Leveraging Empirical Results for Software Business Success: Some Thoughts


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Leveraging Empirical Results for Software Business Success: Some Thoughts

  1. 1. EPIC 2 2° Workshop on Leveraging Empirical Results for Software Business Success Stuggart (Germany), November 12 2010Leveraging Empirical Results for Some thoughts Software Business Success Luigi Buglione, Ph.D. Buglione Process Improvement & Measurement Specialist Industry Business Unit Engineering.IT www.eng.it
  2. 2. EPIC-2 Research vs Industry: Friends or Foes? URL: www.dilbert.com2 EPIC 2 – Stuggart, Nov 12, 2010 © 2010 Buglione www.eng.it
  3. 3. EPIC-2 Possible issues for discussion•Researchers’ viewpoint Researchers •Pratictioners’ viewpoint Pratictioners Plan for achieving results in the mid-long Need for results yet in the short-term, not term always possible to wait more Productivity comes from historical data ‘Instant’ productivity (need for a consistent data gathering) Effort tracking in man-days (not man-hrs), Effort tracking in man-hours, otherwise risk it’s easier to underestimate the real productivity for Blocking tools for web browsing: too much next estimates distractions online with loss of productivity Profitabily use web access for downloading Historicize lessons learned (plenty of free resources for R&D cases, in particular for risk mgmt Need for low-risk pilot projects in order to purposes) experiment new ideas Need a core set of measures for Adopt a Scrum-like approach to R&D monitoring projects, costs must be under projects control New ideas can be economical (creativity) Part of profits achieved should be but not for free reinvested in R&D and People Participating to a workshop like this is Management fundamental to verify and share intuitions Participation in events is important, but and ideas with business people...and it’s should be limited to the strict, core vital advertisement! ones ... ... Industry people seem to be now aware R&D people are often ‘out-of-the-world’, about the potential value they do not use! not moving from an economic point of view Which possible point(s) of agreement? 3 EPIC 2 – Stuggart, Nov 12, 2010 © 2010 Buglione www.eng.it
  4. 4. EPIC-2 Some possible questions... Are there in place joint agreements between University/R&D centers andBusiness organizations? Which % do business companies yearly (re)invest from profits in R&D and PeopleManagement? Which kind of rewards are in place in both worlds? Which is the ratio between rookie and senior people in Business organizations? Isit in line with benchmarking data or not? And why? Do we really plan career paths for making R&D people closer to Business Skilland Business people to Innovation issues? How many young M.Sc. or Ph.D. have been hired during last 3 years in BusinessOrganizations? Which is the median time a new idea needs from its concept to its businesslauch? And its ROI? ...in general, how much and how do these two worlds communicate? Do we useBalanced Scorecards for translating strategy into (visual) actions? Which possibleimprovements? “Sometimes questions are more “Imagination is more important than important than answers” knowledge” Nancy Willard (Poet, 1936-) Albert Einstein (Scientist, 1879-1955) 4 EPIC 2 – Stuggart, Nov 12, 2010 © 2010 Buglione www.eng.it
  5. 5. Thanks for your Attention ! We care of your problems and we have in mind a solution Luigi Buglione Industry, Services & Infrastructures Via R.Morandi 32 Tel. +39-06.8307.4472 00148 Roma Fax +39-06.8307.4200 Cell. +39-335.1214813 www.eng.it luigi.buglione@eng.it5 EPIC 2 – Stuggart, Nov 12, 2010 © 2010 Buglione www.eng.it