiths discounts at local World Water Day businesses and film and food festiv All concert and restaurants, and 152 Main Street Great Barrington. film tickets avail able at Berkshire more. Join us. al, 152 Main Street Gold and Silversmit Great Barringto n. h, Christopher Splendorio & Steve Elling Find out more The Paul Rapp/Don McGrory Band 97.7 FM/berkshirerad Deafened by Love The Last Chance Band Barbara & Graham Dean Rishi Connelly& Bob Balough Nick Ring Tom Ingersoll Tyler Gasek Dave Barrett-Scott Marks Horn Section Surprise Guests design: windhorse creative produced in collaboration with Rural Alliance Come out and support your community radio station. windhorse creative
  8. 8. ss hydrosorbent Knowledge transport. ss hydrosorbent ss hydrosorbent windhorse creative
  9. 9. Business-class broadband. Meet Andy. Secure. Reliable. He has the whole world Some of the largest businesses in Berkshire County rely on Richmond Business-class Networx for high-speed data transport services – colleges, hospitals and medical groups, companies with offices around the world. broadband. on his shoulders. We move their data files, digital imaging, medical records, video. Securely and reliably, day after day. We can engineer a surprisingly affordable, customized Secure. Andy Hutchinson manages information technology for Interprint. That means broadband solution for your business, too. Reliable. keeping their Pittsfield systems in sync on a real-time, 24/7 basis with Interprint’s plants Call us. in seven other countries on three continents. The whole operation depends on that link – sales, orders, production scheduling, accounting, shipping, billing – everything. When Interprint was planning the move Some of to their new facility, they chose Richmond the largest Networx to keep their voice and data businesses communications up and running. in Berkshire County rely on Richmond Networx Here’s how Andy tells it: for high-speed data transport services – “ Richmond Networx came to us way in advance of our move, and offered to help switch our colleges, hospitals and voice and data over with no interruptions. And they delivered. medical groups, auto dealerships, They were with us every step of the way, coordinating the whole telecomm effort. The even local companies with Richmond Networx fiber-optic T1 lines were installed and tested even before we were ready to offices around the world. use them, and everything has worked flawlessly from day one. We move their data files, digital imaging, medical records, video. Oh, and one more thing: You know great customer service when you get it. At Richmond Networx, Securely and reliably, day after day. you get a real person on the phone, every time. They know who you are and they understand your business. They’ve returned our calls at night, from home, just to make sure that everything is working We can engineer a surprisingly smoothly on our end. They’ve been there when we needed them. You just don’t get that from the big affordable, customized phone companies.” broadband solution for your business, too. Call us. Interprint started out in Pittsfield, and is now part of a leading global corporation. Interprint USA ships 94 million meters voice + data + broadband + technology services Knowledge transport. Knowledge transport. of décor paper a year., enough to go around 413.997.5000 the world 2.3 times. Richmond Networx keeps 413.997.5000 75 North Street, Pittsfield 75 North Street, Pittsfield Interprint in touch with the world. (413) 997-5000 75 North Street, Pittsfield Knowledge transport. It’s not about data. It’s about business. You can do business more efficiently, reduce risk, and respond more effectively to your customers and vendors. Richmond Networx can help. We provide the latest network technology to move and share information, reliably, day after day - financial transactions, data files, digital imaging, video. But more importantly, we understand how you use that information to run your company. And we provide the business expertise and support to make technology work for you. Voice. Data. Broadband. Technology Services. 413.997.5000 75 North Street, Pittsfield windhorse creative
  10. 10. Peter S. Barrett Todd Williams + Associates P.C. sculpture Architects in steel Great Barrington MA 01230 Todd Williams, A.I.A., Principal 419 Third Street Columbus, IN 47201 812.376.6745 Fax 812.376.6791 40 Locust Hill Road 413.528.4507 Todd Williams + Associates P.C. Architects 419 Third Street Columbus, IN 47201 Todd Williams, A.I.A. 812.376.6745 Fax 812.376.6791 windhorse creative
  11. 11. ESCO Energy Services Company The lighting retrofit specialists Better light. Lower cost. E SCO Energy Services Company is a leader in the engineering, “How do I know that we’ll get ESCO offers you maximum energy savings, improved light quality, installation, and financing of energy-efficient lighting systems the savings you estimated?” environmental benefits, and unsurpassed customer service. We and equipment. We help our clients to achieve maximum energy The ESCO Verification of have an unparalleled track record in delivering turnkey industrial, savings,improved light quality, and positive cash flow. Savings Program provides commercial, and institutional lighting upgrade projects. digital measurements of We will perform a detailed survey of your lighting systems, and pro- ExpEriEncE Now in our fourteenth year, ESCO has designed and actual kW savings before you vide comprehensive on-site energy savings and light level veri- installed lighting system