"SLIM" - the 2nd lecture in the Slim Sane & Sexy Lecture Series of CWI


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In this, the second of the "Slim, Sane, and Sexy" Lecture series of Cady Wellness Institute, Drs. Gabhart and Cady explore the medical literature and probed each other as they co-presented this lecture on the inter-relationship between hormones, diet, exercise, and weight loss. This was held at the Newburgh Public LIbrary for a very appreciative group of women.

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  • Weight gain, difficulty losing weight Severe fatigue, loss of energy, feeling “ sluggish ” Depressed mood, usually not as severe as major depression but may play a part Low body temperature PMS Premature menopause Losing hair ( alopecia) Chronic constipation Decreased memory and brain “ fog ” Sleep issues ( too much or too little but not rested)
  • "SLIM" - the 2nd lecture in the Slim Sane & Sexy Lecture Series of CWI

    1. 1. FROM FAT, FATIGUED, AND FEMALE TO SLIM, SANE, AND SEXY! with Dr. Whitney Gabhart, Naturopath
    2. 2. Cady Wellness Institute
    3. 3. Meet Linda Simmons, LCSWWho spoke last week under our topic of SANE
    4. 4. Meet Claudia, our office manager, who is devoted to helping me with my personal weight loss program!
    5. 5. YRUFT ?MY STORY
    7. 7. Why ARE YOU FAT?• Food delayed sensitivity allergies• Metabolic Syndrome (insulin =fat storage)• Vitamin Deficiencies• Viruses like EBV, HHV6 - Herpes and CMV• Stress, emotional and/or physical (the cortisol connection)• Food Addiction (salt, sugars, fats) via dopamine reward pathway. Using displacement theory in Food Addiction support groups
    8. 8. Foundational Hormone Axis You Are In The Bermuda Triangle of Fat !
    9. 9. Hypothyroidism and FAT • Central nervous system: – Fatigue! – Drowsiness – Poor memory and concentration • Decreased metabolism: – Body weight increases – Heat production goes down – Basal metabolic rate goes down • Gut: decreased activity; constipation • Cardiovascular – decreased cardiac output; blood pressure falls
    10. 10. THYROID – COMMON SYPMTOMS• Weight gain, difficulty losing weight, loss of energy, feeling “sluggish”• Depressed mood, usually not as severe as major depression but may play a part• Low body temperature• PMS• Premature menopause• Losing hair ( alopecia)• Chronic constipation• Decreased memory and brain “fog”• Sleep issues ( too much or too little but not rested)
    11. 11. ADRENALSCommon Symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction Weight gain, especially in waist hips and thighs ( cortisol response) Crave sugar/starch and sometimes salt Fatigue Low blood pressure which may becomes elevated in middle age Allergies Exercise does not promote weight loss . . . And may even gain! Low blood sugar usually after lunch Muscle loss and flab even with exercise Wakes up every few hours at night Is more hungry during the day if eats breakfast Low or no libido!
    12. 12. FEMALE SEX STEROIDS Hormones make you fat!!! Don’t they? Improves insulin sensitivity ( less cortisol, less fat storage) Improves muscle mass, strength, and metabolism Better muscle mass = increased metabolic rate, and you burn more calories Increased serotonin function which decreases cravings and desires for comfort foods Inhibits MAO enzyme activity, which prolongs activity of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine and helps to decrease appetite Restores normal sleep stages, which lowers cortisol, increases GH (growth hormone), and improves nighttime muscle repair More?
