Thesis Process


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Thesis Process

  1. 1. Design for Chronic Illness exploring service systems & new technologies for patients with type 2 diabetes Lauren Chapman, M.Des. Candidate, CPID Suguru Ishizaki, Advisor, Department of English Jennifer Mankoff, Co-Advisor, HCII Funded by GuSH
  2. 2. Support GroupsMarket ResearchLiterature Review, Market SurveyStakeholder Map, Diabetes Statistics Diabetic Patient Family & Doctors & Friends Health Care
  3. 3. Contextual ResearchInterviews, Questionnaire,Ethnographic Survey of Online Communities
  4. 4. Contextual ResearchInterviews, Questionnaire,Ethnographic Survey of Online Communities
  5. 5. Synthesis ModelsCurrent Experience Journey after diagnosis,Decision-tree, Personas
  6. 6. Synthesis ModelsCurrent Experience Journey after diagnosis,Decision-tree, Personas
  7. 7. Ideation & ConceptValidationScenario Sketches, Speed Dating
  8. 8. Participatory DesignCollaging Community Features,Timeline Activity
  9. 9. ConceptSketching & Modeling We’re here for people affected by type 2 diabetes CareMentors is a peer-based mentoring service rooted in an online social community for people with type 2 diabetes. In essence, I am designing a model for a large-scale Health Mentoring Community service. My case study is focused on type 2 diabetes. The service provides a template and structure for establishing a mentoring community for any focus-group, while being flexible enough to adjust to individual community needs. Included in the service is the structure/interface & promotonal materials (touch points), as well as a system for Mentor training.
  10. 10. Refined Concept Experience Journey, Service Blueprint, Site Architecture Finds mentor through discussion boards Feels supported, understood & learns Engages with mentor good management Explores online & general community Demonstating good Becomes mentorDiagnosed at Doctors management & desireGiven brochure Finds mentor through to mentor, entersFill out info. card with nurse search criteria Joins community & training program Not active representative becomes mentor or nds mentor In 1 week, call by mentor Decline & ignore representative to reach out & say “we are here”
  11. 11. Refined ConceptExperience Journey, Service Blueprint,Site Architecture Training PHYSICAL Brochure Website Website Website Website Materials Mentor Information Phone Calls Phone Calls Phone Calls Phone Calls EVIDENCE Card E-mails E-mails E-mails Background Certi cate E-mails Check Visit Website Engage with Good PATIENT Take Brochure Talk to Live well management & Complete Mentor Others community & Mentor Training ACTIONS Submit Info. mentor rep mentor wants to mentor Line of Interaction ONSTAGE Doctor Mentor Mentor & Mentor & Mentor Training Other Mentors Other Mentors CONTACT Nurse Representative Community Community Team & Sta & Sta PERSON Line of Visibility BACKSTAGE Mentor Support CONTACT Mentor Match Diabetic Educators PERSONLine of Internal Interaction SUPPORT Website Other Mentors Mentor Training PROCESSES Support Sta & Educators Program
  12. 12. Refined Concept Experience Journey, Service Blueprint, Site ArchitectureSite Map ABOUT US GET INVOLVED MEMBER ACCESS Mission Patients My Care Network Mentor Search Encouragement Discussion Topics Diabetes Information Recipe Share Local Events Who We Are Mentors Center & Goal Setting Categories News Add Add Profile View All History Mentor Training Daily Laugh Search Search Mentor Search Medical Information Program Cheer on! Provider Participants Family Family Healthcare Providers Mentors Mobile Friends Reminders Application Request Insurance Agencys Set Goals Time Frame Pricing Invite Indepedent Providers Participants Mentor Reach Out Compete Discussion Topics Diabetes Information
  13. 13. Wireframes
  14. 14. User TestingRole Playing Scenarios, Survey