upgrades in over sixty million square feet of proceed. Our testing process fication tests before you commit to a project. We’ll design and industrial, commercial, and institutional building space. Our track also includes verification install lighting and control systems at your facility with the least record in large industrial lighting upgrade projects is unparalleled. of light levels, and gives possible disruption to your operations. your team the opportunity Turn-kEy SErvicES ESCO will handle every aspect of a successful to evaluate enhanced light ESCO completes retrofit projects with lighting retrofit project for you, including building surveys, engineering, quality and aesthetics. minimal disruption to facility operations. energy and maintenance savings analysis, energy savings and light level verification, instal- lation, project manage- ment, waste recycling and disposal, and utility rebate processing. projEcT ManagEMEnT ESCO’s experienced professional project management team, not just an installation crew chief, manages all ESCO Studies show that improved lighting installations. Our Project can significantly increase worker Managers are our frontline productivity. representatives, respon- ESCO projects consistently deliver hard- sible for our exceptional dollar energy savings of 40-70%. ESCO has upgraded lighting in over 60 million on-time completion record square feet of industrial, commercial, and insti- and high level of custom- “It’s not in our budget! How tutional space. er satisfaction. can we do this?” We offer a number of financing public uTiliTy coordinaTion ESCO works hand-in-hand with options to help you meet your public utility representatives to qualify your project for any applicable energy objectives. A project may rebates. We handle all necessary paperwork, applications, site audits, be implemented with no initial New lighting technologies provide significant savings as well as improved and verifications. We have secured millions of dollars of rebate capital outlay, and can deliver light quality. incentives for our customers. ESCO is a Project Expediter (preferred positive cash flow from day one. contractor-partner) with National Grid. EnvironMEnTal As an EPA ‘Energy Star Partner’, ESCO “Saving energy sounds great! provides lighting retrofit services that are consistent with national But what about light levels?” guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency’s You can reduce your lighting 309 Pittsfield Road Energy Star Program. Ask us how your organization can receive energy load by up to 70% while Lenox, MA 01240 national recognition for your voluntary contribution to a cleaner maintaining or increasing light Phone: 413.551.0055 planet and the reduction of greenhouse gases. levels and improving light quality. Fax: 413.551.0001 We have saved our clients more than 85 million kilowatt-hours of power. windhorse creative
  12. 12. advisors to the retail industry RAPID ROLLOUT OF RETAIL TECHNOLOGY REAL-WORLD VETERANS SOUND ADVICE, SOLID CREDENTIALS A SUPERIOR RFP PROCESS CLICKS&MORTAR WINTER 2005-06 C+M Clicks and Mortar specializes in retail strategies, operational improvements, and IT infrastructure, implementation, and integration. We help retail chains to leverage information to serve customers better, to keep product on the shelf, and About Clicks & Mortar Disciplined to realize the return on their technology investments. We believe that the success of our projects is measurable in real Consulting Technology business performance, so we identify expected benefits early on, and establish metrics to ensure that projects deliver expected results. Clicks and Mortar works with clients to Selection Our people have managed retail functions themselves for years. We understand the business, the technologies, and the organizational issues re-think retail business processes, and to Retail chains spend significant time and effort required for success. Consulting employs proven, effective approaches that generate real results for you, real fast. assess the potential of new information evaluating and selecting technologies to support technologies to improve operations. We a wide range of business functions: forecasting, C&M people take full responsibility for the success of the work they do for you, making tangible contributions from the very first day of an employ well-established best practices for supply chain management, POS, eCommerce assignment, and delivering value to your project immediately. We take a hands-on, detail-oriented approach, working closely with your team at retail IT implementation. applications, telecommunications, network all levels. You get the advantages of ‘outside’ expertise, while Clicks and Mortar consultants work side-by-side with you. We work well with both management - to name a few. business and technical staff, bridging the gap with insightful solutions Our people are retail veterans with experience in the entire spectrum of How do you know that you’re making the We offer you a broad range of consulting options. Some clients ask us to staff and manage entire projects, while others contact us when they need retail disciplines - they’ve run merchant right decisions? Clicks and Mortar employs very specific help handling an ‘overflow’ situation. We are structured to deliver the highest value at extremely competitive consulting rates. Tell us organizations, store and logistics operations, a thorough and rigorous product evaluation about your situation, and we’ll find the way to work with you