Pedestrian Shelters


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This presentation was prepared for DAB220 Placemaking in Architecture, QUT School of Design, to assist students with Project Two. It provides images of pedestrian shelters and urban interventions. Used for education and teaching purposes only.

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Pedestrian Shelters

  1. 1. DAB220 Placemaking In Architecture
  2. 2. A pedestrian is a person travelling on foot, whether walking or running. In some communities, those travelling using tiny wheels such as roller skates, skateboards, and scooters are also included as pedestrians.The term mostly refers to someone walking on a road or footpath.
  3. 3. A shelter is a basic architectural structure or building that provides cover Definition: protection, habitat Synonyms: cover, den, digs, dwelling, guard, haven, hermit age, hide, hideaway, hideout, home, protector, r efuge, roof, sanctuary, security, shack, shade, sh ield, tent, umbrella
  4. 4. SteelTrees Steel trees with sprawling branches support the glass roof of this greenhouse in Switzerland by Buehrer Wuest Architekten
  5. 5. Pavilion This pavilion by Beijing studioVector Architects is used to wash and prepare crops during the harvest at a farm in ruralChina
  6. 6. Pavilion German architects HENN have created a streamlined pavilion with a curled-over steel roof for car brand Porsche at theAutostadt theme park inWolfsburg
  7. 7. Tree House Cabins These tree house-like cabins by Thai designerWorapong Manupipatpong are built up around the column of a building rather than over the branches of a tree.
  8. 8. Stilted Hut The 2012 Olympic games begin today and this latticed timber hut on stilts by Hackney architects StudioWeave now marks the direct route from the City of London to the Olympic Park.
  9. 9. Temporary Pavilion The charred exterior of this temporary pavilion in Bergen, Norway, references 16 major fires that have taken place in the city since the twelfth century.
  10. 10. Pavilion Here are some photographs of the recently completed Coca- Cola Beatbox, a pavilion in the London 2012Olympic Park that can be played like a musical instrument
  11. 11. Installation Illuminated installations inspired by the structures of microorganisms were created for the BUGA festival in Germany by Stoke Newington design studio Loop.pH.
  12. 12. Mobile Pavilion This mobile pavilion for a travelling chef by Barcelona studio Rodero Beggiao Architects will comprise two wedge-shaped modules that can be reconfigured to suit each new home.
  13. 13. Serpentine Pavilion Herzog & de Meuron andAi Weiwei’s SerpentineGallery Pavilion was our most popular architecture story last week so here’s a run-down of all twelve temporary pavilions over the years by architects including SANAA in 2009 (above, photographed by Iwan Baan), Jean Nouvel in 2010 and FrankGehry in 2008.
  14. 14. Bottom Up ‘Bottom Up’ Public Intervention at International Architecture Festival / eme3
  15. 15. Homeless Shelter Upper SpaceArtists Hijack Bus Shelters to Address UK Homelessness Upper Space worked alongside young homeless people in the city of Manchester – the UK’s fourth most deprived city, in the creation of street art interventions that critically engaged with the governments changes to the housing benefit system.
  16. 16. Bubble Pavilion Dutch firm DUSArchitects have created a pavilion made of bubbles.Visitors to a Rotterdam square had to construct the soapy walls themselves by lifting metal frames from five-sided steel pools.
  17. 17. SpinningCanopies Created for the Shenzhen & Hong Kong biennale of urbanism/architecture 2011, the lightweight circular canopies reveal their golden undersides when they spin. Video at:
  18. 18. Tree of Knowledge Memorial Tree of Knowledge Memorial, Barcaldine, Queensl and, provides a protective casing for the bones of theTree of Knowledge as well as shelter for visitors and pedestrians
  19. 19. Pavilion Polygonal timber plates give this pavilion at the University of Stuttgart a skeleton like a sea urchin’s.
  20. 20. SharpCentre for Design AlsopArchitects Sharp Centre for Design Toronto, Canada An element in the urban scene that holds its own with tough urbanity, while allowing new public space to open up beneath it.
  21. 21. SteelTree This steel tree designed by SamuelWilkinson & Oloom as part of a grouping of outdoor furniture for public space in Lausanne, provides shade and its “roots” take the form of benches beneath the wooden canopy
  22. 22. Urban Negative The design proposal, Urban Negative by LauraCrane, is a modular canopy system, composted of different components that enable the alley to retain its utilitarian function and conform around existing program while facilitating a new public space. The five different components vary in form based on their function, from a lighter component, to a planter component, to an air-filtering component that is coated with titania nanoparticles to help remove allergens from the air. The placement of the components is indicative of the program beneath.
  23. 23. Lantern Norwegian wood / the LANTERN pavilion 1st prize international competition for an urban shelter and the regeneration of Sandnes centre, Norway on the occasion of Stavanger EuropeanCapital of Culture 2008.
  24. 24. (POP)Culture (POP)culture, a small shade canopy built by students from the University of Nebraska- LincolnCollege of Architecture.