    13. 13. Some Symptoms Of Estradiol Imbalances Weight gain Insomnia Hot flushes or flashes Night sweats Memory, communication, and attention span loss, brain “fog”, depression, and/or anxiety to panic attacks Mood swings Aches and pain Incontinence Digestive disturbances Sensory function loss Ageing skin . . . thinning, wrinkles, sagging
    14. 14. A Word About Progesterone . . . Increases energy and libido Has a calming effect, acting like a benzodiazepine to the brain Enhances mood Regulates fluid balance, sodium mineral balance Balances blood sugar Necessary for fertility Increases energy and libido Helps relieve menopausal symptoms Decreases risk of endometrial cancer and may help protect against breast cancer, fibrocystic breasts, and osteoporosis
    15. 15. Correct Labs: A begining to BalanceAdrenal/Hyperinsulinism 3hr GTT with concomitant insulin blood draws fasting draw for glucose, insulin and cortisol 1hr draw for glucose and insulin 2hr draw for glucose and insulin 3hr draw for glucose, insulin and cortisol
    16. 16. The key labs to condi Thyroid Free T3, Free T4, TSH, RT3 TPO Thyroid Antibodies, AntithyroglobulinAntibodies SEX HORMONES Estradiol, Progesterone. Free Testosterone,DHEA-S ( if cycling note the day in your cycle)
    17. 17. QUESTIONS?
    18. 18. Cady Wellness Institute – July 2005 The Reasons:• Conventional medical practice had failed me twice.• A lot of “psychiatric cases” WEREN’T “psychiatric.”• Nobody was integrated.• Nobody was looking at ALL of the peer-reviewed literature.
    19. 19. Curious developments….
    20. 20. Age Traditional Management Optimal Health No Disease = Health Medicine Medicine Diagnose and Forestall and PREVENT Disease – Treat DiseaseDeath Optimize Function New Drugs Hormone New Surgical Modulation Techniques Diet, Exercise Nutritional Supplementation
    21. 21. Hormone Replacement Therapy Nutrition Exercise Decreased Lean Body Mass Increased Body Fat Decreased Bone Mineral Density Decreased Skin ThicknessDecreased Cognitive Awareness & Function Decreased Immune Function Decreased Sexual Function Decreased Metabolic Rate Decreased Cardiovascular Function Increased Cholesterol (LDLs) H - 23 NUTRITION: vastly under-rated for health improvement!
    22. 22. But what happens if you let yourself go?
    23. 23. SURVIVAL CURVE: Where areYou? Where would you like to be?
    24. 24. Selenium, the Thyroid, and You • “T3” is the ACTIVE form of thyroid • Conversion of T4 to T3 is selenium dependent • LP Nano has 200% of RDA of Se+ selenium 
    25. 25. Se+ “the foot soldier”
    26. 26. The Law of Conservation of Energy“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can change forms.” Cady’s corollary: “You can’t lose weight if you’re eating more than you can burn.”
    27. 27. Wired Magazine – Nov. 2008: Change in food consumption1969-1971 3,040 calories increased to 3,760 calories per day2001-2003
    28. 28. Current stats on obesity National Center for Health Statistics
    29. 29. The Doc Cady “Candy Bar a Day” Weight Loss Program• 1 lb. of fat = 3,500 kcal (“calories”)• 3,500 / 7 = 500 calories per day – You need to not eat’em, or burn’em • Starving yourself slows your metabolism down, and you lose muscle mass – Therefore: reduce 250 calories; burn 250 calories• 250 calories = no candy bar, or “NO” to 1 & ½ Cokes• 250 calories = ½ - ¾ hour on treadmill• NET = 500 calories per day, or 1 lb. lost per week
    30. 30. Glycemic index• A measure of how fast a carbohydrate triggers a rise in circulating blood sugar.• The higher the number, the greater the blood sugar response.