to achieve your goals. led information technology and finance process, ensuring that your IT investments departments. They average more than 20 support the needs of the business, and of your We have solid credentials in core retail technologies, and more than 150 years of collective retail experience with some of the foremost retail and years of experience, in both retail and users. consumer goods companies in America, including JC Penney, Barnes & Noble, General Nutrition Centers, Home Depot, K-B Toy Stores, Toys consulting organizations, and they bring ‘R’ Us, Helene Curtis, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Best Buy, J Crew, Eckerd Drug, Pier 1 Imports, Federated Department Stores, and that expertise to you. many others. Retail IT Services Operations Expertise Effective Our consultants deliver superior subject matter ex- Our people have managed retail functions them- Implementation pertise in a wide range of core retail technologies. selves for years. We understand the business, Once the decision is made, you need to get We’ve implemented and supported most of the the technologies, and the organizational issues the technology up and running as rapidly and major retail enterprise applications on the market, required for success. smoothly as possible, with minimal disruption and we know how to manage an orderly migration Merchandising to the business. We’re known for rapid, dis- to new application environments. Our experience ciplined rollout of retail technologies. But we can compress the timeframe required to complete Multi-channel know that rapid deployment requires exhaus- implementation projects. We deliver results on Distribution Center tive and comprehensive up-front research and time, on budget and on target. Supply Chain planning So we do it methodically, so there are We can help you to anticipate future challenges, Product planning and allocation no surprises later on. to understand what your competitors are planning, Procurement and replenishment The success of technology projects must also and to bridge the gap between legacy applications Store operations be measured by how well the operational and and the newest technology. Inventory management people issues have been addressed. Clicks Information technology planning Cash management and Mortar’s change management skills have been proven over and over again, for clients Implementation / migration project man- Pricing and promotion in all retail segments, formats and sizes - from agement Point of Sale startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Software and hardware evaluation and selection Data cleansing and synchronization: EDI / UCCNet Budget review and recommendations Vendor contract review, evaluation and advisors to the retail industry negotiation phone our vp of marketing at Data integrity polices and compliance 1-800-330-3302 Ext. 61 Telecommunication audits and installations Business intelligence, data warehousing and data marts CLICKS&MORTAR WINTER 2005-06 CLICKS&MORTAR WINTER 2005-06 windhorse creative
  13. 13. Your single source for precision engineered medical instruments. Ranfac has crafted medical instruments in America since 1888, for orthopedics, hematology, radiology, general surgery, and more. Our seamless, integrated manufacturing platform handles everything from the essentials of cutting and grinding to the most advanced injection and insert molding. And because we control every step of the process, we deliver extreme precision at all tolerances, and exceptionally fast turnaround time. Ranfac gives you single-source convenience, fabricating even the most complex instruments from design through production, assembly, sterilization, and packaging. Bone Harvest, Access, and Aspiration Needles Ranfac’s Access needles are a full palm design which allows the user total control and comfort. The needle can be manufactured in 8g thru 16g with many needles available from stock. Point config- urations can be customized as well as the availability of adding cannula ports. Ranfac 1.800.272.6322 America’s single source manufacturing facility. windhorse creative
  14. 14. larry chernicoff band an uncommon collaboration roger the jester We’d like to come and perform for your audience. Call Larry Chernicoff at 413.528.6021 or email jazz +jest jazz+jest is the uncommon collaboration between the Larry Chernicoff Band and Roger the press “… fun was the basic ingredient... outrageous and marvelously absurd…they had Jester, a mime, magician, object manipulator, the audience laughing almost nonstop and enjoying every musician, acrobat, stilt-walker, unicyclist, puppeteer, and baker. minute.” - The Record They take audiences of all ages on a hilarious journey, with award-winning “Chernicoff’s band opened the evening with a stellar set of original music compositions and improvisations with Roger’s creative humor. its trademark improvisations. Roger the Jester combined elements of slapstick, mime, dance, acrobatics, and magic, Everybody has a great time, including the band. Every time. then joined the band and had the musicians laughing so hard they could barely play. At times it was the music that Roger the Jester has juggled, performed magic tricks, played made you laugh and the comedy that made you cry...” music, and mimed his way through crowds of all sizes, leaving - Berkshire Eagle a trail of laughter across 23 countries, for more than 30 years. He is a comic performer of the old school, who combines the “The jazz is superb, and Roger the Jester provides