Linked in general presentation


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General presentation on how you can make the most of LinkedIn.

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Linked in general presentation

  1. 1. Introduction to LinkedInMadrid - May 23, 2011Laurence Bret - EMEA Marketing
  2. 2. How social media ischanging the business
  3. 3. Raise your hand if youHave a LinkedIn profileHave more than 100 connectionsHave logged in during the last weekAlready have used LinkedIn to hire or tobe hired
  4. 4. The Web is the fastest communication medium• “More data will be created in the next 4 years than in the •„ entire history of the planet Marc Hurd, HP CEO
  5. 5. Wave 1: Portals
  6. 6. Wave 2: Search
  7. 7. Wave 3: Social Media
  8. 8. And the worldis suddenlysmaller...
  9. 9. 1B content share per day140M de tweets per day2 new member per second
  10. 10. And the worldis suddenlyfaster...
  11. 11. But all networks are not created equal... Platform Connections Killer app Friends, Family and Status, Photo Sharing Social Utility Colleagues & Social Gaming Public Real-time Micro Fans & Followers Broadcast Blogging Professional Identity, Professional Colleagues & Connections & Network Business Contacts Insights
  12. 12. What does itmeanfor the talenteconomy?
  13. 13. Remember recruitment10 years ago? Job Boards Career sites ClassifiedPaid DatabasesPaper Resumes Job Seekers
  14. 14. The tip ofthe iceberg...
  15. 15. And now... Social Networks Open access to Talents Online Profiles Passive Candidates Lead nurturingPerformance-based model
  16. 16. The good.... 1+1=3
  17. 17. ... and the Bad theconnor Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work. About 2 minutes ago from the webtimmylevad @theconnor Who is thehiring manager? I’m sure they will love toknow you’ll hate the work. We here atCisco are versed in the web.About 1 minute ago from the web
  18. 18. How can you make themost of LinkedIn
  19. 19. Establish and manageyour professional identity
  20. 20. Optimize your visibilityName dropping represents 30% of Google searches
  21. 21. A picture is worththousand wordsMaximize the firstimpressionUse a professionalheadshot pictureHelp peopleremember you
  22. 22. Create your own vanity URL Customize your profile URL that appears in search Share with colleagues and add to email signatures and business cards
  23. 23. Include relevantkeywords in your profile
  24. 24. Add youreducationEnter your school andLinkedIn can help you re-connect with yourclassmates and meetfellow alumni
  25. 25. Add at least 3 skills Be found in searches Highlights terms that matter to your industryand function, e.g., IT, marketing, PHP, etc.
  26. 26. Tell people what you’re up to Post status updates Share articles Tell which events you’re attending
  27. 27. Business relationships Think of Linkedin as a business lunch
  28. 28. Do you know what this is?
  29. 29. 800+ Connections New people in my 11,500+ network since last month Professionals in my7,800,400+ reach
  30. 30. The Largest BusinessEcosystem worldwide
  31. 31. Ninety-nine The percentage of companies who use LinkedIn to find and attract employees Facebook 59% Twitter 42%*JobVite 2010 Annual Social Recruitment Survey
  32. 32. Effective decision-making I can be fast I can be rightbut maybe I’ll make mistakes but it may take too long How can I be fast and right?
  33. 33. Unmet Data We leverage unique data,information and knowledge
  34. 34. Advanced SearchSearch the networkSave your searches Set alerts
  35. 35. CompanyInfo &Stats
  36. 36. Skills & Expertise
  37. 37. Career Development
  38. 38. Expertise sharing What are you doing that is working or innovative to create new customers or clients? .. Putting them on my talkscast show gives them a friendly paltform to shareBelonging to businessup our “Google” is the real referral generator knowledge.. and we network groups at the same time!
  39. 39. Polls
  40. 40. March 7th, 2011
  41. 41. Business Insights
  42. 42. In conclusion...
  43. 43. The world of workis changingToday, professionals are underincreasing pressure to be moresuccessfulFaster decisionsUnprecedented volume ofnews and insights
  44. 44. The job search is always onGen X worker will have 10.8 employers in their lifetime compared to 4 in 1960s Gen Y may have 14
  45. 45. So what are you waiting for? Update your profile
  46. 46. Thank @lbret