    31. 31. W. Wheat Rice Big Mac, Ice cream;Toast, OJ, cakes, Fries, Shake Coke & chips coffee coffee H - 34
    32. 32. Doc Cady “Candy Bar a Day” program FLAWS:• Not all calories from food do the same thing to your body: – Removing 250 cal of sweet potatoes is not the same as removing 250 calories from candy bars• This program only focuses on WEIGHT LOSS, and not OPTIMUM HEALTH H - 35
    33. 33. The horrifying facts about the foods you eat! (food) (glycemic index) Glucose 100 Table sugar (sucrose) 64 Tofutti 115 French bread 95 Instant rice 90 Baked potato 85 Rice cakes!!/ (jelly 77!! / (80) beans) Cheerios 74 Spaghetti, white 41 Spaghetti, protein 27 H - 36
    34. 34. “Pyramid Power” Grains and Starches (Use in Moderation) Monounsaturated Fat Low-fat Protein Fruits VegetablesZone Food Pyramid USDA Food Pyramid
    35. 35. Benefits of low-glycemic eating H - 38
    36. 36. Start with protein• Low-fat protein choices – Turkey – Fish – Chicken – Egg whites – Low-fat cottage cheese – Very lean cuts of beef – Tofu – Soybean imitation meat products
    37. 37. Balance with carbs• Good choices –(lower insulin response) – Most fruits – Most fiber rich vegetables – Selected grains (oatmeal)• Poor choices –(higher insulin response) – Most grains (pasta, breads, cereals, etc.) – Starches (potato, rice, etc.) – Selected fruits (bananas, raisins, dried fruits) – Selected vegetables (corn, carrots)
    38. 38. Where to shop…. Deli Meat, Fish, Poultry Fruits &Vegetables X Dairy/EggsSalad Bar Around the edges of the store!
    39. 39. H - 43
    40. 40. H - 44
    41. 41. www.finallyfit.net (Porter Freeman, BFL champion)
    42. 42. FROM FIT TOFAT
    43. 43. To boldly GET FAT where no man has FATTENED UP before… William Shatner as James T. Kirk, and himself…
    44. 44. Denise Crosby – Lt. Tasha Yar
    45. 45. No > 2,000calories per day90 minutes ofcardio andweights six daysper weekGrilled chicken!
    46. 46. • Name: Tiffany ForniWebsite: http:// www.tiffanyforni.com• Before: • Age: 22Height: 56"Weight: 235 lbsBody Fat: 39%Pants Size: 22• After: age: 23Height: 56"Weight: 142 lbsBody Fat: 6%Pants Size: 3
    47. 47. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/tiffany_forni.htm
    48. 48. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/images/2008/tiffany_forni_c.jpg
    49. 49. How to avoid “DIE – with a T”• Reduce glycemic load!• Eat ‘til your belly is reasonably full (just eat the right stuff!)• Downstream effects: – Lack of hunger – Lack of feeling of deprivation
    50. 50. Adjusting your hormonal carburetor• If “hungry and loopy” – Decrease carbohydrates• If “hungry but GOOD MENTAL FOCUS” • Increase low glycemic carbs• No hunger for 4 – 6 hours – You are in the zone! 
    51. 51. Back to the Future: • Diet can and should 21st Century be the “primary medicine drug.” • We can correlate the dietary causes and effects • Return to Hippocrates: “Let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food.”
    52. 52. The Only Successful Philosophy: SYNERGY Ph ysi ion cal Nu tri t Ex ma l ercO pti ise Hormone Modulation TherapyRemember:There is No Magic Bullet
    53. 53. Contact information: Louis B. Cady, M.D. www.cadywellness.com www.indianaTMS-cadywellness.com Office: 812-429-0772 E-mail: lcady@cadywellness.com 4727 Rosebud Lane – Suite F Interstate Office Park Newburgh, IN 47630 (USA) Download fromiTunes or Android App stores now!
    54. 54. Success and Failure (Jim Rohn) What about you? You’ve only got one body.• “Errors in judgement” - High glycemic eating, no exercise, poor nutrition, lousy or no supplementation, high stress lifestyle.- “Good disciplines” – appropriate diet, supplementation, exercise, hormones. Stress management. Decent lifestyle.
    55. 55. “There are two objects of medical education: to healthe sick and to advance the science.”- Dr. Charles H. Mayo, MD “The glory of medicine is that it is always moving forward, that there is always more to learn.” H - 62 - Dr. William J. Mayo