fantastic comedic work to accompany the jazz. Larry Chernicoff spirit of the traditional European street performer and medieval handpicks some of the finest musicians in New England, and jester with modern improvisation. writes both introspective and groovy music, including tracks from his award-winning album, October. Roger mimes with Larry Chernicoff is an award-winning composer and his unique flair of humor, and he joins the ensemble with his instrumentalist whose music incorporates jazz, classical, tuba. He and one saxophonist did a rendition of “Autumn and world music elements. His band has an unplugged, Leaves” that this reviewer will never forget. Roger had the audience in stitches, then provided a sober rendition of an organic, acoustic sound, with no electric instruments and no old man with uncanny accuracy...the components of Jazz & Jest fit together to entertain synthesizers. Larry’s latest CD, October, was named “Best a diverse audience of children, teenagers, and adults.” - Concert Sponsor Made for Surround Sound CD” at the 3rd annual Surround Music Awards in Hollywood, an honor previously held by “Larry Chernicoff is making quiet history with his integration of chamber music and jazz Steely Dan. improvisation.” - Nartional Public Radio “Larry Chernicoff, is a silent whirlwind. Solid, intelligent, and almost entirely without capacity for stagnation, the guy is a creative force. Catch Larry’s music, really. It’s new. I’m serious...[it’s] light, but substantial, and the music floats.” - The Artful Mind We’d like to come and perform for your audience. Call Larry Chernicoff at 413.528.6021 or email windhorse creative
  15. 15. Products Order Products Order Wholesale Use & Reactivation FAQ Contact Us Home hydrosorbent ss Stop moisture damage before it happens. Hydrosorbent Dehumidifiers protect your valuables and supplies by ‘drinking up’ almost-indetectable moisture in camera cases, small cabinets, closets and storage spaces. Our dehumidifiers are non-toxic: no harmful vapors, no chemical reactions or stains. Safe for foods, medicines, sensitive materials, electronics, clothing, collectibles, and more. Stops condensation. Prevents rust, mildew, corrosion, odors, and spoilage. Non-toxic, We package top grade silica beads in containers that can be reused indefinitely: buy it once, use it forever. requires no electricity. Money-back guarantee. And unlike other dehumidifying products, our units require no electricity, no refills and no replacement parts. You can reactivate your unit easily in any conventional oven, so it can be used for a lifetime of moisture protection. Each Hydrosorbent Dehumidifier has a built-in indicator that signals when it is saturated and ready to be reactivated. Our dehumidifiers are fully guaranteed, 100 percent. If you experience any difficulties with one of our products, we will replace it or refund your money. Silica gel beads have been the desiccant of choice of government and industry for more than 50 years because they work so well, at very low cost. Keep Your Closets Fresh Safeguard Your Cameras Protect Your Guns Save Your Cell Phone Eliminate musty odors and Keep cameras, telescopes, Your guns protect your family. Revive water-damaged mildew from your closets. and other valuables safe We protect your guns. electronic items with our Keep your things fresh.  from moisture damage.   dehumidifiers.  For personalized, one-on-one service please call us toll-free at 1-800-448-7903. Products us at We’d love Use & Reactivation Or e-mail Order Products Order Wholesale to hear from you. FAQ Contact Us Home hydrosorbent ss Our products are simple to use and offer lifetime protection. A colored indicator shows when they need to be reactivated - it’s safe and easy, right in your conventional kitchen oven. There is never any need for refills or replacement parts. Buy it once, use it forever. Our smallest unit provides lifetime protection This heavy duty unit provides lifetime protection Mini-Canister in cases for guns, cameras, telescopes, and Large Canister for lockers, cabinets, vaults, safes, up to 57 musical instruments, tool and tackle boxes, cubic feet of enclosed space. It is preferred by silver drawers – any small storage area. It police armories, hospitals, and museums, as contains 40 grams of silica gel in a compact well as individual collectors of stamps, coins, aluminum canister, about the size of a deck or other items. It’s packaged in a 4”x 6” round of cards. 40 grams of silica gel beads. steel canister. 750 grams of silica gel beads. Protect valuables, clothes, or other items This is our largest unit, ideal protection for larger Small Cabinet Dehumidifier in small safes, display cabinets, and storage Closet Dehumidifier safes, cabinets, vaults, or closets, up to 66 containers. It protects 15 cubic feet of cubic feet of enclosed space. It’s a 3” x 6” x 8” enclosed space, packaged in a small corrugated carton. It requires only occasional corrugated carton. 200 grams of silica gel reactivation. 900 grams of silica gel beads. beads. The large cabinet unit is great for protecting Large Cabinet Dehumidifier items in a safe, gun chest, display cabinet, QUESTIONS? or similar storage area. It protects 33 cubic If you’re not sure which dehumidifier is right for you, feet of enclosed space. The carton is about please call us toll-free: 1-800-448-7903. the size of a small schoolbook. 450 grams of We’ll be glad to talk with you. silica gel beads. windhorse creative
  16. 16. windhorse creative