  25. 25. Installation VoonWong & Benson Saw have created a cloud-like installation using polystyrene cups for the opening of a design store in Malaysia.
  26. 26. Canopy SheilaC. Johnson Design Center of ParsonsThe New School for Design by Lyn Rice Architects.
  27. 27. Bus Shelter The bus-shelter bench, created by Urban Movement Design for the OlympicVillage
  28. 28. Shelter Structure Shelter structures at Mersey Bluff precinct.
  29. 29. Pirrama Park Pirrama Park by Aspect Studios Client:City of Sydney Project Partners: AspectStudios. HillThalis Architecture +Urban Projects,CABConsulting and TheCity of Sydney
  30. 30. Stacked City Camping Structure StackedCity Camping Structure for Portable Urban Shelter by Import.Export “Unlike the flat, natural and remote settings of standard campsites this structure is vertical, artificial and intended to be erected in even the most dense of urban settings” city-camping-structure-for- portable-urban- shelter/#ixzz2dFIyDpu8
  31. 31. Flux Cocoon Designed for Lausanne Lumieres (Urban Light Festival), Flux Cocoon was selected as one of the winning projects of the the city’s first Light Festival, which inaugurated on November 23rd and will run until early January. Designed by Allegory, it is located on the pedestrian bridge in the Flon area, Lausanne. 866/flux-cocoon-for-lausanne- lumieres-urban-light-festival- allegory/
  32. 32. Glebe Point Road Bus Stop HUB was engaged to work through the design detailing and production of a unique street scape element which incorporates a vibrant array of custom coloured panels on Glebe Point Rd, Sydney.The strong effect is echoed in the school fence behind the shelter. http://www.hubstreetequipme be-Point-Road-Bus-Shelter
  33. 33. Bird Hide MAKEArchitecture Studio’s proposal for a bird hide extends from an existing pathway, creating a veiled lookout wrapped in angled louvres. http://www.australiandesignrev built-bird-hide-westgate-park
  34. 34. Green-Roofed Shelter & Urban Curbside Lounge JCDecaux, the North American company that invented the ‘street furniture’ concept of outdoor advertising, collaborated with designer Mathieu Lehanneur to create a green-roofed rest and wifi stop for pedestrians in Paris. 7/03/green-roofed-shelter-is- urban-curbside-lounge-for- paris/
  35. 35. Installation Students at the Architectural Association in London have constructed leaf-like sculptures that curl down from a fourth- floor roof terrace to a ground level courtyard.
  36. 36. Shade Structure Study for a new pedestrian canopy on Druitt Street. Our commission from the City called for a continuous shelter for cafe customers and commuters waiting for the bus. As a starting point we sampled the geometry of the existing Council House building.We felt this new urban fabric needed to establish a memorable place along this busy city footpath. De Manincor Russell ArchitectureWorkshop
  37. 37. Shade Structure A circle of trees will frame an hourglass-shaped hut for Milan that won’t be complete for 100 years.
  38. 38. Intervention Proxy, a temporary spatial intervention organized and designed by Oakland design collaborative Envelope A+D, has transformed a quiet corner lot of San Francisco (at Octavia Boulevard and Hayes Street, to be exact) into a vibrant social space
  39. 39. Pavilion Pavilion, London Festival of Architecture, 2008
  40. 40. Pedestrian Shelter A project by: Mohd Hafaridzuan Harun
  41. 41. Bus Shelter Bus Shelter in Raleigh, North Carolina by Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee
  42. 42. Oval Shade Oval Shade in Gorky Park, Moscow by Bureau Alexander Brodsky
  43. 43. Gazebos Alga(e)zebo is located at a busy train station but in a very unfortunate place: far from the madding crowd. It's a shame because it is so interesting and cozy. It's a big rusting recycled steel structure, acting like a gazebo, with a small intimate enclosed seating area and a half-dead vine that is meant to grow up the side. A second pod has a solar light.
  44. 44. Green Sanctuary Part art installation, part portable sanctuary, the “Ma Bulle, Ma Plante, & Moi” (My Bubble, My Plant, & Me) exhibition by Amaury Gallon recently placed several transparent, plant-filled bubble structures on the streets of Paris to provide passers by with 15 minutes of inspiration, beauty, and fresh air.
  45. 45. Inflatable Pavilion Custom designed and handcrafted by Studio Souffle, this inflatable structures is portable and can be popped up just about anywhere.
  46. 46. Urban Intervention TheArt of Urban Intervention is supported by the Cultural Programme of European Union.
  47. 47. City Leaks A Playground for Urban Dwellers/ Reuse of Milk Crates PlayMo is an urban intervention by the platform City Leaks.
  48. 48. Treepods Designers Mario Caceres and CristianCanonico have designed a set of beautiful air- filtering trees for the SHIFTboston urban intervention contest. Called TREEPODS, the designs harnesses biomimicry to efficiently emulate the carbon filtration qualities of trees.
  49. 49. Living Pavilion Dubbed “Living Pavilion”, the temporary, low-tech and zero- impact structure is made of reclaimed milk crates that will be become a growing surface for an edible garden.
  50. 50. Dezeen Architizer n_us/ Inhabitat ArchDaily Architecture Lab ArchitectureAustralia Australian Design Review http://www.australiandesign Evolo Metropolis Magazine http://www.metropolismag. com/cda/ Domus Arkinet