McDonald's Meets Foursquare

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A social media presentation that evaluates the effectiveness of McDonald's partnering with Foursquare.

A social media presentation that evaluates the effectiveness of McDonald's partnering with Foursquare.

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  • 1. Danielle Hamilton & Lauren Williams
    McDonald’s Meets Foursquare
  • 2.
  • 3.
    • Foursquare has over 2 million users around the world
    • 4. Averages about 2,000 check-ins per day
  • 5.
    • To attract attention of customers and media by offering incentives
  • 6.
    • To increase foot traffic to stores
    • 7. Achieve more business by taking advantage of “Foursquare Day” (4/16)
  • 8.
    • Engage target audience by use of a popular social media outlet
    • 9. Geared towards all who regularly check-in to Foursquare
    • 10. Utilized Foursquare to generate national publicity and increase sales
    • 11. Advertised “Foursquare Day” on Twitter
    • 12. Offered incentive:100 randomly distributed gift cards of either $5 or $10
  • 13.
    • PROS:
    • 14. cost was only$1000
    • 15. Increase of check-ins on Foursquare by 719 check-ins
    • 16. After this day, 600,000 individuals opted to follow and fan them on mutliple social media sites
    • 17. There was a 33% rise in check-in traffic around the world
    • 18. Over 50 articles were written regarding this campaign
    Evaluation of Campaign
  • 19.
    • CONS:
    • 20. It could not be confirmed whether or not every individual who checked-in actually made a purchase
    • 21. There were only those 100 gifts cards that were offered so clearly not everyone was guaranteed to receive one
    • 22. Not as many social media users are familiar with Foursquare as compared to Twitter or Facebook
    • 23. 500 million people have a FB
    • 24. Twitter has 106 million users
    Evaluation of Campaign
  • 25.
    • Overall this campaign between McDonald’s and Foursquare was successful for what they wanted to achieve
    • 26. It increased traffic to both McDonald’s stores and to the Foursquare site on 4/16 (Foursquare Day)
    • 27. However, only on this day, and the 2 days following, did the check-ins on Foursquare and McDonald’s visitations peak
    Evaluation of Campaign
  • 28.
    • Would have been more beneficial to include Facebook “places” along with Twitter and Foursquare
    • 29. Bigger and better incentives…and more of them!
    Personal Evaluation