  17. 17. SUCCULENT. Overview Farm plants and flowers, timeless pottery, copper and stoneware windhorse creative
  18. 18. windhorse creative
  19. 19. treehouse treehouse at a glance Trends Converge What is Treehouse? 1. Consistent double-digit growth Think 'convenience store', but in demand for organic food all organic: from the chewing organic convenience stores and natural products for over a gum to the frozen dinners, from decade. the hormone-free eggs to the 2. Convenience stores are the baby food and cookies you feel fastest-growing retail segment . OK about picking up for the 3. Faster pace of life has kids. Bread and butter, apples increased the number of and bananas, salad and pizza, meals we eat on the run. coffee and tea, milk and yogurt, 4. Food outlets have toothpaste and soap recycled disappeared from high-traffic paper towels and toilet tissue. downtowns. Clean food. Treehouse's first wave of stores Treehouse is a clean, green will be located in store that will bring organic to high-traffic areas the corner store. You know of college towns, what you're getting: real food, where concerned, committed, as much of it grown regionally environmentally- as possible. No additives, conscious no pesticides, no artificial shoppers are. ingredients. And where they're A new retail format in a in a hurry. high-growth market. Locations Attitude College towns Treehouse is more than a Near commuter stations corner store. It's the quick- Smaller, growing downtowns stop for the growing number of Near health clubs / gyms people who are willing to pay a Near carefully identified large little more for healthy products employers / office complexes that they can believe in. We will bring those alternatives right to where people are. The larger natural food supermarkets have demonstrated that the demand is there. But they can't go where we go. We're a small, focused store that carries the things people need every day. treehouse A new store Treehouse convenience stores will At Treehouse, the approach is format for an bring natural/organic products to entirely different; our customer under-served the places where active people knows that she will be getting a customer cannot find them today: on the way healthy alternative, and she expects segment. to and from work, on their lunch to pay more. hour, near the train station, between When it comes to satisfying our classes, between the gym and the target customer, the traditional apartment - on the go. c-store chains just don't get it. A product director for 7-11 said The format and product mix will recently: "The extraordinary trend echo those of the well-established in nutritional products caused us to convenience store chains, but will expand our assortment about five serve a different customer, with years ago. The way our customers organic and all-natural selections. eat is certainly changing, and we believe there is a continued upside Our first stores will be located in opportunity with nutritional products. the high-traffic downtown areas of The items we carry include energy college towns. In later phases we bars, yogurt, frozen juicebars, and will open second-format, drive-up fat-free snacks." stores with parking. Treehouse is coming from a different Our customer is the health- place entirely. Our core customer conscious consumer in a hurry, who is the college kid, the educated walks into a traditional convenience professional, the concerned store but cannot find anything to parent, the eco-conscious "green" buy. consumer. Survey after survey has demonstrated this customer's The chain will provide a higher willingness to pay a premium for level service and information clean food and other "correct" or about the products, features that "conscious" products. are completely missing from the Treehouse is conceived, from traditional c-store. inception, as a chain with a recognizable brand and an Treehouse will replace the sterile, appealing, natural store design: fluorescent, cold, loud, unfriendly wood, low lighting, plants, low c-store with a muted, quiet, energy consumption, recycling, incandescent, fragrant, flower- solar power and/or heating, etc. - and plant-filled, eco-friendly a comprehensive green theme. environment. The sound of flowing water will be a trademark. In later phases, we will explore other store formats, including drive- Growth of "healthier" food lines in locations with parking, drive-thru in the c-store channel is growing. facilities with organic food to go, But to the traditional convenience and branded outlets in train stations store, the inclusion of energy and airports. bars alongside the candy bars is treehouse considered a major change. February 2006 treehouse windhorse creative
  20. 20. wealthspring discover the source... windhorse creative
  21. 21. ... to a private house concert to benefit the Creative Music Studio Archive Project. Stories and music by CMS alumni You’re invited... Sunday, May 17, from 3 sharp - 6 pm. at the home of Mitch Ditkoff and Evelyne Pouget 7 Wiley Lane, Woodstock NY [directions inside] Attendance is by invitation only and is limited to 60 people. Please RSVP promptly. An innovative, Woodstock-based phenomenon, the Creative Music Studio became world-renowned in the 1970’s and 80’s. At this extraordinary event, veteran CMS participants will talk about the studio’s impact on their music and their lives. The event will feature live musical performances that illuminate the influence of the CMS experience. Creative Music Studio Music is the Universal Language. windhorse creative